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Title Animal Crackers Part II
Pairing/Group: Nakamaru/Koki/Junno, Nakamaru/Maria/Jun, KAT-TUN, Arashi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, BDSM, pet-play, politics, tickling, a threesome, toys, recreational drugs
Summary: What would you do if everything that you knew had been wrong all along? Nakamaru Yuichi, newly recruited member of Sakurai Sho’s political campaign party, the Storm Reform Party, is about to find out just that with the first step he takes into the Haven.

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Nakamaru walked home that evening, deliberately bypassing the bookstore and frequently looking over his shoulder. He almost expected to turn each corner and see the bright eyes that had stared at him so glassily the night before all got up in distinctive piercings and platinum blonde halo of hair.

When he arrived at home, his front door was slightly ajar and he could hear movement. Nakamaru reached into his attaché case and gripped the handle of his umbrella, stepping over the threshold cautiously.

And there was Junno, still a perfect horror even in the daylight, looking just the strangest thing in the regularity of his living room surrounded by tomes, books and dust. Nakamaru dropped his attaché case, concealing the umbrella behind his back. Junno appeared to be rifling with surprisingly deep interest through Nakamaru’s personal two-bookshelf library. He looked up just as Nakamaru stepped in the room, his diligent expression spilling into a mindless grin.

He snapped the book he’d had open shut, laying it dismissively on Nakamaru’s desk. He’d been reading Nakamaru’s copy of The Raw Shark Texts, which was already off-putting to be going on with.

“Welcome home,” he stated before doing a deplorable thing and giving Nakamaru a very uncomfortably lingering once-over. Still infuriating.

“Get out,” Nakamaru replied through his teeth, feeling a flush coming up the back of his neck. It was just last night; memories and torture. The thought of how he’d seen this man buck naked, the gleam of his skin under the warm lights of that place, how everything about him was just so effortlessly evocative.

Junno gave him a sardonic stare, somehow managing to smile all sunshine and threats at the same time. “No, I don’t think I will.”

In perspective, Nakamaru was not accustomed to being alone in a room-- such a small stretch of space between-- with people who radiated sex like that. Junno was wearing an incomprehensible amount of tight, tight leather. Only his arms were bare aside from the silver cuffs around his wrists. His trousers looked like liquid when he moved, stepped around the desk and leaned back on it. It was obscene, propping himself on display like that, hip bones riding above his waist line, exhibiting a stretch of skin like magnolia when he commenced the very simple act of breathing.

Nakamaru tried to remember how to breathe rhythmically himself. “H-how did you get in here... and, moreover how did you find out where I live?”

Junno’s laughter reverberated too electrically, slipping right into Nakamaru’s nerves. “It’s a nice place. I do like where you live; of course I’ve been in Business District flats before.” He turned back to examine other books stacked in Nakamaru’s shelves. “You sure are well-read,” he remarked.

“You haven’t answered my question,” Nakamaru ground out, surprising himself and Junno’s head inclined towards him, rolling over his neck sinuously, responding in what Nakamaru could only identify as a purely carnal way to the sound of his voice.

“Ah,” Junno began softly, almost reverently, fixing a riot of a gaze directly on him. He dropped a long-fingered hand from where it had rested on a lower shelf of the bookcase. “Now you’re angry with me.”

He took a slow step toward him to which where Nakamaru tensed. He would not run; this was his house and as much as Junno was determined to use these silly tricks to make him feel... well, feel as though something in him were clawing to get out as his outrage became something else, something acidic, Nakamaru would fight it. “I’m not kidding around.”

Junno stepped closer. “Oh no, you’re not. I know. And I’m not leaving here without you. You and I are going back to the Haven to have a little fun.”

“No,” Nakamaru replied severely. His eyes darted quickly around the room. There was a loveseat sofa, an ottoman, and his glass coffee table separating them. “You’re going to walk out of here and leave me alone.”

“Oh, Yuu-i-chi, why must you be so cruel?” Junno said, starting to leer as he spoke softly all sing-song. He didn’t stop his advance, but he took his time, making it seem like he was still examining Nakamaru’s things, straying at the fireplace. “Why, oh, why...”

Nakamaru clenched the umbrella handle tighter; it wouldn’t do much damage but he had home environment and the element of surprise on his side.

“Is it because this is making it difficult for you to keep pretending?” Junno prodded casually.

Nakamaru thoughts stilled on that one. “What?”

“One look at how deliberately you wear that suit of yours tells me loads about your love for pretending,” Junno replied with wide eyes and voice dwindling into soft sporadic tones and frenetic movements. He came around the armchair, leaning against the back of it, hands on the edges of the top as his fingers tapped a little twitchily. “Wearing vanilla like a costume; stage tricks, but honey’s got hot hips. Man, you must have such a dress-up kink.”

Nakamaru’s lip curled as he spoke slowly, trying to keep his temper. “You know nothing about me.”

Junno’s eyes glittered a little malevolently, smile now much more challenging. “I know you’ve gotten sloppy at pretending. I mean, look at you, ”Junno said carefully, straightening and stepping right up into Nakamaru’s space, still in that maddening smile and stare unblinking. “Cracking at the seams, you read books about men falling apart because you’re trying to learn from them, trying not to be that guy who goes crazy...ah--”

Nakamaru had grabbed the collar of Junno’s jacket, his jaw clenched, but Junno only laughed, smelling just like the place he’d come from, soft and heady fragrances, deep and intoxicating. Junno leaned in, licking his own lips, but he hovered, breath sweet as sugar as he whispered.

“Just from looking at you, I can tell you’re a naughty puppet wanna-be; that you string the strings through your wrists yourself because you know... you know that this--” His fingers dragged a hard, slow impression down Nakamaru’s chest on the inside of his suit jacket, branding him with contact until Nakamaru dropped his umbrella, grabbing Junno’s straying hand roughly.

Junno’s breath hitched when Nakamaru squeezed tight and his eyes went alight. “Oh, yeah, this is just the way things work. If you broke out, if you release that animal panting inside...” His other palm came up to cup Nakamaru’s chin, thumb and finger pressing and pinching like he meant to conquer him with this simple gesture, eyes searching his for something, irises splashed with raw and indolent want. “...then I could rock your sad little universe.”

Nakamaru grabbed his wrist, squeezing hard, feeling a strange curl in the pit of his stomach when Junno twitched with pain. If he’d found Junno infuriating before-- which he did-- it was nothing on what this was.

He wasn’t usually like this, but the madman had broken into his apartment, gone through his things (not all of which Nakamaru was currently able to account for) and now would stand there and insult him. Nakamaru was shaking. “You. Will. Leave,” he growled once more.

No~ ,” Junno replied sing-song again but emphatically. Every crackle of challenge running up his body straight into Nakamaru’s. He dipped his tongue out, lapping quickly like a dog might kiss right against the corner of Nakamaru’s mouth. Wet. Hot.

It felt like a switch, something shot between them, Nakamaru felt helpless to stop him and he didn’t like that. He gripped Junno’s wrists and shoved him. Hard. Junno stumbled back, landing against the back of the armchair and he laughed with surprise and odd delight. It shook Nakamaru deeply and he found himself ploughing against him, grabbing for him, wanting to shake him up.

Junno was strong, though; his whole body generated a bright and kinetic energy, and his eyes had gone sharp like he was ready for it. Wanting a good fight. Nakamaru grappled with him when Junno got a hold of his suit lapel and hauled him back with him. The armchair scraped across the rug and toppled with a loud bang. They crashed to the floor, Junno’s head just missing the coffee table. Nakamaru straddled him, panting, surprised to see his own hands curved over Junno’s throat, thumbs pressed over his Adam’s Apple. He could feel the murder electricity in his fingers. Why had he...

Junno began to twist, forcing them upright. He got a hand around the back of Nakamaru’s belt and seemed to have it in mind to roll Nakamaru over and under him. Nakamaru must’ve braced himself on the coffee table because Junno flung an arm out, fingers trying to get a hold on him and push him off. His fist cracked against the leg of it, and when Junno growled, torso and arms tense and scrambling, Nakamaru held one hand to his throat firmly, and quickly dug his knee into Junno’s side.

The coffee table collapsed on its now dented leg. The shattering glass flew out in little odd cubes and diamonds over Nakamaru’s wood floor.

Junno’s gaze was feral and he still smiled, looking unapologetically excited, his temples gleaming with exertion. “Do you want to kill me?”

Nakamaru’s hands shook. “I... just want... to be left alone!”

Junno smirked and reached up, grabbing a handful of Nakamaru’s tie. “Oh, you know that makes you a liar, doesn’t it?”

His words were punctuated by the instinctive strike of Nakamaru’s palm right across Junno’s face. Junno winced, gritting his teeth but he exhaled a soft groan, looking dizzy and revved up. It flared right inside Nakamaru and he could feel himself going hard.

“What is wrong with you?” Nakamaru hissed, squeezing his palm over the base of Junno’s throat and Junno twisted, hips sliding all liquid leather and the brush of his erection along the seat of Nakamaru’s crotch. Nakamaru shuddered, legs spreading involuntarily.

Junno bit his lip, grunting when Nakamaru pressed harder down on his throat. “You and me, we’re the same. So you,” he gunned his hips upward again, the arch of his cock rutting up the inseam of Nakamaru’s trousers. Nakamaru expelled a rush of air, surprised how much his body was aching for it. Junno twisted Nakamaru’s tie around his hand, tugging him down. He hissed when Nakamaru grabbed a handful of his hair. “...tell me.”

Nakamaru was gasping for air. It seemed there just wasn’t enough in the room as he felt the piercing of Junno’s hip bones, the delectable shift of his length, how his legs flexed between Nakamaru’s thighs. His mouth fell open when Nakamaru rolled his own hips, releasing Junno’s throat and grabbing for his wrists, pushing them above his head as he leaned down. Junno tried to fight, arms going taut as he kicked, making a low animal sound.

Nakamaru ground a circle and Junno let out a beautifully helpless noise in the back of his throat. Nakamaru practically fell into his mouth, scraping his tongue past his lips. Junno hummed a bit of laughter against him, sounding smug and Nakamaru squeezed the veins of his arm, digging blunt fingernails in.

“Mm, it hurts so good, Yuichi,” Junno breathed laughingly against his lips.

That insufferable smugness, the way his whole body was screaming for him, soft and angular parts rocking so hard like he needed to weld to him; deteriorating to simple bones, muscle and the soft hungry noises he was making.

Nakamaru rocked into him, getting harder as Junno started to arch back. He sucked in Junno’s lip, tasting its softness under his tongue. Junno hummed with satisfaction and Nakamaru wanted to punish him. He bit down, incisor digging into the thin skin of his lip until he could taste it, iron and salt and Junno moaned it right in his mouth. Nakamaru only kissed him harder, forcing his lips open and licking him deep.

Junno seemed calmer suddenly, lip barely bleeding and Nakamaru didn’t want to stop kissing him. Junno whined and his hips flexed up against Nakamaru. His tongue lapped up hungrily, massaging over Nakamaru’s in sweet little circles. Junno felt loose and powerless. It was so odd, so inexplicable but Nakamaru felt for that swift and bloody second like he’d conquered something, had it, possessed it and it was his very own.


Nakamaru rose up on his knees and their eyes met. Junno’s gaze had gone soft, adoring and helpless, fingers curled where Nakamaru’s fists were clenched to his wrists. His features were still as hard and marble as when Nakamaru first laid eyes on him, but his mouth was red and inviting.

Nakamaru released his wrists slowly and Junno didn’t move. He waited. Nakamaru ran fingers down the welts and nail marks down Junno’s arm. Junno didn’t look away; it seemed impossible but he leaned into each touch, responding welcomingly when Nakamaru smoothed his mess of blonde hair back and ran one finger down his temple to his cheek. He sat back and saw the bloom of blood forming on Junno’s lip. He reached down and ran a slow thumb where the bite was-- so small-- but it was still torn skin, a single droplet he smeared down Junno’s chin and it made Junno look horrifically beautiful.

Nakamaru sighed. “You’re gonna drive me crazy, aren’t you?”

Junno’s eyes were a deep dark brown, whole body slack under him, still trembling with want, but patient and servile. Suddenly much more endearing and pliant. “Oh, Yuichi... don’t be silly;” he whispered, tone soft and adulate. “We’re already there.”

Nakamaru was still hard and straining his trousers. Every flex of Junno’s being was evoking him, making him want more. “But you’d be mine?” he asked quietly, tipping Junno’s head up so his throat was more exposed.

“I could be. I want to be, if you want me?”

Nakamaru slipped his hand between his legs to the taut place where Junno’s leather trousers were stretched over his erection. Nothing underneath. He roved the heel of his hand over the bulge of leather and watched Junno’s lips part again, a soft keening noise spilling out of him.

“I do want,” Nakamaru admitted, feeling his insides raw with truth, sizzling at the sight of Junno arching under him. “I want everything.”

Junno’s eyes narrowed, mouth stretching for one last wicked, sentient look. “My pet and I; we’d give you everything you wanted,” he whispered, tone awestruck and low. “Anything.”

And Nakamaru did want it. He wanted everything Junno had to give. “Want you,” he breathed, loving how he could feel Junno’s scent soak into him, how he tasted in his mouth.

Nakamaru slipped his hand into Junno’s waistline, pulling at the buttons quickly now. Junno took the cue and reached for Nakamaru’s belt. Nakamaru had to angle himself down and push at Junno’s zipper, getting a hand on him. Junno twitched and Nakamaru gripped harder, dragging his palm down and squeezing. He loved how Junno started to breathe heavier, eyes sliding shut as he rocked up against Nakamaru.

The room was silent except for the shift of them together and Junno’s hot gasps against his jaw as Nakamaru’s hand sped up, grazing down over him, the fabric of his trousers riding up and bunching. Junno clenched his teeth, letting out a desperate groan.

“You like that?” he heard himself whisper, wanting to hear Junno come apart in his hands.

Junno nodded, biting his lip and began to stroke him at the same pace, palm damp with perspiration and the heat. Nakamaru groaned out harsh and vulnerable at the full contact. He pressed the head of his cock over the side of Junno’s and they both hissed as their fingers touched.

Junno opened his hand and wrapped his palm around the both of them together and Nakamaru nearly collapsed on him. He braced his hand on the floor over Junno’s head as Junno grabbed a fistful of his shirt.

Pre-ejaculate slicked down the head of his cock as he ground down and Junno arched, whole frame, long legs stretching and writhing under him. Nakamaru was abruptly lost in the sensation of tightness, his own fist closing on the both of them, and Junno curving around him.

It felt shaken out of him, his hips aching as Junno clutched tighter, moaning into his mouth sounding practically like music as he broke off into a trembling gasp. His knees pressed to the floor hard to bruising as Junno squeezed tighter and the room seemed empty except for them; Junno’s gasps becoming growls and Nakamaru rocking through his orgasm. Junno rutted right along the side of his cock and the both of them went slick as he came, ejaculate streaking Junno’s palm.

He must’ve gone to jelly because when the air cleared and Junno melted under him, he was lying, forehead buried in Junno’s neck.

“Ah, your universe broke,” Junno murmured newly singsong again, twisting a bit to look wonderingly at the broken coffee table. “Now you’re stuck in mine.”

Nakamaru gazed at him, those odd features and the way they’d looked when he’d made his earlier accusations. How sure he’d seemed and otherwise unwilling to back down when Nakamaru was angry. He swallowed, feeling a strange and shaking relief. It broke him suddenly, all of it, the thought of the order he’d built himself on, the self-assurance he’d felt at working systematically all while the something inside him clawed and screamed.

“Sorry, I hit you,” Nakamaru said after an uneasy pause.

Junno blinked at him. “You hit me?!”

It occurred to him that Junno probably hadn’t even registered the glass breaking or the fact that his armchair had knocked into his bookcase, raining down his entire library in seconds as Nakamaru had essentially dry-humped him. It surprised him so much he laughed suddenly, feeling the sluggishness press in on him at the same time as he sighed.

Junno did an odd thing then, reaching up and wrapping long and endless arms around Nakamaru, squeezing tight like he meant to crush him almost. It became a very lazy struggle as Nakamaru gasped for air and scrambled off him, falling on his back as Junno shook with laughter.

It had gotten darker outside and Junno was a stranger silhouette in the cold light. Nakamaru propped his head on his hand, just looking at the madman sprawled comfortably in his living room like he belonged there.

“You’re a little crazy, Yuichi,” Junno said solemnly, fingering Nakamaru’s now wrinkled tie. “So much concern for your shrinking universe that you might have killed me for it.”

Nakamaru was a little incredulous at that, but...

“Well... this system-- my universe as you call it-- is my balance,” Nakamaru admitted firmly, lying on his side, letting Junno paw at his jacket in his odd way. “I confess I was afraid of what it meant that I get this way, that I don’t like to lose control. I was afraid of what you’d do to my balance.”

He wasn’t usually this honest.

Junno adopted a strange little look, lips pursed. “You know, for balance, you need contrasts.”


“You were all grey before you met me.”

It was the first time he had ever seen Junno adopt a reasonable, normal expression that it had looked odd on him. Nakamaru stared and Junno appeared to balk a bit, eyebrows curving up worriedly.

“A very pretty grey, though.”

Never mind that then.

Nakamaru made a face. “So, tell me, though, aside from all the other stuff you’re saying, what made you kidnap me?”

Junno paused, eyes searching Nakamaru’s neutral expression, and then after a steady silence his shoulder lifted in a half-shrug. “Was bored. A little high. I mean, I was going to make you my second pet--”

“What?!” Nakamaru said sharply.

Junno adopted a carefully neutral expression to a point where it looked a little comical. “Oh, but you’re no one’s pet. You make a far better Dom.”

Nakamaru made a soft hum of amusement and looked away, but he could feel Junno still staring at him. “Junno, look, “ he said, after a pause. “I don’t know how long you and I are going to be able to be like this, but I’m willing to try.”

Junno let out a whoop so loud that Nakamaru had to dive for him and cover his mouth. After their mini hurricane, one of his neighbours was bound to complain and there was no reason to add to it.

“How fun! I have so much to teach you!” Junno cried, muffled from behind his hand as he wriggled. “So you’ll come to the Haven--”

“No,” Nakamaru barked. “First, you’re gonna clean up the mess you made of my apartment. I’m going for a shower, having a proper dinner and then I’m going to sleep! I have work tomorrow and no amount of your universe-breaking antics are going to get in the way of my career!”

Junno nodded, looking adorably cowed.

“Tomorrow, though. I’ll come to the Haven tomorrow,” he amended, getting to his feet unsteadily.

Junno’s smug expression returned and it occurred to Nakamaru that as much as Junno had all but declared himself Nakamaru’s pet...sub...whatever, he was still going to be as infuriating as ever.


Going into work the next day, a Friday, was even more surreal than the last. He was ignored mostly except for Nino coming over to hand him a USB with company names and the data to go with it.

“Print out the info and circle all the companies that are not government-owned.”

Nakamaru nodded, knowing better than to ask why.

His high point of the day had to have been when the Press Relations Officer Matsumoto Jun (the man with the consistent judging looks was apparently predisposed that way) had picked up his copy of Capable of Honour remarking that he’d read it and liked it.

It had been a very brief exchange; a great deal of it being simply Nakamaru’s vacant stare and Matsumoto’s listless look at him.

When six p.m rolled around, Nakamaru was relieved to trundle out. He saw Sakurai-san still sitting in his office, writing furiously and brow furrowed. It felt good to be part of something bigger, really, but Nakamaru couldn’t help wishing Sakurai-san was more involved in all the machinations of his campaign. At least then Nakamaru would feel like he was truly a pupil under a man known for inspiring goodness, order, and control.

The irony that he was headed home to prepare for a night in a place Sakurai-san would’ve been horrified at.

He assumed.

In all honesty, Nakamaru quite expected to arrive home to the same picture. Junno standing in his living room, looking the part of delectable and tempting and promising him sheer relief from the monotony that had been work in comparison.

His door was very much closed and locked, however. Nakamaru stepped into his empty and now clean apartment. The first thing to catch his eye, though, was the piece of paper taped to his refrigerator.

Evening!, the note read in something like a spidery, nearly-illegible scrawl and Nakamaru could already hear Junno’s happy warble dictating the words at him. This is my address. I’ve got some things to take care of__so___ in ___ hahaha! the rest of the words petered into a blurry mess and Nakamaru frowned, skipping the block of blurry text to the bottom where it said, It’ll be a sleepover! Pack your toothbrush! and the address in outlined block letters scratched deep into the paper and finally signed with a loopy and somehow unsettling letter "J."

It was how Nakamaru found himself back in the warren of the Haven, an address scrawled in nearly-illegible handwriting clutched in his hands.

He had packed an overnight bag as requested but he’d since crossed the river and was wandering past people milling up and down narrow, cramped streets, smoky fry-up stalls with owners who stared at him warily as he passed, dark and low buildings with shoddily-kept windows and flickering street lamps.

Now Nakamaru was beginning to feel as if he'd never get back to the cozy safety of his own flat nor to wherever this address led to. As Nakamaru looked around in an attempt to get his bearings, he caught a flash of shock-white platinum hair that seemed familiar. It wouldn't hurt to follow; Nakamaru couldn't get any more lost than he already was, he reasoned.

He followed the bobbing blonde beacon, taking note of the streets and buildings. Perhaps there would be some indication of where this address was. Nakamaru glanced down at the crumpled paper in his fist, and when he looked back up he'd lost his guide and he was quite alone. He sighed, looking around a little helplessly

Suddenly he felt hands wrap around his upper arm in a vise-grip, yanking him into an alley. Nakamaru froze, unsure of what to do until he heard a familiar voice.

"Yu-i-chi," came the sing-song drawl in his ear. "Isn't it dangerous for you to be alone here in the big scary Haven? Also, you got my note!"

Nakamaru shrugged out of Junno's grip, feeling a wave of secret relief. "What the hell, man?! How do you even keep getting into my apartment?"

"That's for me to know and you to not, Yuichi," Junno said, tone setting Nakamaru's teeth on edge. "Come on then, I've got something fun to show you."

Junno linked his arm with Nakamaru's and led them further into the Haven. He steered Nakamaru towards an unassuming building. "It's a walk-up," Junno said brightly as he held the door open. "All the way to the top, lucky seven."

Nakamaru trudged as Junno took the stairs at a jog. He'd always had the option to use lifts, and he'd taken every opportunity to do so. He was only huffing a bit as he stepped onto the final landing.

Junno unlocked the door from the stairwell and held it open magnanimously, waiting until Nakamaru had fully stepped through before shutting it and throwing all the locks. "This whole floor is mine. You could say I got a really good deal on it," Junno offered as way of explanation. "Step into my parlour."

Junno opened the first door they encountered. Nakamaru wasn't sure what he expected, but he was sure that it wasn't the gleaming modernity that he'd stepped into. An entire wall faced out onto the river that separated the Haven from the Triangle, and the lights of the rest of the districts twinkled like stars.

"Yuichi, please make yourself at home." Junno wandered into the kitchen, a stainless steel and tiled affair, and flung open the refrigerator. "Tea? Coffee? Juice? Fucking my pet?"

Nakamaru stumbled as he tried to kick his shoes off in the entryway at the last item he heard listed. "Pardon?"

"You heard me. How about a nice glass of juice? I promise it's only juice."

Nakamaru shrugged to himself and took a seat on the overstuffed sofa. The entire decor of the apartment was sleek black and white, and Nakamaru couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

Junno returned with the proffered juice, setting it on the spindly glass coffee table in front of him. "So, like I said earlier, I've got something fun to show you. Just to make things clear, remember that my pet is here because he wants to be here, so keep that in mind. You've already seen him once before; this time you get to play with him."

Nakamaru nodded, though he was sure he looked confused because Junno simply smiled down at him before turning to fetch his pet.

He sat, toying with the glass as he waited. Nakamaru sniffed at the contents, as if he could tell if it had been tampered with. Nothing seemed amiss, so he took a chance and a sip, relishing the taste of fresh grape juice.

Junno returned, accompanied by the slither of chain as he led another man into the room. Nakamaru had seen him that first surreal night in the Haven; he looked completely at ease, clad only in the collar attached to the leash Junno carried and a thick steel cock ring. Nakamaru squirmed, thinking of how uncomfortable something like that would be.

"Yuichi, allow me to introduce my pet. This is Koki, and he'll do anything you ask of him." Junno shared a saucy wink as he said it, then continued, addressing Koki without looking at him. "Koki. I want you to meet Nakamaru Yuichi. If he tells you to do something, you'll do it; likewise, if he tells me to do something, I'll do it. It's time to meet our master."

Junno gracefully slid to his knees, and the leash dictated Koki's only option to do the same. Nakamaru looked down in wonder, not sure if he should say anything or not. Koki looked up at Nakamaru from beneath his eyelashes and quietly greeted him. "Good evening, Sir. I'm pleased to meet you."

"Stay," Junno murmured before he rose. "Koki, I want you to think of a good way to introduce yourself to Yuichi. You may move when you're ready to show us."

Koki stayed where he was for a moment, then looked up at Nakamaru. He moved forward on his knees, eyes questioning as his hands hovered over Nakamaru's legs. Nakamaru nodded down at him, unsure of what was going to happen. Koki slowly unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers. His fingers were sure as he tugged at Nakamaru's clothes, and he looked up for a moment to ask, "Sir? Please may I have the pleasure of undressing you?"

He nodded mutely as Junno made approving noises from beside him. He lifted his hips just enough for Koki to drag his pants down and free his burgeoning erection. Koki wrapped his fingers around Nakamaru and stroked him to full hardness.

Nakamaru let out a shaky breath as Koki leaned forward to delicately trail the tip of his tongue along the underside of his cock before swallowing him whole. It was almost too much, especially when he felt something hard press against the bundle of nerves below his head.

Nakamaru couldn't help clenching his fingers into Koki's hair, and used his grip to pull him off of his dick. "Open your mouth." Nakamaru had to see for himself.

Koki leaned back on his knees, doing exactly as Nakamaru had instructed. To Nakamaru's surprise, and delight if he were being honest, there was a gleaming silver stud in the middle of his tongue.

Junno leaned against his shoulder, words a wicked play at a stage whisper. "It's one of my more genius ideas, you know. Koki resisted at first, but he can be easily brought 'round to most ideas."

Koki flushed at Junno's words, eyes downcast as he waited for orders. Nakamaru's breath caught as Junno continued to speak.

"Ah, how he struggled against getting anything pierced," Junno murmured. "Of course I had him tied down, but he could still toss his head back and forth.

“I had to dig my fingers into his jaw to get him to open up his mouth for me," Junno continued. "Finally I grabbed hold of the end of his tongue and held it steady as I shoved a needle through it."

Nakamaru took a moment to lick his lips; his mouth seemed to have gone dry. Junno was kind enough to urge Koki to resume his task, chain clinking as a reminder. He pulled at Nakamaru's hand to thread it into Koki's hair once again. "He likes it when you're rough; feel free to hold him in place while you fuck his face. He really does enjoy that."

Koki's moan of agreement around his dick was almost too much for Nakamaru to bear, especially with Junno uttering such filthy things into his ear. Nakamaru hated to do it, but he pulled Koki off of his cock once again.

"Koki. Your mouth is lovely and I'd love to continue later," Junno cut in, speaking for Nakamaru. Nakamaru couldn't quite believe what he heard. Junno looked at Nakamaru, speaking as if Koki wasn't in the room. "You need to see how pretty he is when he falls apart. I'll be more than happy to show you."

Junno stood, expectantly waiting for Nakamaru to do the same, jangling the chain. "Up, Koki. Come along, both of you," he said airily.

Nakamaru adjusted his pants, attempting to have some modicum of decency, and followed the pair. He couldn't help but notice the way Koki seemingly swayed his hips on purpose; it was almost as if he was teasing Nakamaru. Junno glanced over his shoulder, winking conspiratorially when he saw where Nakamaru was looking. He looked away quickly, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks.

Junno threw open another door, standing back to allow Nakamaru to enter first. He took a deep breath, readying himself for whatever was waiting inside. He was surprised by the normalcy of the room; it was simply a huge bedroom, with an equally large bed and another sheet-glass window. There were doors on opposite walls, and Nakamaru guessed they led to closets or a bathroom.

Nakamaru simply stared, forgetting for a moment what he was about to participate in. Junno cleared his throat, reminding Nakamaru of his presence. "We prefer to keep things simple; it's not always a spectacle like your first night was. Koki, tell Nakamaru your safe word."

"My safe word is 'red', Sir," Koki said, looking up at Nakamaru. "Please take care of me."

Nakamaru nodded in acknowledgment. Junno smiled at him, then said, "Let's get down to business."

Junno led Koki to the bed, unclipping the leash from his collar to allow him to climb onto the mattress. "Yuichi, come closer. Let me show you the ropes," Junno said, laughing a little.

Nakamaru was curious, and he crossed the room to observe. Junno didn't let him stand idly by though, and reached under the bed. He produced a thick cuff, lined with soft padding; it was attached to a short length of chain. He ran it between his hands, marveling at the different textures. Junno poked him in the side, and Nakamaru wasn't sure what to say. He decided to go with the firm way Junno had spoken to Koki earlier. "Your hand, Koki."

Koki obeyed, gaze placid as he watched Nakamaru buckle the cuff in place. There was only enough chain to allow the tiniest bit of movement, Koki's arm stretched out and held in place. Nakamaru walked around the foot of the bed to cuff his other arm. Once finished, Nakamaru stepped back to just look, realizing just how much trust Koki had in him. They barely knew each other, and it was a powerful feeling.

Junno stood next to Nakamaru, nearly draped over his shoulders. He whispered, though it was still loud in the room. "You can do whatever you'd like, Yuichi. He's your toy for the evening. Pretend I'm not in the room; there are condoms and lube and perhaps some surprises in the bedside table."

Junno withdrew, taking a seat in a plush chair that Nakamaru had failed to notice. The reality of what he was about to do crashed around his ears, and Nakamaru could only stand. He was frozen, until Koki spoke up. "Sir. I want to be here. Don't worry about hurting me; I'll tell you if I like things, and especially I'll tell you if I don't."

"Go ahead, Yuichi." Junno fell silent again, and Nakamaru climbed up onto the bed. He wasn't sure where to start; finally he settled on trailing fingers along Koki's skin. Koki arched into the touch, biting his lip. Nakamaru, encouraged by the response, pressed down harder and pinched. He dragged his fingernails down the center of Koki's chest, circling his navel and along his hipbones. Nakamaru couldn't resist the lure of the metal barbell as it glinted in the low lighting, and he tugged at it gently.

Koki gasped, and Nakamaru continued to play with the piercing. Junno called out, "Remember, Yuichi, he can be brought around to most ideas. Perhaps you could mark him as yours the same way."

Koki began to squirm, and Nakamaru relented, focusing his attentions elsewhere. It was a tempting thought, but at the moment Nakamaru was more interested in finding ways to make Koki scream.

He opened the nightstand drawer, surprised at the things he found. Nakamaru must have looked completely lost, and Junno came to help him. The other man pulled out a set of clamps and a bottle of lube. "Let's start off simple," he said, not unkindly.

Nakamaru nodded, watching the way Junno unscrewed one of the clamps, and then pinched one of Koki's nipples in order to position it. "All right then. Now all you have to do is screw it together as tight as you want it to be. Go on, Yuichi," Junno said as he withdrew.

Koki nodded up at him, and Nakamaru tightened the clamp. He hissed once Nakamaru finished adjusting it; the second one went on even more quickly, and Nakamaru couldn’t help flicking both of Koki's nipples at once. Koki sucked in a breath, unable to get away as Nakamaru kept doing it. He began to pant under Nakamaru, legs trembling as if he desperately wanted to kick out.

Nakamaru relented, simply watching as Koki relaxed. He waited until Koki had stilled completely before he picked up the lube and uncapped it. "Koki, spread your legs for me," Nakamaru said as he took his place between them.

Junno whispered into Nakamaru's ear, somehow having snuck up on him without drawing attention. "You know, Koki is quite flexible. I could tie him however you wanted, all wide open and unable to resist."

The words conjured images that sent a thrill straight to Nakamaru's cock. As tempting as it was, he shook his head in the negative and slicked his fingers. He trailed one along the underside of Koki's cock, neglected the entire time and erect, bound in its ring. It looked painful to Nakamaru, but Koki didn't seem to mind as he whispered a soft, "Sir."

"Does it hurt, Koki?" Nakamaru asked, genuinely intrigued. "Tell me how it feels."

Koki swallowed, adam's apple bobbing against his collar, and began speaking. "It does, Sir, it really does at first. But it stops after a while and it's a reminder of who I belong to, and that his pleasure comes before mine."

Nakamaru considered his words as he absently circled Koki's rim. He watched Koki's face as he barely dipped one in, wondering at the way Koki felt around him. He pressed further in, and when Koki let out a quiet breath, Nakamaru began swirling it around. Koki gasped, nearly mewling, and Nakamaru added another finger. He sped up, Koki's noises increasing in frequency and volume, and held them apart.

"Sir," Koki groaned. "More, please."

Nakamaru obliged, squeezing more lube directly onto his fingers. He was three fingers in, rapidly fingering Koki, and he didn't realize how hard he was until Junno said, "Protection first, Yu-i-chi. Allow me to help you."

Junno sidled over once again to pull Nakamaru's pants out of the way and sheathe him in a condom. "One hard thrust should be the tipping point," he mock-whispered as he moved out of Nakamaru's way.

Nakamaru scooted closer on his knees, then took Junno's advice. He held one of Koki's legs over his shoulder and pressed inside. The tightness and heat were breathtaking, and as promised Koki nearly choked on his air. He barely got a chance to catch his breath, because Nakamaru immediately began pistoning his hips, a mad in-and-out single mindedness his only thought.

Koki dug his fingernails into the palms of his hands, knuckles turning white. He couldn't seem to form words; his noises were shrill whimpers, and he seemed to be stuck at the edge of orgasm, cock ring hindering him. In the back of his mind, Nakamaru felt like he could keep doing this for hours, and Koki wouldn't be able to do anything about any of the things he could do. Nakamaru could fuck him to his heart's desire, and Nakamaru would do exactly that.

The thought sent him to his own orgasm abruptly, and Nakamaru kept fucking Koki through it, until his hips gave out. He slumped, still managing to support himself, while Koki simply stared up at the ceiling as his chest heaved. It took some effort, but Nakamaru managed to open his eyes and roll away.

Nakamaru stared up at the ceiling as he caught his breath before turning his head to look at Junno. “Did you really mean that if I wanted to, I could... mark Koki as mine?” A choked-off moan sounded from next to him, and Nakamaru could feel the tiny tremor that had shaken Koki after he phrased his question.

The idea was intriguing, though he really wasn’t sure if he could actually do such a thing, as if turning a person into a piece of property was something that normally happened. Perhaps that was how things went in the Haven, though. Junno simply nodded in assent, and Nakamaru made a musing sound. “That... sounds like something I want to consider,” he said, half-formed thoughts of what he would pick as a symbol swirling through his mind.




Koki sat fidgeting with the animal ear headband aloft on top of his head, trying on and experimenting with animal sounds. From the tail attached to the back of his pants to the plug inserted far inside him that made him wriggle, Koki looked every inch a pet, Nakamaru thought, watching him play by himself.

“Koki, come here,” Nakamaru called and Koki hopped over like a rabbit.

“That one didn’t make any sense,” Nakamaru laughed, petting Koki’s curls as he nuzzled against Nakamaru’s leg. They were waiting for Junno to finish up meeting with Anne about something, so Nakamaru decided to let Koki do what he wanted. He found Koki fun to just watch being himself and doing whatever caught his fancy at the moment. Koki’s utterly carefree disposition was something that refreshed Nakamaru and made him feel happy to just be around.

That day, however, Koki felt like trying on a new identity, but he couldn’t decide on who to be. “What’s your favorite animal, Sir?” he asked, tilting his head, one of the ears on the headband flopping onto his face.

“A giraffe,” Nakamaru said, and smiled.

Koki looked puzzled. “What sort of a sound does a giraffe make, Sir?” he asked, utterly stumped by that one.

“Sounds like...THIS,” Nakamaru said, and caught up in the moment, lightly tackled Koki and began to tickle him, Koki squirming and screeching at the top of his lungs.

“REDREDREDREDRED,” Koki said, flailing his arms, and Nakamaru put his arms up quickly, worried that Koki had blurted out his safe word.

“Are you okay, Koki?” Nakamaru asked, tilting Koki’s chin up to examine for any bruises or marks, worrying that in the horseplay he had somehow unintentionally injured Koki.

“I’m really ticklish,” Koki squeaked, his cheeks reddening.

Junno came pouring in the door a moment later. “Koki, love, did I hear you scream the safe word?” he said, looking baffled as Koki looked completely fine, just a bit flushed.

“He tried to tickle me,” Koki muttered and Junno laughed.

“Ah, the strangest limit in the history of the Haven,” Junno said, shaking his head and ruffling Koki’s hair. “You have now discovered the worst thing in the entire world according to Koki,” Junno snorted, and Koki pouted until Junno leaned over and kissed him.

“What sound does a giraffe make?” Koki asked Junno.


The beginning of the work week brought Nakamaru back to his regular life of data and TV dinners. He was utterly surprised that first day back to normalcy though, when he opened his attaché case during his midday lunch break.

Nestled inside was an unassuming lunch box, shiny no-nonsense black lacquer. He wasn't sure how he'd missed it when he'd left his flat that morning; honestly he was sure that it hadn't been there to begin with.

Nakamaru glanced around at his office mates. None of them seemed to be waiting to see his reaction, so he hesitantly picked it up, placing it in the middle of his desk. He opened the lid, surprised to find an omelet draped over rice.

He flushed as he read the ketchup-inscription: Yucchi ♥. It also didn't help that Nino noticed it at that very moment, clapping a hand onto Nakamaru's back. "You never told us you had a wife, you sly dog!"

It was easier to let his colleagues think that than try to dissuade them. Every note tucked away and signed "Love, Koki~" thereafter filled him with a warm feeling in his gut.


He tried his best to keep his mind out of the Haven, but he found it difficult not to do so, with images of Koki’s body arching up and the glistening liquid of his release shining on Junno’s fingers dancing through his head.

A mosaic of utter depravity was the only thing he saw when he closed his eyes, and soon became the double feature on the cinema of his mind. He couldn’t focus on anything else, striving to keep focus during meetings and columns of numbers that normally would easily fall into place. Those numbers instead taunted him with their inability to fall into line, frustrating him to the point of nearly flipping his desk. Nino called him out once on his less-than-focused state during a meeting and Nakamaru wanted to smack the smug smile off of his eternally youthful face.

These violent urges were powerful, and he found them flaring up at the most inopportune times- when someone got something wrong at work, when Nino taunted him, but most of all when Junno teased him and goaded him, getting him to break. With Junno it was nearly a dance, a game of sorts that they played that always ended up in a clash of tongues and fumbling hands and heated breath, but with everyone else it ended either with Nakamaru biting his tongue so hard it bled or letting loose with a barrage of pointed words intended to maim.

Junno urged him to channel it in productive ways and make it a beneficial thing instead of letting it take him over. Nakamaru thought it was as good an idea as any, because he doubted that Sho would be a proponent for Nakamaru smashing Nino’s face in.

Instead he took that energy and used it as fuel to do better than Nino, to be the fastest at things around the office, to be the one that everyone needed the most. Nakamaru noticed that people were remembering his name without prompting and that Sho-san’s colleagues began regarding him with nods and questions instead of blatant disinterest.

He was beginning to rise out of the mire, using the fuel of his emotions to drive him through.


Nakamaru wasn’t sure how or when he had become infatuated with order and balance in general. He wasn’t one of those kids who had to be told to clean his room or pick up his messes, because he did it automatically. It was as if organizing and analyzing was in his brain, as if he was born with the capacity to process tons of information at once.

This penchant for information and order led him to find his way to his current position, and it was lucky that he didn’t find data entry or calculations boring, because that was what his days were frequently a blur of-- numbers and coding and occasional interruptions if someone was needed to man the donation phones.

The days in the office became somewhat of a monotonous blur, but Nakamaru found comfort in their regularity in comparison to the nights spent in the Haven, learning more and more of its secrets. The denizens were surprisingly normal in contrast to the idea Nakamaru had had of them before his involvement there.

He had thought that people who were involved in the Haven were crazy and lawless, a bit depraved and hedonistic. And while Junno did seem a little unbalanced at times, the Haven had a code of sorts that made sure that everyone that entered was respectful and didn't disturb others' activities.

From wristbands to collars and signals, there was a secret language that Nakamaru had detected that first night in the Haven. He was slowly learning it, from the wristband he had worn to denote him as just a spectator to the tattoos and piercings that danced across Koki's skin which served as a chronicle of his time both in and out of the Haven.

Even the seemingly chaotic Haven had an order, and Nakamaru found it strangely free of any of the corruption that seemed to infest everything else in society. Even though the activity they were doing looked on the surface nothing but pure pleasure for both participants, it served a deeper purpose; it provided a safe outlet for deep-seated needs of both parties in a way that was mutually beneficial, with a system of checks and balances in place courtesy of the Haven that made sure things never got out of hand or people were never locked into things that they didn’t want to do.

It was more than you could say about the outside world, Nakamaru thought wryly as he took notes at yet another meeting that looked like it would go through his lunch and beyond. Nakamaru wasn’t sure why he was being used as a human typewriter, but Sho seemed to want him and only him to be designated for this “honour”.

Nakamaru found it mind-numbingly boring, because the part of the work he enjoyed was in the code-cracking, the emergence of a pattern that no one else could see that had significance.

He did not see how he was using his talents by being a glorified secretary, but he didn’t have it in him to complain. He had his hands full with every other thing on Earth at that moment from the fact that he had absolutely no idea what to have for dinner that night (unless he got lucky and Koki cooked again).

Nino, Sho and a few other officials sat around a table pontificating about their latest campaign ad and somehow one of the other workers had snagged a copy of what was going to be the newest ad for the Infinity Party. This was a party that particularly seemed to grind Sho’s gears, one that advocated a type of government that Sho seemed to think was one step away from anarchy, a far cry from the ordered and beautiful Society Sho espoused as the ideal.

“So as I was saying, there is absolutely no way that we cannot counter the ad with one of our own, because these statistics speak for themselves, salaries and jobs lost and created in the Triangle, it’s an utter tragedy,” one of Sho’s staff droned on and Nakamaru wrote down the numbers and locations he rattled off.

Zoning out as they moved on to some type of fundraiser or awareness campaign, Nakamaru wasn’t sure what they were talking about because he didn’t really care, he scanned the numbers quickly, interested in what type of statistics the other party had decided to use. The type of statistics used could tell you a lot about a person, or at least, Nakamaru thought so.

Everything looked completely normal, even bland, until he hit a column of salary and job loss statistics. Nakamaru looked them over about four or five times and every time he came to the same conclusion. There was absolutely no way that the population statistics that they claimed came straight from the latest census were accurate with the unemployment rate they also claimed was recent.

Nakamaru had read through the census books like they were gospel since he could reach the shelf at the library and he knew them inside and out. There was no way that these statistics could match up with the census books.

“Um, Sir,” Nakamaru said, coughing and clearing his throat. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at Nakamaru. This had been the first time he had spoken up in a meeting besides ordering his coffee from the intern.

“Yes, Nakamaru?” Sho said, smiling pleasantly, not seeming the least bit rattled.

“There are about three inconsistencies within the statistics presented by the Infinity Party if you compare it to the latest census,” Nakamaru said quietly and Sho tilted his head. “Is that so?” he muttered quietly, and then ordered an intern to fetch the latest census copy.

Sure enough, Nakamaru was right and Sho smiled, looking at Nakamaru with bright eyes. “That’s a very good thing that you picked up there, Nakamaru,” Sho said, making much more eye contact than Nakamaru was comfortable with.

Nakamaru blushed and shook his head. Nino sighed and rolled his eyes. “It’s inconsequential, we need to go through with the plan to wait till they publish the advertisement and maintain our path of establishing morality, no need to veer from it,” Nino grumbled.

“Actually, I believe a pre-emptive strike would be better, somehow have our ad run with the correct statistics, either the same day or in an edition that would run right before theirs, before they could pull it from the presses,” Nakamaru suggested softly.

Nino scoffed and shook his head. “Preposterous,” was all the response he dignified Nakamaru’s idea with.

“You know what, Nakamaru-kun, I think you are right,” Sho said and nodded approvingly at Nakamaru’s quietly voiced suggestion and observation of the slight mistake in the campaign data. Nino glared daggers at Nakamaru and Nakamaru’s spine tingled at the seething dislike he could feel oozing out of Nino’s pores.

Nakamaru couldn’t help but smirk a little bit, despite the laser-like beam of hatred Nino directed at him. He had taken the first step towards being noticed in a positive way, and it felt good to have his skills being recognized.


The office was never dull for Nakamaru, even though other people might have found it so. Even if the everyday slid into monotony, he didn’t seem to care much. There was nothing to complain about for him, as he found the regularity of the routine soothing.

Every morning, there was a meeting, and he would take notes and then return to his desk for a few hours of data entry, spotting patterns and checking statistics of both Sho’s campaign and the opposing campaigns. If Sho needed anything, he used Nino as the messenger to deliver memos and directions for projects that weren’t particularly important.

Being the “New Guy” was totally up Nakamaru’s alley, as he knew what everyone expected of him.

Which was why he was shocked when everything quickly changed for him at work. It was a subtle change, but Nakamaru knew from a life of analyzing every detail, that the smallest thing can cause a landslide.

Nakamaru sat pecking at the keys on his computer, entering rows and rows of data that would have seemed nonsensical to the passerby-- but to him they formed a symphony of information, each number playing a role in the pattern. Humming a little, he found himself dumbfounded when there, stopped in front of his desk, was Sho.

“Sir?” Nakamaru asked, his voice shaking a bit as Sho stared him down with a bit of a smirk tugging his lips upward. Nakamaru gulped audibly, his heart thudding in his chest.

This was it, he thought. He had made a mistake and he was going to get fired. He wasn’t sure how he had overlooked anything, but it was probably that one day he had gone without his morning coffee and wasn’t quite alert.

Who knew that missing his caffeine would be the downfall of his career?

Nakamaru felt a bead of sweat drop down the collar of his shirt and silently beseeched Sho to pull the trigger and put him out of his misery.

Then Sho broke into a giant grin and set a giant cup of steaming coffee on Nakamaru’s desk.

“Uh,” was all Nakamaru could get off before Sho began to sing the praises of this particular blend, which came from the private reserve of beans he kept in a locked cabinet in his office and normally nobody was allowed to even smell.

“This is a reward for all of your hard work, kid; you really are beginning to show a lot of promise,” Sho said, nudging the coffee towards Nakamaru with both hands.

Nakamaru bowed slightly and took the coffee, the heat searing his hands but he didn’t dare think of putting it back on the table.

“Which is why I think that you should be in charge of this next information-gathering project, all by yourself, if you think you can handle it,” Sho said, nodding at his statement and laying a sheet of paper on Nakamaru’s desk detailing all of the locations and statistics needed.

“Of...of course!” Nakamaru said, shocked and secretly pleased that Sho had noticed his aptitude and wanted him to do more solo work instead of Nino breathing down his neck and “supervising” his every move. Having Nino around was like having an insect buzzing around you-- he was too fast to squish and utterly annoying.

“Good to hear,” Sho said, smiling and nodding one more time for good measure, then disappeared into his office.

Nakamaru stared down at the paper, dumbstruck.

He could feel the heat of Nino’s malicious glare on the top of his head like a laser beam. Nakamaru guessed that Nino wasn’t pleased that the “new guy” (as Nino called him) was getting any measure of success and power.

Nino was a formidable opponent, and Nakamaru would have been scared if you would have asked him a month ago. But after all that he had been through and all the discoveries he had made, he was ready.

Nakamaru didn’t care anymore-- he knew that he could do this.

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