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Title Animal Crackers Part IV
Pairing/Group: Nakamaru/Koki/Junno, Nakamaru/Maria/Jun, KAT-TUN, Arashi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, BDSM, pet-play, politics, tickling, a threesome, toys, recreational drugs
Summary: What would you do if everything that you knew had been wrong all along? Nakamaru Yuichi, newly recruited member of Sakurai Sho’s political campaign party, the Storm Reform Party, is about to find out just that with the first step he takes into the Haven.

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"Yuichi." His voice was less drawling as he spoke. "I'm serious. I want you to help me throw Sakurai Sho out of office, and I want you to take his place. Don't look at me like that."

Nakamaru realized his mouth had been gaping open; he closed it and wiped at his chin just in case he'd drooled a bit. "But how can I do all this?" Nakamaru asked, resisting the urge to wring his fingers together.

"You're very capable of doing anything, Yuichi. I don’t know why you doubt yourself so much. You’re kind and intelligent, always listen to everyone and are fair. You're also very well-connected and amazing at your job, why can’t you see this!" Junno's voice was stern, almost thunderous.

He didn't really know what he could say in response, and Nakamaru just looked down at the table. An uncharacteristic huff of breath along with Junno's long fingers drumming against the table made Nakamaru look up. The most disdainful look Nakamaru had ever seen graced Junno's face, and he stood up abruptly, chair almost crashing backwards. Koki had cleared the table and was watching worriedly from beside the sink.

Junno didn't look at Nakamaru as he spoke. "If I didn't believe you were capable of becoming something more than just an office monkey, I would never have picked you. Your access to all of the information Sakurai's collected in order to begin his systemic attempts to 'purge' the Haven is very important, as well as Sakurai's trust in you are very important to keeping the Haven safe and out of his clutches."

Nakamaru bristled at the name-calling, but his flare of anger cooled as Junno finally looked up at him.

"Yuichi, what do you think would eventually happen to me, to Koki, if Sakurai remained in power? Surely you've realized that the information you collate corresponds eerily to reports of arrests, haven't you?"

Nakamaru froze, the thought of going back to his life of data entry and ennui, a cold apartment and empty bed too terrible to contemplate. He swallowed, silent for a moment as he collected his thoughts.

"I've already given this some thought, Junno," he said, eyes fixed on his hands clenched against the table. Nakamaru looked up, determination bolstering his words. "I've decided to help you. What do I need to do?"

Junno laughed a bit, drawl returning as he skated fingers across the table to poke at Nakamaru's hands. "Well, perhaps I was terrible and need to make up for making poor Koki worry, Yu-i-chi."

"That does sound reasonable. Perhaps you should apologize to him now," Nakamaru said, glancing at Koki and motioning for him to come closer. Curiously, Koki crossed the room to stand at Nakamaru's side. Still staring down at Junno, Nakamaru asked, "Did we make you worry, Koki? I'm very sorry if I did, and if Junno isn't sorry now, I'm sure he will be later. Whisper in my ear how you'd like for Junno to apologize to you."

Nakamaru leaned down, Koki's breath warm against his ear, and smirked at the way Junno's eyes flicked between them. "That sounds good, Koki," he said as he straightened. "Come along now, both of you."

Koki came quietly, lips twitching up in amusement; Junno, however, was in a bit of a strop. He leaned back in his seat, eyes challenging as he looked up at Nakamaru.

"Ah. Looks like we'll have to take this to the Haven, since you aren't cooperating with me here," Nakamaru said. He stopped in front of Junno, leaning forward to stroke fingers along the side of his face before taking hold of Junno's lip ring firmly between his fingers. "It would be in your best interests to get up when I start walking, Junno."

Nakamaru took satisfaction in the way Junno's breath hitched against his fingers, and slowly began to back away. Junno followed, eyes on Nakamaru's fingers.

Koki had already dressed by the time Nakamaru and Junno made it into the bedroom, and even set out clothing for each of them. Nakamaru let go of Junno, watching as Koki helped him change. Reassured that Junno was being obedient for the moment, Nakamaru slipped into the trousers and button-down shirt that Koki had chosen, then turned his attention to the chest he had tucked away in his closet.

Nakamaru considered Koki's request, glad for their insistence on leaving kit at his flat. He dug through the box, pocketing a cock ring for later and digging out a wide collar. A rustling behind him had Nakamaru looking over his shoulder; the two of them were shoving at each other, in the midst of a silent showdown. He shut the chest and slid it back into its spot behind his winter clothing and cleared his throat. Immediately Junno and Koki went still as Nakamaru approached. "Bow your head for me, Junno," he said, keeping his gaze steady as he waited for Junno to follow his instructions.

Junno swallowed, breaking eye contact as he finally followed Nakamaru's order. "Good boy," Nakamaru murmured as he buckled the collar snugly enough for Junno to be aware of its presence but still have a tiny bit of leeway; as he pulled his hands away he noticed the way Koki bit his lip in anticipation.

The walk to the Haven was silent; Nakamaru knew his way around the area much better by now, and he knew how to avoid the areas of his neighbourhood that his colleagues from work were likely to be found.

Soon they were back at the building Nakamaru had first woken up in on his first day in the Haven, so long ago. They entered the club, Nakamaru walking directly to the back rooms with the others in tow; he wanted the room where he'd witnessed his first scene. Mistress Anne was in charge of the dungeons, and she greeted Nakamaru just as brusquely as ever. "I see someone's gotten themselves in trouble. The room with the two-way mirror? There may be some observers, you know," she said, crimson lips curving up in a smirk.

She unlocked the door to admit them, and once they entered Nakamaru looked first at Koki, and then Junno. "Your safe word, Koki? And yours, Junno?" Nakamaru asked.

Koki looked at Nakamaru, eyes excited as he said, "Red." He kept things simple, and Nakamaru waited for Junno's answer.

"Banana." Junno looked just as excited as Koki did, and much more prone to listening to Nakamaru's instructions now that they were in the Haven.

Nakamaru smiled at them both. "Good, now that we have that settled, let's begin. Junno, Koki is going to undress you, then put you into position as he sees fit. Remember, this is your apology to him, so it's important that you do your best to make up for making him worry."

Junno nodded as best he could with the stiff collar in place, and stood still so Koki could unbutton his shirt and push it from his shoulders. The rest of his clothes followed quickly, until he was clad only in the collar and his shackle bracelets.

Koki quietly said, "Stay." Junno's eyes followed Koki as he returned to Nakamaru's side. Nakamaru leaned to listen to Koki's next request, that Nakamaru use his access to allow him the use of additional cuffs.

Nakamaru nodded and entered his access code, opening the cabinet to allow Koki to paw through the various bits of leather and vinyl and snaps. Koki made a pleased noise when he found what he was looking for; he returned to Junno’s side with a set of cuffs that he buckled into place around his thighs. He turned to Nakamaru, a hand out more in expectation than supplication. Nakamaru couldn't help but smirk at the questioning look on Junno's face, and he handed the cock ring he’d brought over to Koki.

Junno stood, watching as Koki approached, slow and sinuous. Nakamaru settled into the plush chair in the corner, head propped against one hand as Koki stood on tiptoes to press a kiss to Junno’s lips, teasingly without following through. Koki’s hands wandered all over the other’s skin, sometimes leaving red stripes from fingernails and other times, not a single mark.

Junno seemed to be on the verge of moving without permission when Koki finally trailed fingers along Junno’s half-hard cock. He stroked it a few times, and even though Junno had seen that Koki had brought a cock ring, he still gasped when Koki snapped it into place. Koki pressed down against Junno’s shoulders, and he slid to his knees in front of Koki.

Koki followed, and arranged Junno’s hands behind himself, snapping fasteners between the rings attached to the cuffs. Nakamaru shifted in his seat as he made a noise of satisfaction and spoke. “Junno. Tell me how you got into this situation.”

“I made Koki worry.” Junno’s response was quiet, voice even instead of his usual sing-song lilt. Koki nodded from where he stood next to him.

“Do you know what I expect from you, for your apology to Koki?”

“You expect me to follow whatever Koki orders me to do, Sir.”

“Correct.” Nakamaru settled back, gaze impassive as Koki began to unfasten his trousers. He had to shimmy a bit to get the skin tight material out of the way, and walked to Nakamaru.

“Sir,” he began, “will you please take this off?” Koki’s eyes held a wicked spark as Nakamaru granted his request, unlocking his cock ring and pocketing it. Once freed, Koki returned to loom over Junno, considering as he idly stroked himself. His eyes landed on a bench pushed against one of the walls, and Koki let go of himself to thread both hands into Junno’s hair. “Follow,” he said, amusement evident in his voice as he began to lead Junno toward it.

It was slow going with the way Junno was bound, but Nakamaru didn’t mind one bit. He wanted to see how things would play out, especially since Koki had requested being in charge for this particular session.

Koki backed to the bench and perched against it, legs spread as wide as his trousers allowed. He smirked down at Junno, obviously taking delight in the role reversal as he ordered him about. “Open. Suck.”

Nakamaru was a little surprised at how willingly Junno followed Koki’s instructions; he was perfectly obedient, at least so far. He must really have felt some remorse for earlier, though Nakamaru had better things to focus on.

Koki was leaning against the bench for support as his fingers held Junno in place; his cheeks were flushed and his eyes hooded as he looked down. Junno’s cheeks hollowed around Koki’s cock, unable to do anything else from the position he was in. All he could do was follow the pace Koki had set with his grip.

A deep moan rang out, followed by a quiet gasp, and Nakamaru watched as Koki’s breath became laboured. It looked like it took some effort, but Koki’s fingers twisted in Junno’s hair to pull him away. Koki kept one hand fisted at the nape of Junno’s neck to keep him in place as his other curled around his cock. He jerked himself roughly, head of his cock against Junno’s lips.

Koki’s fingers seemed to clench as he groaned out his release. It splattered against Junno’s cheek and mouth, and dribbled down to stick between his neck and collar.

Nakamaru bit his lip, the sight before him enticing. He let the two of them catch their breath before clearing his throat. “Koki, do you feel this has sufficed as an apology?”

“Yes, Sir, but only if he has to wait until we get home to clean up. Perhaps Sir would also enjoy this,” Koki murmured, eyes half-closed as he slumped against the bench.

“Mm, that would be fair,” Nakamaru agreed. “Additionally, Junno, you’ll wear that ring until I see fit.” He motioned for Koki to return to his side; it took Koki a few moments to find his feet. Nakamaru held out Koki’s own cock ring, and the other nodded. “You may have a bath once we get home, Koki.”

Koki nodded again, eyes closing in contentment as Nakamaru locked his cock ring in place. “Thank you, Sir.”

Nakamaru simply smiled in acknowledgement, carding fingers through his hair before standing. He walked to where Junno still knelt, eyes staring forward. “I think we’ll finish the rest of this back home; you’ve got your flat keys secreted away somewhere, am I correct?”

Junno nodded as best he could. Nakamaru smirked and asked, “Ah, what was that? Couldn’t hear you.”

There was a silent moment as something flared in Junno’s eyes before he answered. “Yes, Sir. The keys are in one of my trouser pockets.”

Nakamaru knelt, unfastening his binds. He considered for a moment, then nodded to himself. “I feel generous right now, so I’ll allow you to walk out of here with your pants on, though they may be a bit tighter than usual.” He helped Junno stand, massaging muscles knotted with tension from being locked in place. Koki joined them, helping Junno to dress.

They left, Koki's fingers entwined with Junno's as they followed Nakamaru. Mistress Anne caught Nakamaru's eye as they passed her, and she silently nodded her approval. He returned the gesture, feeling as if he'd found where he belonged. The walk back to Junno's flat in the Haven was silent save for their boots against the damp pavement and their quiet breathing.

Once they were through the door, Nakamaru pushed Junno against the door, one knee pressing between his thighs and against the bulge in his trousers. "I want to hear you screaming, begging for it before the night is through," he hissed, earning a quick gasp. Koki looked on in quiet interest.

Nakamaru hooked a finger into Junno's collar, a smile curving slowly as he felt Junno's breath hitch and his cock twitch against him. He tightened his grip, pulling him to the bedroom, Koki following along. As soon as they were close enough to the bed, Nakamaru shoved Junno down, scrambling up after him. He called over his shoulder for Koki as his hands grappled with Junno's.

"Koki, one of the chains and your assistance!" Nakamaru watched from the corner of his eye as Koki fished under the mattress to retrieve one. He made a grab for one of Junno's flailing wrists, hooking the end through the shackle's ring while Nakamaru forced Junno's other hand up and held it still long enough for Koki to attach the other shackle.

Nakamaru sat back on his haunches, using his weight to keep Junno from kicking. He watched as Junno slowly stilled, eyes glittering but jaw clenched.

Koki glanced up at him, voice soft as he asked, "Sir, may I?"

"Yes," he said, unmoving from his seat. Koki smiled at him from where he leaned over Junno, then lowered his lips against Junno's, tongue flicking out to lap at where his come had dried. Junno groaned into the kiss as his fists unclenched; his eyes slowly lost focus and he stilled as Koki moved to his chest, tongue and its stud sliding along smooth skin. Nakamaru scooted out of the way, nimble fingers undoing Junno's trousers and pulling them down when Koki's intentions became clear.

As Koki neared Junno's cock, the first tiny noises began spilling from his mouth. Nakamaru could tell that Koki was pleased as he sped up with no warning. He'd slow down with just as much notice, and by the time he'd swallowed Junno's cock down, the other had begun moaning.

"You do know I'll let you out if you beg prettily enough," Nakamaru said, taking delight in the almost angry way Junno clenched his teeth and bucked his hips. Koki simply followed the movement, unfazed by it. He continued his onslaught, cheeks hollowing and fingers pinching into Junno’s skin.

Nakamaru idly palmed himself, content to watch. It took some time, but Koki finally got Junno to start coming apart at the edges, his throaty groans nearing actual words. As Koki continued licking and sucking, Nakamaru opened the bedside drawer, hands closing around the lube. He pried one of Koki’s hands from its grip against Junno’s hip; Koki glanced at him from his mouthful, eyes curious until Nakamaru slicked up his fingers.

“I’m sure you know what to do, Koki,” Nakamaru almost purred. Junno writhed even more, doing his best to keep from making any noise as Koki slid slick fingers between his legs.

Koki’s fingers were relentless, and though Nakamaru couldn’t actually see what he was doing, he could see the effect it was having on Junno. He didn’t last much longer, finally succumbing as he began to scream, mostly a jumble of sounds that could have been Nakamaru’s name, or please.

“Junno, I’m not sure what you want. You’ll have to speak actual words.” Nakamaru pretended to be bored, much to the visible annoyance of Junno.

“Sir... please, I need to come,” was the surprisingly coherent response. Nakamaru pretended not to hear it. Again, Junno spoke, words trailing off. “Please... Sir.”

For a few minutes, Nakamaru let him continue his pleas, until finally addressing Koki. “Let him finish at your discretion.” Koki moaned in acknowledgement and slipped his fingers out of Junno; he wasted no time in pulling back as he unsnapped the cock ring.

Junno seemed to slump beneath Koki as the other kept his mouth on him throughout the nearly senseless thrashing of his hips; Koki only pulled away, wiping his mouth with the back of his wrist, once Junno had fallen completely still with one last broken sob. Nakamaru simply looked at the picture he made as he stroked Koki’s hair for a moment.

Koki nuzzled against the palm of his hand as he announced, “I’ll run the bath, if it pleases Sir.” He nodded and watched as Koki pressed a kiss against the side of Junno’s mouth before sliding off of the bed to prepare the ensuite bath.

Nakamaru slid fingers up Junno’s arms gently before unfastening the chain holding his arms in place. “You were very good just now. And also,” he began, considering his words, “I want to help you. What do I need to do?”


Barring the fact that Nakamaru knew he was crazy about Junno, he was a little worried about taking on any of his elaborate plans. He’d put it to assume that it was a matter of walking that line between madness and genius.

And Junno had left him with very little to go on, telling him that all he needed to do was weaken Sho-san’s foothold on society and that Junno would hand him the last and final part of the ‘recipe’ he’d called it.

It was while he was seated at his desk as per usual that it occurred to him just what he could do. The companies that had been shut down thanks to Sho-san’s self-proclaimed moral agenda would have a number of calls for arrests and usually ranged from twelve to twenty in a week. It would not be at all unlikely that there were still a large number backlogged in the system of reports to send out. Nakamaru was of course determined to be party to bring Sho-san to the end of his propagated campaign, but he’d reverse as many of the adverse effects as he could manage in the meantime.

Whenever Nakamaru had finished his data lists on private-owned companies, he’d have them printed out, circle the right ones and pass it on to Nino. This meant Nino was currently the holder of any backlogged reports.

For starters, he’d have to get a hold of his computer whenever it was that Nino stepped out. The trouble with that happened to be the fact that Nino rarely if ever left his computer anymore to the point where Nakamaru was soon watching the man much closer than he’d have bothered with otherwise.

He was granted an opportunity when he noticed that Nino had a habit of leaving his desk for private mobile phone calls. He’d get up and walk all the way out to the end of the hall, and sit in a corner by the heater, rubbing his eyes tiredly as he chatted with whomever called him.

It was a simple matter of finding the department directory and placing the call from his own phone after which he could reroute it.

“I just need you to keep him on the phone for ten minutes,” he’d told Koki that night. Koki, ever eager to please, had jumped at the chance to help him with work.

It was a silly risk even before he decided to try it but on the third day, as his plans commenced, he had his phone ready, eyes darting to make sure the other employees weren’t watching as he peered over the divider between his and Nino’s desks. At one juncture Nino had looked up, probably feeling his presence, and had looked away his screen looking justifiably bemused and unsettled. He probably thought he was somehow diminishing returns on the sneaky act.

Nakamaru resolved to wait for the mid-afternoon hour when Sho-san shut his office door to write his speech.

As hoped when Nakamaru rerouted the call, Nino got up and ambled out, holding his mobile out. Nakamaru slipped around the divider, shaking Nino’s mouse just as the department entrance door slid shut. Nino kept his files very organised and clearly labelled and Nakamaru was a bit startled at how quick it took despite the fact that he was shaking and sweating at the thought of being caught. He found the folder labelled Status Review Report which had a match up for the addresses he was looking for. If he deleted all these records, it would stall the whole project for a week at least, long enough until the banquet night. He dragged the folder to his flashdrive and right-clicked to delete…

“Excuse you,” Nino said, much like Nakamaru’s first day there.

Nakamaru froze, blinking at him from behind the screen. What had happened?! He’d spoken to Koki, hadn’t he? “I was just...” he trailed off. He’d been so reckless; of course it wasn’t as though Nino could link him to anything too serious, but still Nino’s frown was becoming steadily more fierce as he eyed Nakamaru’s hands positioned on his keyboard.

And then he spotted the USB device Nakamaru had plugged in; what he’d hoped had been subtle. Nino knew it for what it was immediately and his mouth formed a deep frown as his gaze flickered to the closed door of Sho’s office.

Nakamaru swallowed. “You have to understand, Ninomiya-san; this is--”

“I don’t want to hear it,” Nino cut across him softly.

Nakamaru stopped on an offbeat breath, blinking at Nino. “But your files, I have to...”

Nino crossed his arms in a strangely small-looking way, arms wrapping completely around himself, narrow eyes look back toward Sho-san’s door. “Just finish up and get out of there before someone else sees you.”

Nakamaru stared. Nino wouldn’t look at him, kept his eyes trained on the door, seeming so much less complicated all at the same time as though even this revelation were also one of many layers. Nakamaru saved the file on his flash drive and ejected it, sidling out of the receptionist alcove with deep unease as he passed Nino.

“You know,” Nino said as Nakamaru moved to cross the divider. “I was pretty much a hundred percent sure you’d turn against him. You haven’t been as dedicated to this cause for as long as we have.”

Nakamaru straightened and didn’t balk when Nino met his gaze. “This is hurting people I care about.”

Nino shrugged a little, a half one. “A lot of people are getting hurt. Understand that I’m letting you do this because Sho-chan is likely to be one of them.”

Nakamaru could’ve backed into the divider and not noticed. Nino looked so quietly ferocious in minimal seconds like this, but his expression hadn’t changed. “I’ll go easy on him...if that’s what you want.” He’d talk to Junno about it, it was just about mutual benefit, giving people back their livelihood and Sho-san could with that whatever he wanted.

“No,” Nino said, flashing a glance at the other campaign members with some unease. “This will be good for him; it’ll be good for all of us.”

Nakamaru walked away from that exchange feeling like for all of the better part of a year where he’d worked in one department, he probably knew very little about the people working there, why they were there, whether they had been as convicted as he was.

It made him consider loyalty and the way Junno had looked just as fiercely protective as Nino had, like it was something he’d been predisposed to do. Nakamaru did wonder, a little part of him, whether at the point where he finished this, he’d wake up one morning and all of it, his time, his memories and his space that he had with Junno and Koki would have disappeared.

“I think I might just finish this,” he’d told Junno one night, Koki curled up under him, fingers clinging as he came down from his climax.

“There’s a videotape. It’s the final and perhaps really the only thing you might need to end his campaign. We need a large audience to see it,” Junno had whispered back at him urgently, eyes practically dead and serious.

Nakamaru thought about it. “There’s a gala, a fundraiser, every single one of his main supporters and benefactors will be there.” He’d felt breathless after saying it. “It’s the social event of the season, I don’t know if--”

Junno leaned over, sheets riding up over his naked legs, and he pressed lips to the tip of Nakamaru’s nose in a decidedly wicked way. “Then we’ll have to finish this in style, won’t we?”

He laughed and Nakamaru wanted to ask if they meant to finish with him too.

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