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Title Animal Crackers Part V
Pairing/Group: Nakamaru/Koki/Junno, Nakamaru/Maria/Jun, KAT-TUN, Arashi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, BDSM, pet-play, politics, tickling, a threesome, toys, recreational drugs
Summary: What would you do if everything that you knew had been wrong all along? Nakamaru Yuichi, newly recruited member of Sakurai Sho’s political campaign party, the Storm Reform Party, is about to find out just that with the first step he takes into the Haven.

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Nakamaru looked around at all of his colleagues from the office and Sho-san’s myriad hangers-on and benefactors. He couldn’t help but feel nervous; his tuxedo felt bunched up in awkward places, his hands were a bit sweaty, and for some reason Junno and Koki had claimed they’d arrive a bit later so as ‘not to detract from your entrance, Yucchi.’ Nakamaru couldn’t help but wonder if something had happened to them on the way to the gala.

Junno had hinted that they’d be spectacular, and also that he’d bring the video evidence needed to deal the final blow to Sho-san’s campaign; he’d also told Nakamaru that he’d taken the liberty of adjusting his phone to be able to override the ballroom’s audio-visual equipment.

The sweat rolled unbecomingly down Nakamaru’s neck as he helped himself to a flute of champagne from the trays carried by uniformed waiters. Everything was elegant to the extreme, typical extravagance blended with a touch of minimalism that was Sho’s trademark. The waiters and waitresses were wearing very expensive looking yet impractical white tuxedos with matching white aprons, and Nakamaru couldn’t help but think of the wasteful pile of extra uniforms that must be sitting in the backroom for whenever anyone got even a speck of dust on them.

Sho’s fastidiousness would not allow for anyone on his staff, no matter their rank, to be anything less than perfect. The white was an ironic colour, he thought, with the meaning of purity and chastity. Perfect for the man who likened himself the moral savior of the people. Nakamaru snorted inwardly and grabbed an appetizer off the nearest tray, something small and insubstantial on a tiny plate. It was a sliver of chicken on the tiniest cracker with just a smidgen of what he thought was a super expensive condiment. He had trouble telling what it was because everything had lost its taste, but his stomach cried out for something more than a nibble.

His nerves very nearly got the better of him when he felt a hand caress his back. Nakamaru jumped a bit, thankfully avoiding spilling champagne down his front; unfortunately, he nearly dropped it instead when he got a good look at the person who’d snuck up on him.

Koki had finally made it, though he hadn’t listened to his request to follow the dress code. Nakamaru was face to face with a girl that had an impossibly large bosom that somehow looked quite real, squeezed into a nearly scandalous peach evening gown. She looked up at Nakamaru, matching fan fluttering coquettishly in front of her face as she played with her dark curls.

Nakamaru was at a loss. It took him a moment to gather his words, and he hissed. “Koki?! What-- I thought I told you--”

“My name isn’t Koki,” the girl replied, still doing her best to tease just by her presence alone. “It’s Maria, and Jun should be here shortly. She had to finish up with the flash drive, but she said you shouldn’t worry at all. You look nice, by the way,” Koki, or rather Maria, added as an afterthought.

Nakamaru swallowed, hoping that he’d misheard all of the “Jun” and “she” talk. He knew he would never be so lucky, though. Glancing at the floor, he hoped that the blonde flash out of the corner of his eyes would just be normal old (although Junno could never be normal) Junno, tall in a business suit.

But instead, it was an ethereal Amazonian blonde in four-inch heels that had everyone’s heads turning. From the top of his perfectly coiffed silvery blonde hair to the tips of his dark navy polished toes, everything about him was flawless.

Nakamaru gulped under his breath. A strange mix of arousal and embarrassment flooded through his body as he nearly choked on the cracker he had began to chew. Junno maintained a serene smile as he glided up to them.

The shimmering ice blue gown he had worn did, indeed, meet the dress code, which was black tie only. Nakamaru just wished he had designated which gender to go as, especially since half the men in the room were gawking at the six-foot-plus stunning blonde.

“Hello darlings,” Junno breathed, his voice airy and eerily feminine. Smiling, Nakamaru could see the full effect of the makeup applied. Light, it enhanced rather than concealed, giving Junno a large-eyed and innocent look, with glossy full lips and lush eyelashes. His eyes were tinted blue with contacts and Nakamaru found himself transfixed for a second staring at him.

He was actually really beautiful. So beautiful that it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying.

Koki, on the other hand, was oozing sex, his sultry movements punctuated with a tight-fitting dress that was actually quite modest, it just emphasized all of his curves. Eyes shaded and lined perfectly, when Nakamaru looked at him his pants grew uncomfortably tight.

He couldn’t believe these two, but deep down, he knew he should have expected it.

Nakamaru tried to remember how to breathe for a moment. He could barely think of what he could say to explain his “plus one” that had somehow become two. Koki swatted him on the arm playfully, voice pitched low as he spoke without breaking his smile. “Don’t look so frightened, Yucchi dear, just tell people I’m your wife.”

“Yes, Yuichi, tell them that. By the way, I’m Maria’s sister.” Junno chose that moment to add, unhelpfully, of course, his input. Nakamaru fought the urge to bring a hand to his temple and try to stave off his impending headache.

“That doesn’t even make sense!” Nakamaru tried to say normally; unfortunately it came out as more of an incredulous strangled sound. “The two of you look nothing alike!”

“Adopted, silly,” Junno said and nudged his shoulder with a giggle. Right with that nudge, Nakamaru noticed a very impressed-looking Sho making a beeline for him and he could barely suppress his thin groan.

Junno and Koki both stood preening, staring at each other and giggling. They jumped in faux surprise when Sho approached and Nakamaru inclined his head slightly in a polite gesture. “Well Nakamaru, you never told me that you had such gorgeous friends,” Sho said, smiling widely, the whiteness of his grin nearly blinding.

Giggling and simpering, Junno shook his head in denial as Koki hid behind Nakamaru in a show of fake shyness. Nakamaru wanted a hole to open in the floor and for him to fall into it, because he had never felt more awkward.

“Oh, darling, you never told me you had such a handsome boss,” Koki tittered and slid his arm into Nakamaru’s, batting his eyes at Sho. Sho colored a bit and coughed, smiling at what he perceived as an incredibly sexy woman before him.

“This is my wife, Maria. Of the infamous packed lunches and love notes,” Nakamaru said, blushing a bit and adjusting the cuffs of his jacket with red spreading down his neck in embarrassment. Sho nodded, his face showing admiration and envy.

“You are a lucky man; she looks like that and can cook too? No wonder you keep her locked up at home, am I right?” Sho grinned widely at Nakamaru conspiratorially.

“You have no idea, Sir,” Nakamaru said, and Koki giggled brightly.

Sho’s gaze slid to Junno, and he unsubtly gave him a lengthy once-over. “And who might this be, Nakamaru?”

“This is Maria’s sister,” Nakamaru said, surprised he’d managed to do so with a straight face. “Her name is Jun.”

Sho took the declaration in stride, one eyebrow quirking as he reached for Junno’s hand and raised it for a kiss. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, dear,” he said, smile bordering on a leer.

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine, Sir,” Junno fluttered his eyelashes a bit as he said it, and flushed. “This is such an amazing event.”

“You’re too kind, dear,” Sho murmured, pretending to look abashed. “My speech will be starting shortly, so I have to bow out for now; do please enjoy yourselves.”

Nakamaru nodded, watching as Sho wandered to greet the rest of his supporters. He didn’t go without a last shameless wink for Junno, and Nakamaru wasn’t sure how he hadn’t perished from his skittish nerves or sheer embarrassment.

As soon as Sho was out of earshot, Junno murmured, “Well! That went well. Yuichi, everything is set up, and on my signal all you have to do is press the star button on your phone.”

Nakamaru nodded, his eyes scanning the room nervously until he felt a calming hand on his back. “You can do this, Yuichi,” Koki said quietly, a soft smile on his lips. Breathing inward, Nakamaru nodded and set his shoulders, his lips in a grim line as he prepared for the biggest night of his life.

That moment would have to wait, however, because there was still an hour until Sho-san’s speech. Nakamaru wondered in what world was “beginning shortly” synonymous with sixty minutes, but he had more pressing issues on his mind, namely, how he would handle the two “beauties” with him.

But they were flawless at acting, blending in like chameleons, no one noticing at all that something was amiss. They nibbled on the hors d'oeuvres, flirted with the appropriate men and chatted with the society wives.

“Where did you get your dress, it’s utterly divine?” asked a senior member of staff’s wife, eyeing Junno up and down with envy, his mile-long slender legs showcased in the dress.

“I have no idea, one day I came home and my lovely sister Maria had purchased it for me, she’s so generous,” cooed Junno, nudging Koki and Koki blushed and giggled.

“I have no idea what any of this costs, we don’t discuss money, my husband and I. He makes it and I spend it,” Koki trilled with a flip of her dark curls and a bite of the sausage popovers. “Oh dear I hope this is low-fat, I’ve been trying to lose those last five pounds,” he whispered to the woman next to him.

“Oh hush, you’re so young and pretty, nobody will notice that you have a bit of a backside,” the older woman said and smiled at Koki.

“Do I have a big ass?” Koki whispered to Junno, an expression of chagrin on his face.

“It’s perfect,” Junno whispered and grabbed it. Nakamaru saw them and nearly expired on the spot, wondering how he’d explain a game of grab-ass between sisters.

Nakamaru looked around, surprised that no one had seemed to notice. At least, until he saw that Sho had happened to, and was eyeing the two of them up. He mouthed a single word in Nakamaru’s direction: “Lucky.”

Thankfully it seemed that the speech would begin shortly, as staffers that Nakamaru barely recognized made last-minute adjustments to the podium and chairs arranged behind it. Nino took the stage and cleared his throat to grab everyone in attendance’s attention. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us for tonight’s fundraiser. I give you the Storm Reform Party’s City Leader candidate, Sakurai Sho.”

Nakamaru barely remembered to clap, Koki’s elbow a gentle reminder. He was beginning to panic a bit, wondering if once he pushed the button and did what Junno had asked of him would signify the end of Sho’s political career as well as Nakamaru’s relationship with him and Koki. He couldn’t help wringing his hands as he whispered urgently into Junno’s ear. “How do I know that once everything is all said and done that the two of you won't quietly slip out of my life and back to the Haven?”

Junno shot a sudden enigmatic look at him, eyes dark under his deeply smoky eyeshadow. He said nothing and Nakamaru was afraid to press the issue.

Sho’s speech had droned on in the meantime, and Koki’s attention had wandered as well. Nakamaru could see him fidgeting out of his peripheral vision, and he angled his mouth toward his ear to whisper in an undertone. “What is it, Ko-- Maria?”

Koki’s eyes were roving, and he was fidgeting, restlessly folding and unfolding his fan. “This is boring,” he muttered. “I’m bored; how much longer is this thing?” His words had gone a little petulant, and Nakamaru wanted to roll his eyes.

“Go out to the hallway, Maria,” Junno said, eyes never leaving the front of the room. “Your husband will follow after you to make sure you’re fine, and then I’ll get worried and come looking for you two. There’s a bathroom across the hall, meet you there.”

Koki let out a bit of a happy noise at the prospect of wandering, and he casually crossed the ballroom, weaving gracefully through the crowd, all hips and satin-covered thighs. Junno seemed to be counting down, lips moving soundlessly before his eyes cut to Nakamaru’s. “Go now, see if dearest Maria is okay.”

Nakamaru cast a lingering look at him; he felt a little forlorn and silly, but he wanted to do clamp down on both of them and make them stay if he had to. Junno wasn’t looking at him and Koki had since exited the ballroom. Nakamaru took the same path Koki had, excusing himself as he passed attendees. Just as Junno had said, there was a bathroom across from him, and he couldn’t help looking down the hallway both ways before opening the door. He was surprised to find that it was less like a restroom as he found himself in an antechamber of sorts with expensive Luxe velvet, down-stuffed sofas and cushions.

Koki was nowhere to be seen; Nakamaru couldn’t help but worry. The door shut, and Nakamaru jumped, pre-emptively flushing. It was only Junno, leaning back against the door before he locked it. It was quieter in here and Junno glared at him, shimmer-covered eyes narrow and as dark as they’d looked in the ballroom. “I said I wanted to give you everything and it was simply that you wanted it all from me and the way you take it makes me so— and then you doubt me now? I meant it then, and I mean it now. Can’t you see that Koki is utterly devoted to you? And do you really think so little…I—“ Junno gestured to himself, long, marble features turned down in frustration. “—we don’t even dare having to be without you!”

Nakamaru let out a soft, “Oh.”

Junno’s gaze softened, and he continued. “Believe me, you’re not about to get rid of either of us. If you could begin to guess how Koki idolises you; if he found out you’d worried about something like this...”

Nakamaru’s chest went tight. He felt so idiotic for having asked now. He looked around. “Where is he…”

Then he heard a bit of a gasp and ventured further into the room. Koki had pulled his skirt up with one hand and held it out of the way as he fingered himself with the other. Nakamaru couldn’t decide if he was more mortified that Koki couldn’t wait, or if the curl in his gut was the sight of Koki’s garter belt and stockings pushing him towards anticipation.

Junno’s sardonic laugh rung the room from behind him. “I see you’ve no self-control, Koki,” he said. “Yu-i-chi, I hope you’re ready. We’ll have to hurry though. Drop your trousers, please.”

Nakamaru registered Junno's instruction in a bit of a daze. He blinked. "This is the ladies room," he stated as if that were the issue here.

"Well, yeah." Heels clicked against the marble-plate floor and Junno came around in front of him, dealing with the matter of Nakamaru's trousers himself, yanking at his belt all business-like. "And you've got two of those. Should balance itself out."

Nakamaru couldn't quite assemble an argument for that; but moreso because he was busy staring at the stark image of Koki spread out on red velvet, one knee flung over an upright cushion as he rocked over his own wet fingers, spading them and gasping, red-lipped mouth open. The curls of his long dark hair were splayed over the back of the sofa cushions, some already sticking to his temples as he hiked himself up, pushing against the seat with the palm of his small hand.

Junno started to unbutton Nakamaru's tuxedo shirt, single-handedly unfurling his bow-tie. "I could watch him do that all night," he said with deep feeling.

Nakamaru made a vague noise of assent as Koki arched on his own hand, other leg kicking against the cushions as he pushed his fingers in to the knuckle. Koki seemed very aware of his audience because he angled himself up higher and Nakamaru noticed the stripe of satiny black digging into Koki's wrist. As Junno slipped behind him, guiding him toward Koki, starting to kiss down the side of his throat in thrilling little bites, Nakamaru let himself be pushed gently closer.

He saw it properly then. Koki appeared to be wearing lace panties of a sort, but had shoved them aside, and they were now corded to his wrist as he finger-fucked himself. Koki's eyes opened in long glimmering slits as he tossed Nakamaru a wicked albeit blissed out smile

That brought him to some of his senses and Nakamaru moved for him, bracing his hands on the back of the couch on either side of Koki's head. Koki let out a satisfied moan as Nakamaru leaned in for a lusty open-mouthed kiss. Koki's hands were busy and he kept writhing up into Nakamaru's mouth, responding like the dip of Nakamaru's tongue was connected to the thrust of his own fingers.

Nakamaru shivered when Junno spread his fingers up his spine as his kiss with Koki deepened. He wanted them both at once and some part of him, anxieties of the task before him and the thrill of oncoming success had him riled up. He closed his lips over Koki's, feeling lipstick smear over his mouth and not caring because Koki tasted so delicious, his cadent moans breaking them apart at second-long intervals. Nakamaru cupped Koki's chin, tipping his head up and licking into his mouth. His whole body was already aching for it, skin tingling as Junno moved behind him, biting at his nape as he pushed Nakamaru's trousers around his thighs.

Junno tongued his earlobe, snaking his hands around his waist under his open shirt, getting a hand between Koki and him, massaging Nakamaru's full erection over the fabric of his undershorts with his palm. Electrified by the perfect mix of both of them, Nakamaru sighed on a tail end of a groan. Koki's kisses got messier as he rolled his hips under Nakamaru's, probably trying to get in on the friction of Junno's massaging hand. Nakamaru rocked, breaking off his kiss with Koki when Junno's hand finally dipped into his waistline, tearing his undershorts down so his ass was bare.

"I really wanna see Koki ride you; hard, right here on this sofa,” Junno whispered suddenly.

Koki hummed appreciatively against Nakamaru's lips. "It's wide enough," he’d broken away from Nakamaru’s lips long enough to say.

"Fuck," Nakamaru hissed as Junno fisted his cock. "You two..."

Junno's laughter shuddered down his spine. “I really think he’d like that, Koki.”

Nakamaru shot him a look as he straightened. “How do I keep you busy?” he murmured. “Ten minutes into Sho’s speech and you’ve got us in here for at least another forty.”

Junno’s heavily made-up features twisted into a slow smile . “I think I could work something out. Now sit.”

Nakamaru obliged, dropping back into the surprisingly soft cushions and sinking. Koki dropped his legs and knelt beside him, ready and waiting, satin panties tented over the front of his hips. He looked a beautiful mess, pretty plump lips all kissed out and sticky with lipstick. Junno pulled on the knees of Nakamaru’s trousers, yanking them straight off so Nakamaru’s dress shoes thudded to the floor as well. .

“Let’s keep these clean,” Junno was saying absently and Nakamaru caught a glimpse of him folding them neatly before Koki was straddling and draping his arms around his neck. Koki dropped these little chaste kisses when Nakamaru, overcome, ran quick and hungry fingers up his back.

Junno returned and leaned quickly around Koki and kissed him and Nakamaru stared at the odd and scintillating image of Junno’s pink tongue sneaking past Koki’s red lips, the both of them fading between two extremes as the most gorgeous women he’d ever been with and his usual au pair, lapping and licking each other playfully. Koki bit Junno with a shocking little growl and Junno chuckled. It was hard to get tired of watching them be this way except where Koki began to brush the satin and lace of his panties along the underside of Nakamaru’s cock.

He dropped his head back against the cushions, gripping Koki’s hips as the two of them kissed and Koki rocked forward, leaning back against Junno’s chest, arching his neck when Junno nibbled down his cheek and breathed down over his throat.

Junno snaked fingers down to push under Koki’s dress and slide it upward, fisting the fabric and deliberately making Koki gasp as he shoved it up atop his hips. Nakamaru reached out and touched the bulge of satin, awed at how perfectly fucked out Koki could look just from being kissed and fondled. Junno dropped something on Nakamaru’s lap as he got into Koki’s mouth again. A condom packet and Nakamaru got busy, tearing it open, massaging it quickly on himself.

“Get on,” Junno said, slipping his fingers in the lopsided structuring of what had been Maria’s chest, circling and Koki’s eyes went glazed as he got up on his knees again, letting both Nakamaru and Junno lift him and ease him down on Nakamaru. “I got you, Koki,” Junno assured softly, nipping at his jaw..

The angle was weakening Nakamaru, the dip of the sofa cradled his hips as Koki’s ankles sunk in on either side of him. Koki was so tight like this, his leg muscles trying to hold him up on the sofa had him tense and clenching. His brows converged, legs shaking as he sank further down.

“Lean on him,” Nakamaru whispered, eyes shut. “Take it, love.” Koki hissed, gasping a little as he finally took him all the way in, wet and swallowing; the squeeze was silky, hot, and Koki leaned back, dropping tense and shaking into Junno’s arms, still taut and reaching for Nakamaru.

Nakamaru almost doubled-up on the spot, knees clenching as Koki grabbed his upper arms, clenching lacquered nails. He moaned a little tremulously when Nakamaru canted his hips up, slamming up into him.

“Neither of you move,” Junno said suddenly. “I have an idea.”

“I can’t move like this,” Koki mewled, clutching tight, muscles strained.

“Good,” Junno replied emphatically. He licked down Koki’s throat, sucking a deep-coloured bruise into his skin, leaving a very pretty trail of pink lipstick and Nakamaru could practically feel it himself. He felt Junno’s fingers on his naked knees then, scooping underneath. “Hang on,” he said a little smugly.

It nearly throttled him, Koki clenched tight as Junno pushed Nakamaru’s knees up and he sank deeper into the sofa. He grabbed for the pillows, head thrown back as Koki squeaked, clutching him tighter.

It took a moment of winded delirium before Nakamaru felt Junno’s wet fingers start to caress the skin of his perineum, jolting him into waves of shivers, pleasure riddling up his spine. He dragged his fingertips down and began to circle his rim. Nakamaru let his legs slide down off Junno’s shoulders onto his arms as he realised what Junno was doing.

“Junno,” he said dizzily. He was struggling not to push up into Koki and Koki’s trembling was driving him mad.

“I got this, guys,” Junno hummed complacently. “Yuichi, lie still, this is your big night.”

Koki’s laugh was breathy and soundless as he seemed to be trying to keep his lungs full. “God,” he whined.

Nakamaru felt as if he'd never catch a full breath again, enveloped by Koki's tight heat on top of him and slowly being filled by Junno's fingers. His skin felt stretched all over somehow, and his heartbeat was racing in his ears.

"Shh, Yuichi, you'll be just fine." Junno had worked two fingers into him, and Koki leaned forward to trail kisses along Nakamaru's jawline, whispering encouragement as he trembled above him. "I think you're just about ready," Junno murmured as his fingers brushed against something that made him jerk and bounce Koki in his lap.

Nakamaru couldn't help but whine a little when Junno pulled his fingers out, skin flushing impossibly redder as he heard the crinkle of another condom being opened.

"Now Maria," Junno whispered against the back of Koki's neck as he lined himself up with Nakamaru's entrance, "you absolutely cannot make a mess of your dress."

Koki groaned in response, writhing a little atop Nakamaru and he still had that dream-like breathless feeling. Sufficiently distracted, he didn't realize that Junno had slid inside him until the silky shift of Junno's gown fell to either side of his legs. Nakamaru gasped, vision going blurry with the lights over the vanity and the shimmer sparkle of Koki's silks.

"Ready or not, Yuichi, here we go," Junno muttered as he began a slow rhythm. Koki mewled in response, waiting until Junno had begun thrusting back inside before starting his own slow ride.

It took everything in him not to come right then. Koki’s hips moved at rough stutters, whole body making a sinuous wind with each grind down on him. Junno buried his face in Koki’s shoulder, rolling in to the hilt, crushing silk and chiffon to the backs of Nakamaru’s thighs.

Nakamaru gripped Koki’s hips tightly, sinking deeper in the sofa, fingers curling and legs going numb with static as Junno began rocking faster. Koki started to make broken, airless sobs as he sped up himself.

“Junno, Junno...” he was moaning in a sharp, hungry whine, mouth going slack as his cock twitched on Nakamaru’s stomach.

Nakamaru clenched his teeth, legs spreading as Junno fucked him deep and Koki rocked harder. Nakamaru gasped, whole body shaking and wanting it. He marvelled at how Koki was managing to ride him so hard like that until his fingers brushed Junno’s at Koki’s hips and he realised that it was Junno. He had a bruising grip on Koki’s hips and thighs as he jogged him up and down, arms strained as he simultaneously fucked Nakamaru to the hilt, stretching him at new angles, and his hips snapped in at a crazy pace.

It was getting fast and messy. Nakamaru held on for dear life, feeling so full as his cock pressed into Koki again and again, putting him in a stasis of euphoria, bright seconds of salt and the earthy taste of Koki’s mouth as he gripped the back of the sofa and closed his lips on Nakamaru’s between panting breaths, kissing bitingly.

Nakamaru felt his end nearing, deliciously searing his nerves. He tried to gasp out a warning, but Junno hit that spot, hard, and his words disappeared against Koki's lips. Koki cried out, one of Junno's hands barely muffling the noise in time.

"Yucchi," Koki moaned against Junno's fingers. "Touch me, please."

Nakamaru blindly brushed a hand against the bulge of Koki's panties, earning a tiny shrill noise and Junno bundled his skirts out of the way. Nakamaru arched at the angle, fingers fumbling over Koki as Junno continued in, pressing them both even deeper in the cushions. He had barely gotten a hand around Koki before he came and it struck him like the mix of the pulls and pushes of them were twisting him inside out, blistering him with white heat. Koki clutched him, gasping over Junno’s now wet fingers in his mouth.

Nakamaru shuddered as Koki finally came with a broken whimper; it felt strange to feel Koki’s convulsions around his softening cock.

Luckily his gown was spared the mess, the only casualty being the bunched up silk of his panties and Nakamaru's hand.

Abruptly, Nakamaru uttered a shocked moan when Junno's hips halted. It was a deep and pounding pulse inside, something else twinging as well as he watched as Junno bit down almost savagely against the side of Koki's neck.

The three of them laid there upon the velvet, a tangle of limbs as they caught their breath. Junno was the first to move, delicately holding his evening gown away from the mess as he staggered for the counter. He peeled his used condom off and wiped down with one of the numerous towels kept in baskets atop the counter; satisfied with his cleanup job, Junno dropped his skirt and smoothed the wrinkles from it before taking the towel to where Koki and Nakamaru still sprawled.

“Up you get, Koki, and hold your skirt up for me, love,” Junno murmured. Nakamaru did his best to help, wiping his hand and Koki off with the towel. “Are you very attached to these panties? I think they’re done for.”

Koki shook his head in the negative, and nonchalantly said, “I brought spares.”

Junno couldn’t help but laugh, tears sparkling at the corners of his eyes, and Nakamaru joined in as well. They quietly chuckled as they continued to return their clothes to some level of decency. Finally Junno finished helping Nakamaru tidy himself and return his tuxedo to its former neatness. Nakamaru watched the surreal sight of Koki adjusting his false breasts with Junno’s assistance, and the business-like way they touched up their makeup.

“Ah, look at that, we’ve about ten minutes to spare. This should be a most interesting speech,” Junno said, pre-emptive smugness creeping into place. “I’ll give you the signal, then you press the button, and then it’s a sad goodbye to the meteoric rise of the charismatic Sakurai Sho. You’ll be great, Yuichi.”

Nakamaru and Koki left the washroom first; once they’d made sure no one was wandering the halls they signalled Junno. Koki linked his arm with Nakamaru’s as they reentered the ballroom; it seemed Sho’s speech was still going, and from his outraged facial expression, he must have been revealing the biggest part of his morality platform. Behind them, Junno scoffed. “He’s such a shining beacon of hope. Let’s stay near the exit, Yuichi.”

They stayed near the door they’d come through, ready to leave once they’d accomplished their task. The screen behind Sho was silent, a monolith on the stage. Junno slipped his hand around Nakamaru’s arm, breathing out a quiet, “Now.”

Nakamaru slipped a hand into his trouser pocket, fingers brushing against his phone. He kept his attention on the front of the room as he pulled it out; his eyes remained forward as his opened it, only glancing down long enough to verify the position of the button he needed to press. To any observers it looked like he was simply checking the time, not ending someone’s career.

The screen flickered to life, full-colour image blossoming behind Sho. He kept on speaking, ignoring what he assumed was a technical glitch, like a true professional. It was only when shocked gasps began spreading like wildfire through the attendees did Sho stop to look at the screen behind him.

In grainy but still clearly legible footage, Sho was standing over some poor young thing. In the bottom corner, there was a timestamp for practically a month before he’d begun working for the Storm Reform Party. Nakamaru couldn’t be sure, but he had to have been in the Haven; perhaps in one of the other clubs. Sho-san had hold of a riding crop and the buzz of audio crackled as what was unmistakably Sho-san’s voice spoke. ”Filthy scum, as if I could respect garbage like you with your depraved practices. What kind of menial being enjoys getting struck. Well, I’ll beat you to within an inch of your life!”

Nakamaru watched in horror as the young man cowering on the floor, twitching, attempted to get up, sobbing out the word, “Red.” over and over. As he moved, Nakamaru could see that he’d already been badly beaten, that his legs wouldn’t carry him. Sho-san ignored him, drawing back the riding crop and lancing it across the young man’s arm. It went on and on and Nakamaru wanted to look away but he was frozen, eyes unable to tear from the image.

Sho-san on the platfom was gazing at the screen, eyes wide. The audio didn’t allow for any censorship as the entire banquet hall filled with the sound of leather striking flesh and the poor young man’s screams.

“S-stop the tape!” Sho-san said at last, looking around for the A/V man. He rushed to the end of the stage and appeared to feel the gazes fixed on him from the caterers and servers to the guests-- men and women drawn back in horror as the lashes echoed on the high speakers and screams shook through the spines of everyone watching.

Sho-san attempted to smile, looking pale. “That’s-- there’s a reason... you see, he wanted it!”

He’d never thought he’d see such a thing, and Nakamaru counted himself lucky that he’d never run into his boss during his time in the Haven. Then something happened on the video, the door of the room slammed open as a number of the Haven officials stepped in, all in cloaks and hoods, grabbing for Sho-san’s arms

“Sir, you have abused the traditions and laws of the Haven and are to face significant sanctions for this crime against our ways!” announced one of the hooded figures.

Sho-san shook them off, drawing back and straightening his suit. “This place,” his voice blared on the speaker. “ You think this place is going to last with its filthy traditions and immoral practices. I am above your underground laws and when I move into office, you’ll see the walls of this place crash down around you.”

Nakamaru glanced at Junno standing beside him. His expression was carefully neutral, but his gaze was dark and reproving.

“So this is what it was?” he asked a bit tonelessly.

Junno gave him a faint nod, still staring at the screen, mouth tight. Koki was staring at the floor, looking furious.

It happened silently almost amidst mutters and shocked gazes, people began to leave. The video kept going, and Sho could only gape as his entire career crumbled around him. The shocked noises had turned to outrage as Sho-san’s grandiose speech continued on the screen, talking of his intents to own the Haven and use it how he’d see fit.

Sho, very white in the face and trembling with fury and mortification, dropped to his knees, staring very still at himself. Perhaps he saw his plan as it was, flawed in his own overestimation of himself. Perhaps he felt nothing as control slipped from his hold, as all he claimed to believe quivered in fuzzy technicolour on that screen and would be his defeating factor.

“We should go,” Nakamaru said. He just couldn’t watch this anymore. Sho-san seemed a pathetic thing, alone on that stage as his benefactors watched and supporters left one by one.

Satisfied that their work was done, Junno pretended to be just as outraged as the rest of the audience, dragging Nakamaru and Koki along, keeping up the facade until they were well away from the venue.

As the three of them neared Nakamaru’s flat, Junno began laughing. “Ah, you did so well, Yuichi! I can’t wait to see the headlines,” he said, elbowing Nakamaru in the side jovially. Nakamaru still couldn’t quite believe what he’d done, a dizzy rush of relief and euphoria singing through his veins.

Nakamaru dropped into his armchair, watching Junno and Koki putter about, removing different articles of their odd clothing. Koki looked a bit shaken but he seemed otherwise happy to be back home.

Junno and Koki continued to move about, wiping off their make-up and slipping into more comfortable outfits. Nakamaru loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, relaxing as the familiarity of the scene washed over him.

Thinking, Nakamaru broke the silence when Junno settled onto the couch opposite Nakamaru and began to take off the remaining traces of gold and peach around his eyes.

“Is this why you came for me, a month after all that happened? Did you follow me because you knew I’d be in a position to execute this?” Nakamaru said quietly, tapping his fingers against his lips contemplatively.

“Well, in a matter of speaking, yes,” Junno said, drawing out each word as if he were tasting every syllable. Koki looked between Nakamaru and Junno as if feeling the atmosphere, and smiled shakily.

“Would it be okay with Sir if I started a pot of coffee for us...or tea?” Koki said and squatted next to Nakamaru, his voice squeaking a bit, eyes sparkling behind the remnants of smudged eyeliner. Distracted, Nakamaru nodded and kissed Koki on the head, motioning for him to make himself busy. Nakamaru knew Koki felt comfortable in the kitchen- it was where he sought refuge whenever Sho’s face had appeared on the TV.

“So, Yuichi, there is much to be discussed,” Junno said, laughing a bit as he sat down. The adrenaline of the night was beginning to wear off, and Nakamaru slumped against the back of the comfortable armchair, eyeing Junno cautiously.

“Yuichi, as you may have guessed, I am more than I appear on the surface,” Junno said, raising his eyebrows and smiling softly. Nakamaru laughed and nodded, because Junno had never uttered a truer statement.

“Well, as you know, I am quite devoted to the Haven, if that wasn’t apparent enough,” Junno said, stilling for a second when Koki came in with a tray laden with three steaming cups of the favorite brew they all shared, a specific blend of spicy black tea that Junno had found. Although neither Nakamaru nor Junno was particularly fond of Koki having more than a few cups due to the effect caffeine had on him (which was on par with turning him into a hyperactive spidermonkey).

Nakamaru patted the armchair next to him and Koki settled into the spot he preferred in between the arm of the chair and Nakamaru’s side, curling up like a cat as he cradled his tea, blowing on it to cool it down.

“I’m the Guardian, Nakamaru; Anne’s just the Administrator,” Junno said, and Koki purred as Nakamaru ran his fingers through his hair softly. Nakamaru contemplated what Junno was saying for a second. A part of him had always known that there was more to Junno, but he could never put his finger on it.

Now he knew why Junno was so insistent on knowing every detail of Sho’s involvement with the Haven and also why Junno was so skilled at disappearing and being stealth. Nakamaru knew enough about the Haven structure to know that the Guardian was anonymous, that only the Administrator and a few key figures knew his or her identity in order to keep them secure.

It was an office held from birth, passed down from generation to generation. The Guardian didn’t have to participate in any activities that they weren’t comfortable in, they just had to ensure the security of the Haven itself. Junno just happened to enjoy most of what the Haven had to offer, in a lucky coincidence.

The Administrator (who was voted in) handled the day-to-day affairs of the Haven, making sure things stayed in line and finding ways to get the materials they needed, the practical everyday things. The Guardian, on the other hand, was the protector of the Haven. He made sure that the outside world was kept out and that the balance of the Haven was maintained.

“I had just run out to check on the voting dates of an amendment that would affect the Haven, the one about orders of certain supplies over a certain size requiring payment not in cash?” Junno started, tilting his head questioningly. Koki moved closer to Nakamaru, leaning his head on Nakamaru’s knee as he listened.

“Of course,” Nakamaru said. He remembered all of the changes proposed in the past fifty years because he had a slight obsession with memorizing laws in high school. Junno cleared his throat and continued.

“Well, Sho went to check in and he passed all the usual checks, didn’t show up on any lists, didn’t match up with any photographs of people we had banned before; in general, Anne said he seemed totally normal, and it was a very busy day,” Junno said, sighing and leaning forward. Nakamaru could feel Koki’s soft breathing as Koki closed his eyes.

“She was watching a different scene, showing someone how to use the crop properly when an alarm went up and everyone ran to the room where Sho had been playing,” Junno paused, looking above Nakamaru at the wall as if he didn’t want to continue reliving the memories and sighed, his breath catching in his throat.

“But, as you can guess, Sho was gone and all that was left was poor Kento, curled up on the floor sobbing hysterically and bruised and battered beyond belief,” Junno’s cheeks flushed an angry red and his hands balled into fists, the anger radiating from him in waves.

“We had the tape however, and people were easily able to identify him. I’m not sure if he didn’t realize we were taping him or whatever, but it led to further investigations on my part, and I found out his plan to take down the Haven,” Junno murmured, the rage leaving him as he sipped his tea.

“Yuichi, as you now know, the Haven isn’t a ‘den of iniquity’ as many seem to think it is. The Haven is more about a place to express and be yourself freely, without judgment,” Junno said, tilting his head up. It was in that moment that Nakamaru could feel the generations of protectors flowing through Junno’s veins, the expression on his face reflecting the ferocity of his desire to save the Haven at all costs.

Nakamaru realized with a chill that Junno would have been prepared to give his life up, to sacrifice everything he had in order to protect the things that he loved most. The Haven, Koki, and Nakamaru was beginning to realize in full, Nakamaru himself.

Koki’s soft snuffly snores punctuated the air, providing a pleasant soundtrack to their discussion. They both locked eyes and looked down dotingly at the curly head resting on Nakamaru’s lap, smiling and stifling laughter.

Nakamaru could vaguely remember, all those months ago, when he’d come home to find Junno in his house, how angry it’d made him, how that moment had swallowed him into something deeper, bigger than his little system he’d been so bent on protecting.

“I don’t know if it means anything for me to say it,” Nakamaru murmured, watching his own fingers play at Koki’s curls. “But I’m glad that you picked me.”

When he looked at Junno again, he was watching Koki, a full grin stretching his features as Nakamaru’s words appeared to sink in. “I’m glad I picked you too. You were all grey before you met me.”

Nakamaru recognised the statement and laughed. He thought it interesting that he’d just been thinking of that first honest conversation with Junno as they sat here quietly, everything over, having yet another honest one. Balance is contrasts, he’d said.

Junno was gazing at him. “There’s something else I wanted to pick you for, and it’s in my power to do it.”

Nakamaru squinted, a little uneasy. It was almost as though he knew what was coming. “...What is it?” he prompted finally.

Junno’s smile was steady. “You wanted reformation; you were a willing participant to a system of balances and order but it was because you genuinely believed it. I believe in it too, but not like this, not in a City where things can change on the whims of a jaded politician...”

“Junno...” Nakamaru began uncertainly.

“You’re the one to do it, Yuichi; we’ve positioned you in the most opportune place to begin and take up where Sho left off and you have the tools and skills to be a great leader,” Junno replied firmly.

Nakamaru frowned. “I don’t know who you see when you look at me--”

Junno got a sudden and fierce glare. “Don’t fight me on this, Yuichi. I have impeccable taste in men of power.”


It would be weeks after the debacle at Sho's fundraising gala; Nakamaru hadn’t bothered going into the office seeing as his boss was all over the headlines and had also been reported missing. It was nice to get a break where he could sit and not have to worry about data and statistics for a while. He had since put his flat up for sale and Junno and Koki had been quick about running his things back to Junno’s floor in the Haven, very excited to have him around permanently and much more officially.

It must have been a Tuesday. Koki had been dressed in a frilly apron and puttering in the kitchen all morning, perfecting his latest culinary experiment. He was calling it Crème brulée: breakfast version. Nakamaru had been pretty free for a while now, so Koki had designated him as the guinea pig.

It didn’t seem like a good idea, but Nakamaru was gratefully spared any immediate threat of gastric regrets when Junno came striding in, smiling all smug, arms full of a large box.

“We’ve got a package~!” he sang, setting it down with alarming ease given the heavy sound it made as it touched the floor.

Nakamaru jumped when Koki came racing out of the kitchen shouting, “Oooh~ What’s in it? What’s in it? What’s in it?!.”

Junno plopped down beside it as Koki circled it eagerly. “Perhaps we’ll know if Yuichi opens it. It is addressed to him.”

Nakamaru was just dumbfounded, as he hadn’t told anyone he’d moved. He sat forward in his seat, pulling the box toward himself a bit uncertainly as Koki practically stood on the sofa to get a better vantage and Junno scooted forward.

The tape came off easily and he parted the flaps, looking in. It was some type of fabric and a large manila envelope. Koki bouncing somewhere off behind him was beginning to sound like he was nearest to a conniption fit. He reached in and grasped what appeared to be a stiff poly-blend suit jacket.

“Oh my god! It’s clothes!” Koki roared and Junno fell back, laughing madly.

Laying it over the edge of the box, Nakamaru reached back in for the manilla envelope, ignoring Junno and Koki’s giggle fest and slitting it open. Inside was what was unmistakably a certificate. He read it, eyes widening as the words sunk in.

Nakamaru Yuichi
Newly Instated Minister of Social Development

“Wha...” he murmured.

Koki climbed around him, resting on the arm of his chair. “What else in there?!” he prodded, starting to sound shrill. “Come onnnn, hurry!”

Nakamaru shook the manila envelope open and peered in at the papers inside. He unearthed a sheaf of a series of security forms, a key card, and at last a letter. As Koki practically clambered all over him for it, Nakamaru held it up and away as he read it quickly.

Hope you had a good vacation, it said in what he recognised as Nino’s curly scrawl. Be back next Monday.

Nakamaru squinted over the page at Junno who just smiled at him placidly.

It was from there that things began to change significantly for Nakamaru. He went into work and found himself being ushered into Sho-san’s former large office with those windows that stretched and oversaw the entire City.

The department employees appeared to take his promotion in surprising stride. Nino seemed less perturbed about his position and something about that made Nakamaru wonder whether their unspoken rivalry before had been primarily to do with Sho-san.

In the meantime, things at home continued as they had been. Koki waited by the door for him to come home and wrote him silly love notes in his lunches. Sometimes he'd even send lunches for Nakamaru's colleagues, though with fewer notes.

Junno would still slip away occasionally, observing goings on in the Haven. Just because he was the district's protector, though, didn't make him less wont to come home and push buttons; he'd still squabble with Koki and stretch Nakamaru's patience, but in the end he'd go pliant under Nakamaru's ministrations.

It was one evening after a long day of last-minute speech preparations when Nakamaru came home. The flat was empty, which wasn't very unusual. He wandered into the kitchen, a note pinned to the fridge. Will be back shortly, got a surprise for you, Yucchi! ♥ Koki

Needless to say, Nakamaru was intrigued; it wasn't often that Koki left without either himself or Junno. He warmed up the dinner he'd been left and settled in for the evening, wondering what kind of scheme Koki had embarked upon.

He'd nearly dozed off in his armchair when he heard the door open. From the sound of it, both Koki and Junno were back, whispering in the entryway. He feigned sleep, grunting in genuine surprise when Koki climbed into his lap.

"Yucchi. Yucchi. Wake up," Koki whispered against his ear, wriggling in his lap. "We’ve got something to show you." Junno chuckled indulgently behind him, and Nakamaru grunted as he jostled Koki so he could sit comfortably.

"I'm awake, Koki," Nakamaru said, laughing a little as Koki pressed a sloppy kiss against his chin. "What's got you so excited, love? Why've you got that bandage around your wrist?" Nakamaru frowned a little in concern.

Koki bounced a little, excitement shining in his eyes. "That's what we wanted to show you." Nakamaru nodded, a bit confused, but watched as Koki waved eagerly at Junno to come closer. Nakamaru observed they both had a bandage in the exact same place.

Koki muttered a quick, “Ready, and...” under his breath before he and Junno carefully peeled up one side of the tape holding the gauze in place.

Inked into the smooth skin of Koki's left wrist was a stark black treble clef, clearly freshly done. Junno leaned over the back of Nakamaru’s chair, baring his right wrist where the contours of a bass clef had been tattooed.

Koki looked up from his wrist at Nakamaru, biting his lip before he started speaking, words an excited rush. "Sir, I got this as a token of my devotion for you."

Nakamaru wasn't sure what to say in response.

“It was Koki’s idea,” Junno stated.

He felt a mixture of incredulity and shyness as he asked, "A treble clef and a bass clef? What does that have to do with...?"

On the tail-end of this pronouncement, Junno withdrew something from behind his back, holding it out in front of Nakamaru. It was a conductor’s wand.

Nakamaru was thoroughly confused.

Junno chuckled. “You’re our conductor, get it? Koki thought it was clever.”

"It is clever!" was Koki’s sharp reply, quickly on his way to sounding like a deranged feline.

Junno offered an infuriatingly lazy shrug, eyes all squinted up, baiting Koki. “Yeah, he got it right away. Good one, Koki.”

There wasn’t really time for Nakamaru to wriggle out of the way when Koki grabbed a handful of Junno’s shirt, trying to drag him sideways to the floor but Junno was too ready for him and Nakamaru wound up with a lapful of the both of them. Knowing how this usually ended, Nakamaru started to shout, “Down! No, down!” He was not at all keen on being the platform for their wild ‘wrestling’ matches and it was all he could do not to get pulled in with them.

As a last resort, Nakamaru brandished the conductor’s wand, starting to poke when they didn’t listen. It only took one poke right beneath Junno’s rib cage and one against Koki’s side and in seconds, they were both squirming off him, laughing, wriggling into a pile as Koki screamed out a shrill, “REDREDRED!”

The image was so ridiculous that Nakamaru burst out laughing. Junno took that moment of Nakamaru being off-guard to take a flying leap and tackle him, but Nakamaru and Koki rallied and had him pinned down, tickling him with no mercy.

They finally heard the call of the giraffe.

Their special height and slant of things
Their special view of everything,
~*Author: Unknown*~


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