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Interrupting my own screaming train headed toward DOA deadlines for this post...
I think the best backhanded compliment they could offer was how awesome their date turned out was "even though it was by  Taguchi."  

Koki's thoroughly delighted expression at Maru's prompting all this speaks mountains of how much fun casually aiming digs at Guch is his favourite thing. lol

So obviously I've been kind of cry/laughing over the NakaNaka Driving Date.  I was so thrilled by it and I wanted to flail so bad, I had to rip it off youtube and convert it myself. I don't get my converter sometimes. It says it's HQ AVI but I know it's not. Let's say this is 640 res; don't let your computer lie to you D:<

I also noticed that no one's posted a link yet though I'm sure HQ is quickly on its way; here's to tie you over for the mean time because if you haven't watched yet, omg, watch!


Back when Kotatsu had their driving date to the theme park, Junno followed up with a brief and adorable moment on KT Style where he accosted Koki with a venom-toned "Why'd you go without me?".

(There's a srsly~ good reason why my denden tag has been changed to denden: SOON. It's practically a threat. Beware, though, it's impending, this pairing. Guard your hearts <3)

I honestly believe Guchi found his solution. 

Being the person who not only dictates where they go but also supplying commentary. He's so deeply involved he might as well have been locked in the very spacious SOLIO car trunk, hog-tied and gagged... :)

Yeah. Last night I watched it with [ profile] ayame_hadouken and was practically screaming into her im box how most of their conversation revolved around how annoying Taguchi was when they first met him. There was also them just being together and gosh, they're so natural side by side and Nakamaru gets relaxed enough that when he saw that geyser, he seemed like 2006/2007 Maru all over again with the wide-eyed shouting and yelling, "Koki, did you see that??" . (/;A;)/ AWL THE FEELS, OK?

So my FAVOURITE part of the whole thing was after Koki told that old story about his trip with Guchi and Kame complete with new details about how completely SPOILED Junno is in private (Bad-ass G's should enjoy a little whine too), Nakamaru said he could relate and began to tell a colourful story about how he had an outing-- and dost mine broken Japanese ears deceive, but I could swear he says they went to Hawaii together in private and while they were there, Taguchi prompted a sudden request and Maru decided to give Koki a vivid depiction of how it LOOKED and SOUNDED and this face happened

Maru put on this lazy, nasal drawl as he imitated Junno saying, "Hey, Nakamaru-kun, let's go skydiving." and when Maru said he couldn't and WOULDN'T, Junno's response was

"Why not? Let's go skydiving."  And ugh how Maru was half-laughing and still doing his Taguchi voice. I don't even know; I'm a sucker this sort of thing and the fact that Guchi's such a thorough adorable jerkface sometimes is just hilariously lovable. Yeah.

So Guch sent them to Fuji Safari Park and I was actually more enthused by the idea of wanting to go there myself and then Koki started using his baby talk again and I just died~~. He's so giggly and sweet and I'm turning into a complete pill sitting here wibbling all over the place over him lately. So damn cute.

But yeah Maru gave Guchi a thumbs-up but followed up the compliment with a enunciated "Even though it's Taguchi." I have no idea why but it's my favourite modifier now. Seki and I were using it to describe a series of things that are good and cackling; so lame it's cool :3

lol Anyway, I hope they keep doing these. I'm trying to imagine the different pairs and just the things they end up talking about bring out all my deep-seated KAT-TUN cray I like to call head-canon. I wonder if Koki will keep being the driver and take each member individually around or maybe one day they'll all go. Ah :s that won't allow for any tidy conversation but still, this pigeon can dream :'D

Ooooh also before I go back to screaming and hurtling down my railroad track of writing

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