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Title: Can’t fight these bad intentions Part II
Pairing: Junno/Nakamaru, Nakamaru/Junno/Koyama
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex and violence and all that lovely stuff
Summary: ‘Live for the moment’ is a good motto when you’re not a Watcher. Maru can see the future and it’s looking pretty grim.

Part I | Part II | Part III

As they scarpered up the street, Maru kept a slightly awed gaze fixed on Koyama. It had been two years. He was thinner, if at all possible and his hair was longer.

He now knew how Koyama had done it. How all that’d slip right past him if Koyama thought off doing things affecting the people around them, switching to different faces, each one surrounding Junno and him. Follow one woman walking their way; do nothing and glance at him. It was eerily easy. Koyama knew him inside; his ticks and his tells.

They ducked around people, Junno tugging Koyama along beside him, eyes full black looking almost sightless but they moved as one, eerily in synch, steps the same time and length as Junno used Koyama’s body like a puppet.

“We need a quick exit, Maru, and we need it now,” Junno huffed. Koyama stared blankly.

He scanned the future, slowing them to a walk so he could focus better, letting the scenery around him blur into indistinct shapes. Decision to turn here, red and blue flashing lights. Yes? Don’t turn there, intentions, Junno’s plans were getting in the way, and images of chaos and destruction on a grand scale.

“Here.” The hotel was mid-scale expensive enough for clean sheets but not so expensive that they stood out in a crowd.

“I’ll get us a room.”

Maru was impressed. Junno’s control on Koyama didn’t slip once while he extended his influence to the teller. Just long enough to get a key and be going upstairs.

“He’s not going to hold forever.” Junno grit his teeth and Maru nodded, wished they had brought something better to hold him. Immediate future only, impossible to tell what Koyama was planning, his future was a blank slate. Maru pulled a switch blade from his pocket and shred the sheets into ropes they could use to bind him to the chair.

“Now sit like a good boy.” Junno grinned, pinching his chin between long fingers and staring with that all-seeing sightless gaze at him. Something flared hot under Maru’s skin but he was hesitant to try and put a name to it. That would be far too telling.

He had Koyama bound to the chair, cut off a shorter length and tied it around his eyes.

“Kinky.” Junno smirked and Maru scoffed at him.

“It’ll stall his abilities.”

“Right.” Junno drew the word out like stretching bubble gum and Maru grit his teeth, tying the knot off hard. He ducked just in time to avoid the back of Koyama’s head slamming into his nose, pure instinct having him move just a fraction of a second faster as Junno released his hold.

“Where am I?” Koyama’s mouth formed that little pout, and Junno’s grin melted across his face.

“If Division sent bait like you I’d have come in long ago.” Junno purred and Maru glared hard at him trying to explain his displeasure with his eyes only.

“Let me look at you with the pretty voice.” Koyama replied all coquettish and coy. Maru rubbed his temples, feeling sick. Futures like implications spilling everywhere while he tried to keep everything between his palms.

Junno’s intentions were lurid and vivid while Koyama’s were blank, playing his cards close to his chest.

“With this pretty voice I could make you do anything, I could make you really want it, what would you do for me?” Junno replied threatening with a soft amused voice, rolling the words off his tongue silkily.

Koyama’s mind exploded with movement, panic over-riding his calm. The chair he was attached to rattled, eluding the grasp of his power. Maru grit his teeth against it. “Koyama, stop.”

He stilled, head tilting to the side slightly. A sudden smile curved his pretty pink mouth. Blindfolded and tied to a chair, it was more like looking into the past than any possible future. There was a touch of destiny in the fact that the last time he’d seen Koyama it had been a different chair and a different blindfold, but that didn’t matter.

“Missed you.” Koyama said softly.

Maru frowned and Junno wiggled his eyebrows at him. Maru shook his head. He didn’t want to talk about it. Talk about the way that Koyama clung, sharp nails and long legs always so needy and ready for it.

“This all seems a little déjà vu.” Koyama continued tugging on his wrists and kicking out his legs. Koyama’s panic settled into calculated blankness, like he was confident that Maru wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

“I should have shot you,” Maru snarled.

“Probably,” Koyama agreed, pouting.

“But then we wouldn’t be having so much fun.” Junno said, running one finger down Koyama’s cheek. The knife came out of nowhere, tracing an almost sensual line down Koyama’s long neck. “Now are you going to be a good little boy and tell me what I need to know?”

“Depends on what you want to know.” Koyama let the words pop from his mouth teasing each word like snapping twigs, almost flirty. It was amazing how the years hadn’t dulled what he remembered about Koyama at all. Careless charm and easy grace; flirting like breathing.

“Let’s start with an easy one: who are you?”

“His name is Koyama and he’s a Mover for the retrieval Division.” Maru answered before Koyama could open his mouth.

“Keiichiro, please.” He smiled. Maru caught a flash, the legs of the bed screeching as it crashed into their knees.

“Don’t even think about it.” Maru hissed, the intention faded into the background. “Why are you following us?”

“Not him, you.” Koyama smiled. “You, I miss you. No one fucks me the way you did.”

Fantasies flared to life behind his eyes, bleeding across the future, Junno slitting Koyama’s throat and gloating as he gasped and bled out. Of stabbing his knife deep into his stomach and whispering sweet nothing as Koyama died. Maru swallowed thickly, the intention ebbed gradually as the territorial impulse faded.

Junno just smiled at him.

“Division paid us a little visit last night. That wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with you, would it?” He let just the tip of his knife rest in the too-sharp dip of Koyama’s throat. His breathing stuttered but his expression didn’t change.

“Did they? Now that’s interesting. I wonder what they don’t want you to find? So very many secrets and so little time.”

“Does this have anything to do with project Hitchcock?” Junno asked.

The words triggered a faint impression, something half remembered from a dream. Heat and fire, people screaming as they burned alive.

Maru blinked at Junno but the tall man just shook his head. Koyama didn’t have a lot of tells, but the way his lips tightened and the half pause before he spoke again gave him away. “That’s not one I’ve heard before.”

“Oh?” Junno mocked.


“So you’re telling me this is a booty call?” Maru hissed, wished he’d not lost his gun, only Koyama knew the shape of guns, could manipulate them without his eyes. It was one of his best party tricks and one of the many reasons he’d been the golden child of Division. Unfailingly loyal and ruthlessly efficient when he was on the hunt.

“Brilliant isn’t it?” And Division had given him to Maru, all young, hot-eyed and eager to please.

“Only, I know you’re lying. Who do you think is faster? Could you take us both down before Junno could Push you? He’s a slick one and you’d be completely at his mercy.” Maru didn’t even try and hide the threat in his words, let them loom as they would.

Junno looked up at him from under his eyelashes, all fake-coy and pleased with him. Maru bit his bottom lip against the flush of pleasure. When he shifted his weight he could feel the bruises on his hips and the water-colour-blur memory of Junno fucking him into the mattress. It was neither here nor there; a non-factor.

“Do you remember Satoshi?” Maru nodded before he remembered Koyama couldn’t see him.

“Crazy as fuck.” Maru muttered, possibly the strongest watcher in the entire world but it’d tore him apart left him babbling nonsense between his jello-based meals. Division only kept him to run tests from time to time as a way of trying to boost the signals from the future.

“That one, told me to meet him for a good time.” Koyama’s mouth twisted in a weird little smile. “Instead I overheard some interesting things. Satoshi tells me that we’re going to crash, that if something doesn’t change it ends in fire. Then the world burns. Followed by something about ground hogs and shadows but it is impossible to tell what’s connected with him.”

“You’ve still not explained why you were following me.” Maru frowned. What happened in Division was none of his business; his business was staying out of theirs. If his beautiful lady Tokyo was going to burn, well Hong Kong was supposed to be nice this time of year.

“The Hypno drug.”

Junno perked up at that, eyes going alert and Maru shivered.

“I destroyed that. Completely.” He’d burned the place to the ground and would have pissed on the ashes if he hadn’t needed to run. He might understand why Division didn’t like him much.

“Tell me about the drug,” Junno was practically humming.

“It’s related to Project Hitchcock.” Koyama admit.

Junno looked particularly satisfied with himself.

“And I want you to stop it.”

“No.” Maru said immediately while Junno gave him a quizzical look. “I’m done with Division.”

“No one is ever free of Division.” There wasn’t a shred of remorse in Koyama’s voice; still Division’s dog no matter how many times he was kicked.

“I am.” Maru snarled, standing. “Let’s go.”

“No.” Junno said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Maru stopped, squinting at Junno. “He’s dangerous.”

“Babe, aren’t we all?” Junno gave him that sharp smile flash of teeth and a threat. Remember who belongs to who, Maru bristled opening his mouth to explain in vivid detail why this would end in death and destruction on a scale big enough even Junno couldn’t find it a turn-on.

Only he choked, shocked with the sudden image of Koyama with his legs twined around Junno’s waist, back arched as Junno slammed into him. It was half familiar like well-worn photographs all stuck together. There wasn’t the normal flavour of intent, impossible to tell if it was one of them who wanted it or destiny’s way of slapping him in the face. The image melted into a hail of gunfire, the loud pop of the mirror shattering, shards spinning in a hurricane around the room. A Bleeder stood in the middle of it, face torn to shreds by the glass and screaming, even the echo of it made Maru’s teeth ache. He hated bleeders, so little regard for friend and foe, supersonic screams capable of shattering glass and people one and the same.

“Maru?” Junno was in his face suddenly not so much concern as curiosity.

“Sniffers, coming here.”

“That’s our cue.” He moved towards Koyama.

“Leave him, they’re after him -not us.” Maru snarled.

“No!” Koyama struggled against his bonds. “Please, don’t leave me.” The chair he was tied to rattled, trying to shake itself apart. “They’ll kill me.”

“Koyama knows me, he would be the perfect bait; I can’t trust the future,” Maru snapped, pacing a short circuit across the carpet of the room.

Junno barely gave him notice, decision made too quickly for Maru to follow in the shifting visions of the future. He sliced through the blindfold with a flick of his wrist. With his other hand he gripped Koyama’s hair, tugging it sharply so he was staring deep into his eyes. “I can help you,” he whispered soft and comforting. “I will help you, but only if you’re a good boy for me. You want to be a good boy. It would hurt you if you lied.”

Koyama stared at him eyes wide and faintly vacant, enough control of his body to answer but still in Junno’s thrall. “Help me please. They will hurt me. I need you, Yuichi.”

Maru froze, glaring hard at Koyama as he blinked, coming back to himself with a shake. He flushed under the wan lighting. He sat completely still while Junno uncut him from the chair and reducing he sheets to so many pieces of ribbon.

“If we take the fire escape we can slip them.” Maru reached out, focusing on the sniffer looking focused and intent like a hunting dog. They were going to need to move far and fast if they wanted to stay ahead of them. Koyama stood, rubbing his wrists and ignoring the faintly red lines the knife made on his neck where Junno let it slide just against his skin.

“We’re not done chatting.” Junno said, stepping into Koyama’s personal space, trademark loom diminished a bit by the fact that Koyama was almost as tall as him.

They snuck out down the hall, Maru in front and Junno in the back, keeping Koyama contained between them. Down the stairs, there was a back way. Maru stopped just at the corner flattening himself against it, shoving Koyama back as he pressed as forward as much as he could without being discovered.

On the other side something snuffled. “Passed this way, Watcher says there is a chance he’s found someone to hide him.”

“There was a scene a few blocks from here, police recovered an illegal gun. Not sure if it’s connected yet. Yakuza run this turf and they don’t like us much.” Someone else answered the first voice, faint but just clear enough to make out words.

Maru didn’t move, barely even breathed, his nails digging into his palms. The future held itself on a balance, tipping dangerously back and forth. The bad guys were intent on finding Koyama, and Maru wanted to shove him out there and run. With a barely-there sigh he let the immediate fight in the lobby fade into a remote possibility.

He darted out, and Koyama followed him, years of working together had both of them following in his wake easily. The alarm screamed when he hit the door; tripping the fire alarm in the whole building. Maru took off running again, tripping down the alley and onto the street.

Not left.

Maru turned right.

That quickly spiraled into a bad idea.

“One Mover with a gun and a Sniff up ahead.” Maru panted, “can’t avoid them.”

“Leave it to me.”

Maru almost didn’t see it until too late, an echo of sound before the gunshot ripped through the air.

It deflected off the air around a lady, she screamed, dropping her shopping and running for it. Koyama stepped up in front of them, hands raised and the second shot stopped in mid-air while Koyama flinched back. Well that was new.

Junno moved quickly, sliding around Koyama to peek out from behind him, one hand splayed against his stomach and using his thin body like a shield.

“Listen to me honey,” Junno purred, “that man, that evil man. Remember how he ripped your pretty little heart to shreds? Loved you and left you so cold. Remember that?”

“Yes.” The sniff lowered her gun looking dazed.

“Are we going to stand for that? Let him do that to another woman?”

“No.” She snarled cocking her gun.

“Don’t listen to him!” Her partner deflected the first bullet, waving his hand and throwing up a shield by hardening the air.

The sign posts rattled, Koyama hissed something wordless.

“Kill the bastard.” Junno said. The Sniff emptied her clip at her partner while he threw up a shield to block her. He wasn’t strong enough to maintain the shield as well as stop Koyama from Moving the pole. He lost the tug of war with Koyama and the sign post came down with a crash on top of him there was a snap of bones and the echoing boom of metal bouncing off of pavement. “Now sleep.” Junno put all his command into the tone and she collapsed like wet bag.

They ran. By touching nothing it wasn’t impossible to evade a sniff. Watchers on the other hand are difficult to evade, but they would need some time to get a lock. Time enough to get answers.

Maru led them through alleys into the newer parts of East Shinjuku until he could turn a corner into an underground shopping mall parkade. Junno puffed, slowing down and giving the area a sweeping look.

“We need to find a Shadow. I don’t know if they have the Sniffer on him or us,” Maru breathed, feeling his legs beginning to give out.

“I think I know a guy who knows a guy, but first we need to get far,” Junno replied, also significantly out of breath. “And fast, real fast.”

Maru leaned against a pillar, trying to think clearly. It was about compartmentalising the mess of his brain, futures, the flash-images of Junno’s fingers trailing against the sleek carbon-fiber paint of some car and Koyama choosing not to make a break for it. He tried to see the people tailing them but nothing was clear. There were too many factors involved and it was the three of them together.

If Maru’s suspicions over who was tailing them were correct, then it meant that Koyama was their target, and that meant Koyama was definitely a runaway. He could also see in his mind’s eye-- like watching from the end of a tunnel-- the melt of Koyama’s body against Junno’s as his lips pressed hard and hungry impressions. Maru could feel like he was there, and it triggered an almost vindictive pull in his chest. Maru still couldn’t trust Koyama as far as Junno could throw him and it was much of the reason he wouldn’t look at Koyama when he leaned against the wall beside him.

“Anyone else seriously feeling this Murciélago?” Junno hummed from somewhere behind them. “Oh, this is hot.”

Maru could feel Koyama looking at him; on the verge of saying something he knew he wouldn’t like. He twisted around to look at Junno pawing a little beggingly at a ridiculously conspicuous, bright pearl metallic green Lamborghini. “I want her,” Junno said pitifully at it.

“It’s probably alarmed, Junno. In fact it is...” Maru sighed, getting to his feet again. “Even you couldn’t break into it and disarm it quickly enough. Let’s keep moving.”

The locks clicked abruptly to the point where Maru could hear them unhinge. Maru looked instinctively at Koyama. He had his narrow gaze fixed on the car, eyes swimming as several other things snapped. His mouth curved into a distracted smile as Junno hopped out of the way when the door swung open, the engine revving to life.

“Disarmed and all yours,” Koyama stated coolly, walking over to lean a bit like a pin-up model on the hood.

Junno beamed at him. “You’ll spoil me.”

Koyama’s tongue poked out the corner of his mouth, smiling coy. “Oh, I think you need spoiling.”

Maru could’ve bristled a bit at that, but he was drained and not a little relieved that Koyama had trained his wicked claws on Junno at the moment. Plus it was more alarming to notice that Koyama had gotten even stronger since he’d last seen him.

Junno slipped behind the wheel, sinking into the sleek leather and touching the wheel like a lover would.

“Maru~ hop in!” Junno prompted exuberantly, laying his foot on the pedal.

“It’s only a two-seater,” Maru observed a bit haplessly.


A lapful of Koyama later, Maru gripped the edges of his seat and tried not shift too much as Junno pushed the gear into drive and he felt himself almost plastered to the back of the seat with momentum as they gunned forward. Whoever owned the car last was very into grunge and it blasted through surround speakers. With Koyama all sharp angles and sprawled all over him, Maru couldn’t reach the volume.

Junno made an ecstatic noise when the engine purred a pretty vibration. Junno drove like he did everything. Maddening speeds reached in minutes as he twiddled the wheel under the heel of his hand, other fisting the stick shift. When he said real fast, he meant it. They were winding between cars within seconds, barely clipping the turnpike as the wheels cradled the curb..

Maru despised cars actually. He hated how quickly things moved when he was behind the wheel of one, moreso when someone else was behind it. The sheer number of intentions and signals that swooped in on him between the space of a flashing green light to the next intersection. It got worse a moment later when Junno made an impatient sound and quite literally drove over a boulevard partition.

“Please don’t get us killed!” he hollered over the mess of guitar riffs singeing his ear drums.

He shut his eyes, trying to breathe steadily as Junno took them off the main street onto the wider streets of an industrial park. Koyama draped an arm over Maru’s shoulder, smelling like musk, heat and melons, somehow managing to make the act of spreading his thighs over Maru’s knee and relaxing the arch of his spine against Maru’s chest seem unconscious.

Maru clenched his teeth and glared, no longer able to make words as the future hurtled up at him in the form of burning metal and flying car wreckage. He turned his head in at Koyama’s ear, the tips of his hair tickling the bridge of his nose. “Stop it,” his said. It came out a whisper; it could have been tender.

The corners of Koyama’s mouth turned up when the heel of his hand slipped back, ran along the fabric of Maru’s shirt, rode it up a little and his wrist grazed with some purpose as he pretended to find a comfortable position. Maru caught at it, squeezing. “I said quit it.”

Koyama shot him a close quarters look. “Or what?” That look. Still the same as Maru remembered it. Moments before they’d be a tangle of limbs, agonising rhythms to the finish and then broken, residual breaths.

This was too distracting.

“Fuck, Junno, are you driving us to the next city or what?” Maru snapped. “We’re far enough.”

Junno looked reluctant, eyes bright with excitement and seemingly surprised to see them there beside him, but he nodded, turning off the main streets on toward the shopping district.

“I need a payphone,” he said, flicking off the music and Maru’s nerves settled. “ this guy I know.”


It was more awkward than a blind date. Koyama and he sat opposite each other in the middle of a noisy pub-- Maru pointedly not speaking to him. Junno was over at the front counter, yapping with some annoyance into the public phone. He looked like he was acting out a vivid retelling of a Webster play, dwindling sanity included. Maru sipped his lager and watched the exits.

Koyama leaned over the table. “You’re angry with me.” His tone was honey.

“Astute of you.”

“No, I mean, you’re really angry. I don’t get it. You’re the one that left, literally disappeared in a cloud of smoke.” Koyama replied, matter of fact, and vaguely wondering. “You used up all of one night to go ballistic on me, then they told me you’d left.”

“You know I wanted to leave for a long time,” he said, glancing back at Junno who had now turned his back, muscles tensed. Who was he arguing with?

“Division took care of you; they kept you happy; gave you everything you ever needed.”

Maru shot him a glare, registering the abrupt intensity in Koyama’s gaze. He looked scared, desperate. He was arguing to convince himself of something. Against his own disillusionment with Division. “Is that why you ran away?”

“It’s your fault.” Koyama’s fists were clenched on his lap from what Maru could see. “You infected me with your twisted ideas of some made up ideal about right and wrong when that’s really the least of the issues you have.”

Maru surveyed him. Koyama was on the verge of something. He was getting glimmers of it, his own hands shaking, fingers wrapped around a key. A detonator. A memory or a future. God, he was scared all over again.

“How on earth am I expected to help you?” he demanded abruptly.

Koyama’s lips formed a thin line. “Not you; not like this. Whoever you are right now won’t be enough, you’ll have to--”

“There’s a house in Akasaka where a powerful Shadow has put himself up for hire,” Junno announced, looking harried. He glanced between them as he stepped close.


Another strained car ride. Koyama obviously wasn’t feeling as fond of him because he kept his hands to himself and Junno seemed distracted.

Junno’s contact, a bit of a thing; also a Shadow quite apparently, wanted payment up front. Maru only saw him from afar as he herded Koyama inside and Junno continued what was clearly the argument he’d been having over the phone.

“All of what’s in your pocket or no dice!” his angry friend was stating emphatically.

“I don’t know why I even tell you anything.” Junno was getting huffy as he rifled in his pockets

“Because you’re a braggart; now fork it over!”

Koyama dropped into the sofa as Maru went around the smallish, non-descript house and lowered all the blinds. When he finished, he simply began pacing. He knew it didn’t mean much if a Shadow was blinding the Sniffers from seeing the house, but it felt good to do something besides sit in steely silence with Koyama.

It didn’t seem to deter Koyama himself otherwise as he perched on the edge of the sofa, fingers laced over his knees, no longer as miffed with him as two minutes ago. So changeable. “You know when I first caught sight of you-- spotted you in the middle of a crowd-- walking after your Pusher, an angry, besotted Watcher. I thought ‘Ah, Yuu got over me so quickly,’ but then I realised that everything you must like about him... is what you very much liked about me.”

Maru was at the end of his tether, hoping a little viciously that Junno would come back in a strop, wanting to break something. Koyama looked very brittle at the moment.

“After all, I used to be able to make you do things too, except I didn’t need a power for that.”

Maru ran his fingers through his hair pensively, irritation bristling every part of him. “Shut up,” he muttered.

“Does he use it on you?” Koyama said, musingly, eyes following him around the room. “Bet you like that.”

Maru snapped. “I swear to god, I will lock you in a different room and gag you ‘til you learn to shut up on your own! Or I could choke you to death; I really would! Bet you’d really like that!”

Koyama’s husky laugh filled the room, his smile was there like every horrible memory Maru could possibly keep in his head and it made him angry how he missed it. Broken test tubes, flames and screams. Not that. The secrets Division kept and the people whose lives they’d destroyed and the choices, how choices disappeared with one word.

Then there was him with a detonator. Koyama’s pleading gaze and Junno’s glazed, mad as bats smile. He could already feel the flames and the smell of kerosene intoxicating him. No, no, no.

He felt a huge blister of pain shoot through his knuckles and blinked at his own fist smashed through the paint and dry wall.

“Found you,” Koyama said at last.

“He’s got some affect on you,” Junno remarked impassively from the bathroom door.

Maru was perched on the edge of the bathtub. He winced, holding the other end of the bandage in his teeth as he wrapped it tightly around his split knuckles. “You talk to him. I can’t deal with him right now,” he replied bitterly.

“I’m more curious to know what made you destroy something as valuable as the Hypno Drug. You’re well-informed and I never thought to ask you.”

Maru glanced at him. “I wouldn’t have told you.”

“You’re so mean to me,” Junno answered in an unconvincingly sad tone. “Are you gonna help him? Imagine what we could get out of it.”

Maru tied off the bandage. “I can see myself doing something. I saw it back there in the sitting room. Issue is that I still don’t want to.”

“And what’s Project Hitchcock?”

Maru tossed the wrapper into the wastebin vehemently. He was still feeling the leftover acidic lines in his throat from being so god-awful angry. Half-hatred like bile and half like he wanted to give in. See if Koyama would go to Hong Kong with him. “Are you interrogating me now?”

Junno was smiling his threat. “You’re avoiding the question.”

Maru stood, feeling dizzy and drained as ever. “Project Hitchcock probably starts with the Hypno Drug, which was created to boost powers. Division’s pet project; their aim was to make a Push so powerful that it could hit mass crowds. I don’t know what they’re planning to do now because I destroyed it the first time. I...burned records, everything. If they’ve started up again then they’ll only be more determined to finish the job. Only Koyama knows the when’s and where’s and I’m still not interested.”

“Not for all the King’s horses and all the King’s men?”

“This isn’t a game Junno,” Maru sighed, he was just so tired. “Division is poison. They destroy everything, everything and the last time I checked Koyama was theirs.” His head ached, he hadn’t needed to push himself this hard in a long time. Junno was looking at him, mouth pinched in an unfamiliar expression. It evaporated as soon as Maru tried to get a better look at it.

“Everything is a game.” Junno shrugged liquidly, “and you can’t win if you don’t play.”

Maru hung his head swearing as Junno ran a hand down his back and left him alone with his demons. He didn’t want to walk out there; back onto the battlefield but he couldn’t leave Junno alone with Koyama. It was like a nitroglycerine and a trampoline just a disaster waiting to happen.

Koyama was lounging across the low couch, head pillowed on one of the arms and legs stretched out across. Maru hadn’t noticed just how tired he looked until then, a little puppet with its strings cut. Or maybe a pet kicked by its master and left in the cold.

“I’ve got some questions.” Junno took a chair, crossing his long legs over each other. Koyama opened his eyes, tipping his head back to look at Junno better.

“Ask really pretty and I might give you answers,” Koyama purred. Maru leaned against the wall and counted backwards from ten.

“You’d better not lie,” Junno leaned forward in the chair until their faces where so close, Koyama’s upside down, that they could have kissed. “Just remember I can wear you like a glove and I don’t think Maru’s going to stop me.”

Koyama shivered, his eyes going dark, mouth parting in what could be fear or honest arousal. “Ask your questions.” He said, curling back into the couch in an almost sulk.

“What happened to the Hypno drug?” Junno’s eyes were hot and greedy. Maru got flashes of gold and guns-- all the quick, ephemeral things that Junno loved.

“It’s gone now. But it worked, it worked once. Project Hitchcock,” Koyama said it almost dreamily. “They made a recording of Patient Zero before he died.”

“Is that why you ran?” Maru cut in and Koyama stared at him, accusing with his eyes and the defensive twist of his arms over his chest. “Tell me Koyama or, so help me, I am going to leave you to them. Do you remember what they do to traitors?” In Division you were either with them or against them, a pet on a leash or an animal for testing.

Top secret, they are going to use the original film reel in a cinema, only the original works.” Koyama stared sightlessly at the sky. “Satoshi said the world would burn.”

Maru’s seen it, flashes of a looming decision. An intersection he had been trying to avoid.

Junno was quiet for a long time pensively but Maru wasn’t getting anything from him. Whatever he was thinking about, he wasn’t intent on any one path. The future was still blown painfully wide open, except the few hazy images of ever-present death. “That’s all?” Maru said at last and Koyama hummed.

“I ran and they chased. If the test works they are going to funnel all resources into re-creating the Hypno Effect.” Maru was honestly surprised that Koyama had even managed to get as far as he did. As far as Maru was aware he had always belonged to Division with no concept of how the world worked outside of threats and power-hungry politics.


The place was small allowing anyone within the walls to be hidden by the aura of the Shadow who stayed a floor above. A brilliant set-up for a Shadow who didn’t want to get involved with whatever they were hiding. No fuss, no muss. It really was nothing more than a single bedroom, the bathroom and the sitting room.

“I was looking for the Hypno Drug when I found you.” Junno said into the dark. Maru hummed, he hadn’t known that. It was weird to be curled on the bed with Junno when he was sober but he hadn’t wanted to sleep on the floor and Junno hadn’t given him a choice.

“I don’t want to know what you’d do with more power.” Maru said back lightly.

“It would be glorious.” Junno hummed, happy.

Maru fell into an exhausted sleep before he could fully contemplate the horror.

Koyama bit off a gasp, Junno’s long fingers fit around his rib cage perfectly as Koyama straddled one of his thighs, arms thrown around Junno’s sharp shoulders. They kissed like Junno was trying to eat Koyama, slick and hungry.

Koyama tore at Junno’s shirt, rocking against his thigh with high breathless sounds while Junno’s hands slid down his chest so one could rest on his thigh and the other splayed across his ass. Junno growled something, biting down on Koyama’s shoulder as he gasped, tugging on Junno’s hair to get him closer, no further, somewhere between the two, fingers making a mess as he panted.

They tumbled onto to the bed, Junno pressing Koyama face first into the spread with hand on the center of his back. Koyama moaned and arched, pressing back into the line of Junno’s body desperately. Clothes were fumbled, pushed just out of the way so Junno could push a finger up into Koyama and he moaned high and needy.

Maru woke up with a groan, pushing his face into the pillow and breathing slowly. His body was still buzzing but he was spinning with vertigo, couldn’t stop visualizing the curve of Junno’s lower back as he practically crawled all over Koyama. Couldn’t find the words to explain the twisting feeling in his stomach, something like jealousy or anger but tempted with resignation and even a little elation. If there were ever two people who deserved each other-- only Maru knew them better than that: their Bonnie and Clyde would go down in a hail of bullets.

He was also alone on the bed.

Maru was thick and fuzzy from sleep. Just barely recovered enough from the last few days.

Junno and Koyama were sitting cross-legged together on the floor passing back and forth a large bottle of water. Koyama saw him and the bottle of water hovered before meandering through the air towards him. Maru grabbed it out of the air before the bottle could drop.

“Morning, Sunshine,” Junno sang. He had that manic look in his eyes, body wired tight with crackling energy. Historically not the best start to the day. He took a long pull of the water his body screaming for more energy. “Are you up for some mayhem and destruction?” Junno leered at him and Koyama just looked smug and satisfied.

“Junno, we need to talk. Now.” He turned and went back into the bedroom-- he took the water with him, small victories or he would drive himself insane. The door closed behind them and Maru snarled at Junno. “We can’t.”

Junno grabbed him and shoved him up against the door taking him by surprise and Maru hated surprises. “We can.” He hissed. “Do you plan to keep running scared forever?”

It wasn’t a matter of can or can’t it was a matter of suicidal-stupid and living to see his next birthday. “Yes.” Maru growled. “In fact I do.”

Junno shoved him hard enough against the door for the frame to rattle and the sharp edges of Maru’s shoulders to bruise. He bared his teeth at Junno in a growl. Intentions flashed lightening quick, Junno forcing him to agree, Junno kissing him, Koyama pulling the door off the wall.

“I don’t remember you always being such a pussy.” Junno said and Maru glared at him.

“I know how this ends.” There wasn’t going to be a happily ever after, there was nothing but fire and death. “And we all die.”

Junno’s palms slapped to either side of his face and they were so close. Junno pressed a quick hard kiss to his mouth, smacking his lips ridiculously. “Isn’t that the fun thing about the future; it’s always changing.”

“Doesn’t. Work. Like. That.” Maru bit out, like he could beat the truth into Junno’s skull with his words.

“Oh but it does, I know it does. Always changing, isn’t it, darling? Just like that,” he snapped right by Maru’s ear the sound like a gunshot, “and everything is different.” Suddenly he bit the corner of Maru’s mouth. “Didn’t see that coming did you?”

“I hate you.” Maru snarled. “What did he promise you?”

“A chance to strike a blow at the heart of Division?”

“You’re not that nice.”

“You wound me. The reel, the film reel. We’re going to steal it. Imagine the things we could do with it. It’d be like playing chess while holding both kings.”

“On a board made of razors.” They’d be playing with fire before they even pulled it off. Maru couldn’t even begin to count the ways this could go wrong.

“I don’t want to have to make you agree with me. Everything is so much easier when you just listen to me because you like me,” Junno purred.

“Well I don’t.” Maru bit back. “He’s going to go running back to Division and we’re going to pay for it.”

“Maybe. Or we could kill him and take it. Would you like that? Come on baby, you and me against the world.”

“We can’t win this, Junno.” Maru tried again. Burning, all he could see was burning. Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

“Just watch me.” His filthy smile was a promise and it reminded him of the doughnut shop so long ago.

“What’s the plan? I’ll reserve judgment until we’ve got a plan.” Maru finally said, each word a small defeat.

“We’re only waiting for you, honey-bunches.”


“I don’t want to help you.” Maru bit against Koyama’s mouth, trying to shove him off. Koyama was sitting across his lap where he’d poured himself not even a moment earlier. Junno was off to see if he couldn’t find some party favours, Koyama wasn’t telling them everything and someone needed to keep an eye on him. “I didn’t want to help.”

“But you’ve always liked to be told what to do.” Koyama purred, grabbing the hand that Maru was trying to use to shove him off, and pulled it against his chest. “The options scare you.”

“Shut up.” Maru snapped. He could see what Koyama was about to do. He batted Koyama’s hands away before they could land. “Seriously, I will shut you up if I need to.”

“Will you?” Koyama sat back on his haunches. “You make it like you don’t want it, but you still watch me. I could make it good for you, you know I can.”

“I left you behind.” Maru snarled and Koyama’s fingers dug painfully into his wrist. “That’s in the past now.” Maru continued cruelly. Koyama’s face was stricken, like Maru had managed to land a blow. Koyama was still so transparent.

“What and your shining knight is so perfect?”

The future was still there like a word on the tip of his tongue, Junno and Koyama all twisted together. That and the both of them dead. Choices, choices.

Maru kissed Koyama, but only to shut him up. Their relationship had always been more push than pull. Koyama’s fingers twisted painfully in his hair. Maru bit his bottom lip. This was a bad idea; this had bad idea written all over it. He grabbed Koyama’s cheeks and licked into his mouth, holding his lips open with thumbs pressed against the hinge of his jaw.

Koyama was purring against him, and it was like old times. Down time between missions was always spent like this. Learning the curves of Koyama’s body. Sharper now, he was so thin and so powerful now. Koyama could tear the room apart with his brain if he wanted too.

“We shouldn’t do this.” Maru gasped, managing to dislodge Koyama from his lap. He tumbled to the ground, mouth swollen and legs splayed.

“Rough stuff,” he said, looking up through his lashes coyly.

“Stay over there,” Maru snarled at him. Koyama just grinned at him a little wild and a lot manic. He looked a lot like Junno right there. Eyes blazing and ready for anything.

“Oh, but where is the fun in that?” Koyama smiled at him, sharp like a knife and just as vicious.


Their plan involved a lot of explosives.

Maru wasn’t worried.

If Maru had any sense he would be a gibbering mess.

The future was exploding left and right. What did they even know about wiring explosives; Koyama and himself were field agents and Junno was a gangster with border-line personality problems.

Still, Junno had his contacts, people scattered all over the country; people who hated loving him and people who hated him on principle but had something to gain from helping him out. More than half those people were into some of the more unpleasant parts of business, black market and trade of contraband and human trafficking. His friends, Junno called them. His friends were going to be their resources to execute his mess of an elaborate plan.

Koyama claimed the cinema was across town right smack dab in one of the shopping districts. They’d be holding the screening that night; and that that’d be just a start. Tucked in between previews and people wouldn’t know what hit them, then as it spread so would the film. “No, I don’t know what Patient Zero was instructed to Push on that film,” Koyama had said pre-emptively to Maru and Junno’s question.

The idea was Junno’s of course. He was obviously enamored by the idea of finding out Maru was a runaway arsonist and wanted to play too. “Adds a bit of intrigue to our little game, yeah?” All winks at Maru in the doorway as he looked over Koyama’s shoulder.

Koyama drew pencilled maps about sneaking into the projection room. Junno said he was flexible enough to manage vents and could bend low enough to crawl through dark corridors undetected. Yeah, he was bendy and sleek, but Maru didn’t dare offer his experienced opinion on this point especially where Koyama immediately offered an appreciative once-over, brown-eyed gaze lingering on hips and thighs.

God. Maru had never seen so much looming destruction in one day.

And the plan was to get in the projection room, steal the film reel as one of them set the dynamite near enough to the entrance to distract Division agents after they had already been in and out, film reel in their possession.


“How much are we gonna need for them?” Maru asked distractedly as the three of them walked up the road alone. “Explosives, I mean.”

“No, no,” Junno muttered, eyeing alleyways and buildings. Most of it looking bare on this side of town. “Explosives are cheap. Dirt cheap; you can get any type of dynamite or water-gel explosive for an even trade. Could probably trade you.”

“That’s not an even trade,” Maru remarked wearily.

“It’d be a lot of dynamite,” was Junno’s impish reply before he picked up his steps, jogging toward a warehouse. “Lucky for you, I’ve still got cash.”

Koyama walked with his arms crossed loosely, watching the both of them with a carefully neutral stare.

The warehouse was empty and Maru only saw a large crate in his mind’s eye. “What are we doing?” he asked and his voice echoed off bare walls and broken windows.

“Keeping the Watchers blind,” Koyama offered from the doorway. “A careful trade.”

Junno was kicking aside stray lumber and tools, looking for something. “The guy I have leaving a boxed present here for us is a friend of my dynamite guy and has never seen me, so if anyone from Division’s watching us then they’re unlikely to find a trace in the eyes of my usual contacts. All he knows is he’s coming back under the hour to pick up the same crate again but I’ll leave--” Junno kicked off his shoe suddenly, digging into his sock and pulling out flattened bills one by one-- “these in there instead.”

Maru didn’t deign to ask why Junno was keeping money in his socks now or if he quite literally had a ‘guy’ for everything. Whether that made him Junno’s ‘Watcher guy’ or not had to be beside the point.

“It’s a crate,” Maru said, scanning the large room. “I saw a crate.”

“There,” Koyama announced, pointing at the rectangular wooden crate pushed as if carelessly aside and covered in insulation material. He raised a hand and the crate shifted toward them, top flipping off and clattering to the cement. Row upon row, packed, stacked and wired were about two to four hundred pounds of Tovex.

Koyama seemed quite fearless, stepping close and picking up a stack of wrinkled papers all stapled together. “Complete with instructions?” He glanced at Maru who was beginning to feel the reality of the plan hurtling at him. His fingers squeezed to a detonator. Screams and all the smoke, choking him up already.

“I’ll bring the car around,” Junno murmured, eyes squinting up devilishly.

Part III


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