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Title: Can’t fight these bad intentions Part III
Pairing: Junno/Nakamaru, Nakamaru/Junno/Koyama
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex and violence and all that lovely stuff
Summary: ‘Live for the moment’ is a good motto when you’re not a Watcher. Maru can see the future and it’s looking pretty grim.

Part I | Part II | Part III

        Nothing more frustrating than the inevitable and Junno and Koyama had become that unstoppable force driving him to the spot he could already see.

It was like watching the tilt and sway of twin meteorites touching on the edges of the Earth’s gravitational pull where Maru felt like that Earth, the way Koyama and Junno were together in action. They were both oddly methodical and worked easily around Maru’s disgruntled and wary looks.

The three of them sat in the sitting room, stolen tools scattered around the coffee table. Junno perched on the sofa and read the instructions like he was dictating an operatic drama and Koyama’s shoulder bumped Maru’s as they tucked the electric cable into the blasting caps on each pre-packed roll of Tovex.

“Put your finger here,” Koyama murmured to him, tying sharp wire knots around Maru’s index finger pressed to water-gel explosives. Koyama looked inexcusably pleased, kept shooting him glances over their scattered mess of tape and wire like a faint and teasing reminder that they were there, now much more bound together by the task.

“We’ll need guns too,” Junno said contemplatively. “Hm, so much to do.”

Maru was resigned. He’d come to a point where it just seemed useless to pretend that this wasn’t its own type of soothing. Watching Koyama’s long-fingered hands looking delicate even with a scewdriver in them, biting on the end of a wire . Koyama still put things in his mouth when his hands were full...

“I should have learnt to play with explosives sooner. It’s more me,” Junno chirped, stretching out on the floor next to them, flipping a page over.


“See anything?” Junno asked him, arm loped around his shoulders. For all his tone was the same-- a moment, more than a couple nights ago, walking into his usual game with danger and confident in his win-- he curled his fingers in tightly, like he really, really needed Maru to reply.

Maru looked at him sidelong, saw his gaze trained on the ventilation entrance. They were standing on the roof where Maru would help lower Junno in with Koyama below, out of Watcher’s sight, to wait with the Tovex, detonator ready to be armed. Maru swallowed.

“Usual,” he answered ironically. “Us against the world. The losing battle.”

Junno let out a soft sound of jittery laughter. “Ah, I do love it when you talk doom, but I’m pretty sure that’s the one we’re winning, though.”

He let go of him and snapped in his harnesses, checking they were secure. He handed Maru the other end of the rope to hook around the iron pipes near the roof’s edge. He lifted himself from the top with ease, legs lifting into the vent opening fluidly.

Maru was standing in a swim of all these outcomes and his despair was quickly becoming a factor. “How do you figure?” he asked off-handedly.

Junno’s shock of black hair was standing on end then, arms poised to let go. “Haven’t you been keeping score?” he asked, imitating a faint incredulity before he let go and he disappeared swiftly into the downward curve of the vents.

Maru shut his eyes, watching as the branching honeycomb tunnels of futures swirled and singled. Eyes. Watcher, seeing the decision as Junno hit the flat surface of metal below, probably crouched. No, that had been hours before. They knew. Point in fact, they were being expected. Division now had agents swarming the place and there was no way Junno was going to get to that projection room.

The trouble with choices was that when Maru made them, it was always those split-second curves like clipping the curb on wheels; a side-effect burn of an injury but nothing lasting. In comparison, the one before him was like an open plain with a far off track to god knew where. He’d been watching this one spot in the future so closely that the details and premonitions of it had swept in on him this early.

It shook him to his core as he realised it was time to make a real choice.

“Fuck,” he said quite viciously.


“What’s going on?” Koyama-- crouched behind the car, detonator in hand-- was visibly scared, eyes wide and the earth beneath him rumbling as he scanned the entrance. The place seemed still enough but it was obvious to Maru now that Division wanted it that way.

“Give me the detonator,” Maru ordered.

Koyama’s hands were shaking. He passed it to him, looking once again like that kicked dog as he tried to read Maru’s expression. Maru looked down at him and felt the futures square in on him, visions propelling to the now and his adrenaline was racing as he gripped the detonator. He wouldn’t be able to pull this off quickly enough alone. He wasn’t clear on exactly where Koyama stood in this-- god, but he was so changeable. As his vision seemed hardened by the future and present eclipsing in those world-changing minutes, he couldn’t see a thing past the next second.

“Don’t lie to me when I ask you this,” he barked and Koyama blinked at him. “I can save you, all right? But I need to know you’re on my side. Are you?”

Koyama’s pink lips were a trembling line, but his gaze had sharpened, clear and stark, drunk with fear and threats. Still the unerring agent. “Just tell me what to do.”

“I’m going in,” Maru stated staunchly, opening the car door to reach for the rifle. “You’re going to Move the Tovex in the trunk and follow me and place it precisely where I direct, then you get the fuck out of there, got me?”

Koyama nodded, getting to his feet.

Maru ran with Koyama quick on his tail; the shadow of their large pack of Tovex loomed over them. The glass doors were unlocked, which only confirmed Maru’s worst fear. The agents could be lying anywhere in wait for them.

They only really had minutes to do this. His decision right then, banking on being able to get to the actual theatre, might have been a game-changer from his own self-defeating despair only moments before. The lobby had mirrors lining each wall and the setting was becoming more and more eerily familiar to him, dreams eclipsing the way the future had struck suddenly. His intentions were bordering on manic as his eyes darted frantically around for any movement.

After all, he could still take Koyama and run.

“Upstairs,” he muttered as Koyama caught up to him, the Tovex making an off breezy sound as it floated behind him. There was a range of about ten different theatres, which meant the projection room could be any number of them.

He filtered through the images, fixing on Junno primarily and he saw the Watcher. Suited, sharp and rather young-looking whispering orders to another man. He saw a trigger pulled. Where, though?

The number seven flashed across his vision and he nearly tripped over his own feet. Junno dropping to his knees, mouth full of blood and it seemed real already. He wasn’t breathing properly.

“Seven. Theatre seven,” he gasped out, making it just up the steps. Koyama’s eyes narrowed as he Moved the Tovex in front of them. They just needed to trigger something big enough to get all the agents out of hiding.

Maru saw it too late. His thought cut off when the Tovex dropped, and there was a crash as Koyama was thrust abruptly back, tossed right into the mirror-plated wall. Two Movers advanced with Bleeders quickly on the way. Maru tucked the edge of the detonator in his pocket and grabbed Koyama’s arm, helping him up. “Run, now!” he hollered, turning in a quick twist of his body, pointing the gun at one of the Movers. It was close-range and a blind aim but the gun was warm in his hand and the trigger felt like a vibration run through him as the man dropped, bullet right through his skull.

Koyama’s eyes opened and apart from being scared, looked furious. An older man stepped towards them, palm raised and Koyama threw up a shield with a sharp sound of effort. Maru ran for the Tovex, dragging it with him as he continued down the hall.

That was when the vision of the Bleeders in the lower lobby clouded what he could see. The screams would begin in seconds.

“Koyama!” he managed, twisting around.

There was the sound of glass shattering without the screams; the floor under him trembled. Koyama stalked down the hall in the opposite direction, arms by his side as he began to rip at rafters, framings and baseboards, flinging them at his attackers as he started to essentially rip down the walls.

Maru could hear the echo of gunshots but he couldn’t determine which were in his head and which were happening now. He dropped the explosive, hands trembling as he gripped the spool of electric wire and twisted the exposed ends together, attaching it firmly to the detonator in his hand.

There was another flight past theatres one to five. He saw the Watcher in his head standing in front of the projection room door at the other end, gun pointed in wait for Junno to turn the corner. He’d have shot him in cold blood the moment he appeared. Maru stopped short, and looked up just as the vent over his head swung open.

First Junno’s legs slid out and he dropped to the carpet at a crouch with only enough time to register Maru standing behind him. He was just about to whirl around, but Maru already had the butt of his gun ready. He struck Junno sharply and he went down in a collapse of limbs.

He paused, leaning against the wall. “I know you’ve seen me,” he called out. He heard the click of a safety and knew the Watcher had heard him. “Believe me or don’t, I’m holding the detonator attached to about a hundred pounds of water-gel explosive and if you shoot me, the building goes down around all of us.”

He heard the sound of footsteps coming down the hall. He shut his eyes, saw expensive shoes treading over the thin carpet. “I can see you,” the other Watcher said. “Saw you.”

“I saw you too,” Maru said, eyes still shut. Five metres. He focused his intentions on a cocktail of things, the detonator, his own roiling fear and something simple. “So let’s talk.”

The steps came even closer; he was just as hesitant, watching for Maru’s move. It was like the old days. Chess pieces sweeping across a dark board, waiting for someone to slip. Maru took a steady breath, thought of running for it, envisioned himself leaving Junno on the floor like it was real.

“All right. What are your terms?”

“I only came for the Pusher. Let me take him and we’ll go. Your experiment will go as planned.”

The footsteps stopped. The man was thinking, gauging his move-- knew quite easily that Maru was lying somehow.

“I have orders to kill you on sight.”

Maru edged closer to the corner. “Tell me how that ends.”

Only a metre away. He used the fear and anxiety shaking through him to add conviction to his next thought, to make the intention bright with truth. I only want out of this mess. The Watcher took another step and that was all Maru needed. He pivoted from his corner, reaching instinctively for the hand that held the gun pointed, crushing the butt of his own gun right in the soft tendon in the crook of the Watcher’s arm. The gun clattered to the carpet and Maru pressed his arm in a swift blow right against the other Watcher’s clavicle, shoving him rough against the wall opposite.

It was in the silence he was hoping to remain undetected and a struggle would be mere minutes. He pressed his thumb to the man’s larynx, holding him in place with his weight. The shock of his head striking the wall had him dizzy and flailing, arms pinioned and knees locked. Maru pressed deep, thumb closing off any air passage. The Watcher made a croaking noise as he tried to struggle and breathe both at once, but Maru held steady. Agonising minutes as the man twitched, whole body convulsing off the wall and under Maru before going limp.

Maru dropped him, trying to keep his head clear as it swirled with mixed concepts and then Koyama. Koyama. He saw him change direction; something must have happened.
Maru looked over at the projection room door fleetingly. If he pushed the Tovex-- or at the very least rolled it-- he’d be able to start off the explosion there.

The door was shut, but it seemed an open thought was sitting with him as he considered his options. He could just as easily walk in there, pluck up the film reel and walk out of there.

He heard Junno shift and groan as he came to. He wasn’t about to let Junno make this decision for him.


Junno looked justifiably out of sorts as Maru grabbed his arm, hauling him up. “We’re running,” he stated and Junno, completely dazed, complied readily.

They sprinted down the hallway and Maru waited until they had hit the bottom step before he reached for the detonator key. It sounded like something far off as it swept the upper floors in flame and debris. Maru grabbed Junno’s arm as they ploughed out the doors, practically crashing to the cement as the building itself went up in flames.

Maru rolled over, resting on his elbows as he stared up at the building, glass collapsing in on itself as the smoke began to lick up at the sky.

“Where’s Koyama?” Junno queried a bit foggily, looking very young and confused.

Maru finally breathed, slow and still shaken. “He’s by the car.”

Junno twisted around to where Maru glanced back. Koyama was right where Maru left him, seated on the hood of the car, staring as the flames began to rise. Junno squinted and Maru watched him rub the back of his head, checking for blood.

“Did you seriously knock me unconscious?” Junno cried.

Maru reached back to where he’d dropped it when they’d hit the ground. The film reel in its metal casing. “Now we’re even,” he reported.

He had ordered Koyama to run, but he’d doubled back after disposing of the Bleeders. With the exits blocked and more of Division’s agents coming for them, Maru had had to lead them away, both detonator and film reel in hand giving Koyama the appropriate amount of time to escape. With their Watcher dead, and only a number of disporportionate field agents left, he’d led them off track. He had been afforded the narrow chance of rescuing the both of them and it hadn’t been very glamorous along the lines of the amount of time he’d spent running and perhaps a little too much hiding behind things, scared out of his wits.

Still, the way he saw it; the details of the transpired events was based strictly on a need-to-know basis and, in Maru’s opinion, Junno really didn’t need.

Junno was sitting up, looking a tad outraged with him as he stared down at the film reel in his lap, perplexed and frustrated. “What did you do? And why did I have to miss it?” He seemed on the verge of whining, high tones.

Maru was really feeling the exhaustion on-coming, but the futures were swimming at a steady pace. Only Junno and Koyama’s as their wants and intentions hopped from target to target. Trivial things. None of which resulted in Maru’s immediate danger anyhow.

“I was faced with two choices,” Maru replied shortly. “I chose both.”


It started when Junno bites the corner of Koyama’s mouth out of the blue.

Well it’s not so out of the blue. Maru had seen it coming. Saw it coming before Koyama even waltzed back into his life the same way he left in blaze of fire and life-or-death decisions.

Their hotel room wasn’t the most glamorous of places, and Maru still felt on the edge like there was something buzzing under his skin. They brought him right back to the powder-keg analogy, with Junno slapping Koyama’s ass playfully and him arching into it whining like a filthy whore. Maru swallowed thickly. They were shameless, like he wasn’t here and a quick check shows that if he didn’t move they would continue just like this. Junno would watch as Koyama slithered to the ground all hot-eyed and coyly pliant.

If Maru didn’t move Junno would grab fist-fulls of Koyama’s blond hair as he sucked him off. Would make Koyama moan and choke on his dick until they were both covered in come and sharing cat-got-the-canary-grins.

“Seriously?” Maru said instead, his vision didn’t show himself shooting himself in the face but if he had to watch that he just might.

He may have found something that wasn’t quite peace with Koyama and Junno both orbiting him like asteroids on a collision course. But he wasn’t in a rush to watch his past run face-first into his future with a bang.

“What?” Koyama said, and he was spread across Junno’s thigh, long legs bracing him against the floor as he tangled his hands in Junno’s hair forcing his head backwards so he could kiss him from above. “Is it the view?” Only Koyama was gorgeous, all long and lean and so willing, and he knew it.

“Come here.” Junno said and his eyes were so-black. Even if he knew it was just Junno pushing him he couldn’t stop it, rising to his feet and moving into an uneasy space that wasn’t close enough to touch but wasn’t far enough away to be comfortable (America would be far enough away for him to be entirely comfortable with this).

“Is this really what we should be doing?” It was only a matter of time before Division was after them again. Just because they believed the reel was gone didn’t meant they weren’t a bit mad about the whole thing. Terrorists, half the world would be happy to find them. Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee didn’t look like they gave a fuck. It was part of their grace.

“What better?” Koyama smiled, leaning back and giving Maru the choice of catching him or letting him fall. If Maru didn’t choose the catch him he would land on the floor. Maru let Koyama rest his weight against Maru’s chest, reaching one arm back to wrap around his shoulders his chest a bridge between Junno and Maru.

He looked up at Maru and smiled.

Junno licked his bottom lip and grinned, eyes full of filthy-promise. They were going to do this with or without him.

Maru swallowed. Choices.

He kissed Koyama hard, the angle all wrong and the only reason they didn’t all tip over was because Junno had wrapped his hands around Koyama’s slim hips and held him up. He was watching them both intently.

“That’s the kind of forward thinking I like to see from you.” Junno said, laughing against the arch of Koyama’s neck mouthing wetly at his collar bone.

“I did miss this.” Koyama hummed, and he rolled his spine so he was sitting on Junno’s lap again. He kissed Junno like he was trying to share Maru with him. Maru for his part wasn’t sure where to put his hands.

“I would just like to note: I hate you both.” Maru said between grit teeth. Junno had both hands full of Koyama’s ass, the tips of his fingers teasing his hole through his trousers and Koyama was whining against his mouth. Maru adjusted himself in his pants, staring at the wet slide of their lips, tongues slipping everywhere.

“Noted.” Junno growled.

“Bed.” Koyama said eyes dark.

Koyama did tend to get his way, after a fashion.

Junno latched onto him and Maru had to wonder if it felt weird, Junno kissing him when his mouth didn’t taste like alcohol and his fingers didn’t stumble over the buttons to Junno’s shirt. “So Hot.” Koyama murmured behind them hemming them in with telekinetic nudges every couple of steps or so.

Naked they were both familiar to him, topography worn into the tips of his fingers and the dip of his palm. But it was something else to watch Junno investigating the sharp crest of Koyama’s hip bone with his mouth, or the curve of his bicep. Koyama was irritatingly needy reaching for Maru each time he tried to move away, pressing kiss after kiss against his mouth. Maru grunted with annoyance when Koyama grabbed him around the chin forcing him back to his mouth once more.

“Making up for lost time.” Koyama said, grinning sharply.

Junno blew a raspberry against Koyama’s stomach that shattered that may-have-been charged moment and Koyama blinked for a moment looking stunned before going completely spread eagle with a delighted laugh. “I like you.” He said, gazing down at Junno with wide adoration that was all too familiar and just on the edge of mildly terrifying. “I think I’m going to keep you.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been kept.” Junno said, with a smile like he was planning on devouring Koyama and just pondering where to start. With all Maru knew about Junno it could be just that. “Could be exciting.”

Maru could only feel relieved. Confused and relieved. On their own they were just too much, love like drowning, with another person to temper the mood Maru might just survive them. Even if he didn’t survive their combined plans to rule the world. With his help they might survive it.

“Without me you’d both be dead.” He hissed, kissing Junno as Koyama finally let him go. Koyama arched and rolled his body like a wave rubbing up against them both. Maru tilted Junno’s head a little so he could kiss him harder, deeper. If he was going to do this he was going to do it right.

“Does that mean we’re the kept ones?” Koyama laughed, and Maru felt Junno grin against his lips reckless and familiar. He liked the idea of both of them being his, even if it implied that he had some kind of control over the two of them when he’d never had anything close to that.

“Something like that.” Maru mumbled against Junno’s lips sucking the bottom one into his mouth and releasing it with a wet pop. Koyama rubbed up against them, dragging the wet head of his dick over Maru’s hip. “Hey.” He groaned and Koyama did it again.

Maru was the only one still wearing some clothes, his boxers still stubbornly clinging to his hips while Koyama was naked as the day he was born and Junno kept only his socks.

They rolled across the bed play fighting as Maru sat back on the edge watching them. Koyama fought dirty using his powers to pull the sheets around but Junno fought dirty in the fact that he grabbed Koyama’s dick and the sheets that had been wrapping around his ankles went slack with Koyama’s face. He shoved his hips into Junno’s grip whining wordless sounds.

“Harder, he likes it when it almost hurts.” Maru said without thinking and Junno listened to him, making Koyama hiss and dig his fingers into the blankets.

“I feel like I should be jealous.” Junno said softly, watching Koyama fall apart under his hands.

“Don’t, Koyama is just easy.” Maru replied. He kicked his boxers off, letting them hit the floor forgotten like the rest of their clothes. “Besides, I always know when you want to fuck someone.”

Junno gave him a wild smile. Maru bit it. It wasn’t the same if they weren’t trying to take each other apart with mouths and nails. Koyama’s hand scored lines across his thigh with Junno’s fingers bit into his shoulders the two of them pressed so close it almost hurt as they kissed. One of Junno’s hands slid down his side in an almost-ticklish wave, down over his ribs to his hip and around to the fleshy part of his ass.

“Want to fuck you.” Junno growled obscenely against his mouth and there was no power in those words no more than the syllables that they were made with but it was enough to make Maru’s knees shake with the force of it. “Want Koyama to watch you moan for it.”

“Fuck you.” Maru hissed back, he didn’t need to look into the future to know that between the two of them they could make him beg for it. Didn’t need anything to know that they would.

That didn’t stop him from pushing his ass into Junno’s fingers as they teased against his hole dry and ill-prepared. Koyama slithered across the bed, shifting where he had been almost under them to dig through one of the duffle bags tossed on the floor. It must have been Koyama’s because he found the lube quickly.

It flew through the air and smacked Junno in the shoulder before hovering in the air for a moment before Junno snatched it with the same greedy smile he had when millions of Yen were on the line. Maru should feel flattered. Instead he felt split apart, Junno pressing two fingers into him just a shade faster than he was comfortable with.

“Relax.” Junno commanded and those words did have power. Maru went liquid unable to keep himself together. He writhed when Junno rubbed up against his prostate, fingers sliding through the sheets without purchase. Koyama was there again, kissing him as Junno shoved a third finger into him, but he was so loose it just slid in, pulling him apart. Maru hissed wordless things against Koyama’s mouth as they kissed. Promises and threats and some things that were both and some that were neither.

He pulled Koyama’s hair hard as he kissed him trying to convey some of the feeling of Junno opening him up.

“I think that’s good.” Koyama winced, his mouth was swollen and his hair a mess. He looked wrecked already. Maru grinned at Junno, Junno’s mouth was a flushed streak across his pale face and his hair was a wild pale halo around his head. “Come on.” Koyama whined looking all wide-eyed and begging like it was him about to be fucked. In fact Maru knew for a fact that he made that exact face right before he got demanding.

“You never needed this much before.” Maru said, watching Junno from under the fan of his own lashes.

“We never had such an audience before.” Junno replied.

Maru found his face burning as he was rolled over, ass in the air. Koyama just smirked at him eyes dancing as he pet over Maru’s shoulders. The motion would have been tender coming from anyone else. He still didn’t quite feel ready for the slide in. Junno’s fingers were long and thin but his dick was thicker, pushing inside relentlessly. Maru groaned letting his head drop low, just breathing. He could feel Junno thick and so there with every inhale, like he was trying to fuck the very centre of him.

“So good.” Koyama said petting his face, fingers sliding through his hair and over his cheeks, along the bridge of his nose. “Look at you.”

Maru groaned something wordless, it was supposed to be sarcastic, something to stop him from being swept away completely but Junno took that moment to rock against his ass, pressing deeper for a moment and Maru was going to fly apart. “Feels good doesn’t it?” Maru gasped hard, the words slammed through him like a touch against his dick. He didn’t even know that Junno could do that. “It feels so amazing.” He purred, “like you could come just from this.”

“Yes.” Maru sobbed, pushing back against each of Junno’s thrusts. The thought was in his head now, borrowing into his brain. He could come from this, from being fucked so good. Koyama shoved two fingers in his mouth muffling anything else he wanted to say. He toyed with them, running the flat edge of his tongue along the cuticles, concentrating instead on feeling out the shape of nail beds.

Koyama moaned, sounding muffled and they must be kissing over him.

“You know you want to.” Junno said, soft and intimate. Koyama whined softly, without being able to see his eyes Maru couldn’t tell if it was a command or a suggestion. Didn’t really matter. He gave Koyama’s fingers a long suck, letting them slip from his mouth with a wet pop that was almost lost in the obscene-slick sound of Junno fucking him.

“Yeah, okay okay.” Koyama said breathlessly.

His legs were so long, they should be illegal. Maru wrapped his hand around one of Koyama’s thighs and feeling out the jump and twitch of muscle under his palms. His dick was curving pretty against the flatness of his stomach, the head leaving wet smears against Koyama’s tan. Maru’s mouth watered before he even got his lips around it.

Nothing mattered, not the present, the past or the future, nothing but Junno’s cock shoving him down on Koyama’s and the muffled sounds they were eating from each other’s mouths as they kissed. Time didn’t matter at all. Minutes were measured in the ache in his hips and the heat of his lips as they were pressed against his teeth, the underside of Koyama’s dick riding the curve of his jaw.

“Come.” Junno commanded and Maru was completely helpless but to obey. He had to let Koyama slip from his lips as he bucked his hips, shoving the head of Junno’s cock against his prostate as it tore through him. Electricity buzzing along his skin, it seemed to stretch on and on until everything grew brittle and shattered. Maru made a mess of the bed, he was breathing hard shoulders shaking from the force of it.

“Fuck you, Junno.” He panted, his nails had dug crescent shaped bruises into Koyama’s thigh. He was whining and jerking himself, long fingers wrapped around his wet dick. Junno only hummed in assent.

Koyama came with a sharp sound; like he was breaking apart and at least that hadn’t changed at all. He splattered his own thighs with it, shaking through it his thighs tense to either side of Maru’s head. He collapsed to the side, arms and legs just everywhere looking pleased and well fucked.

When Junno came it was with a bitten off curse, pressing so close that Maru was being shoved into the mattress and Koyama’s stomach. Only Junno collapsed on top of him and Maru had to wiggle out from under him, because he was a lazy bastard. That meant that he was too close to Koyama who was hot and sticky with sweat and all sorts of other mess. Maru couldn’t be bothered to move the three of them making a sort of pile that spread across the bed.

Maru couldn’t foresee any of them moving to get cleaned off any time soon.


London wasn’t bad but it wasn’t Tokyo. It didn’t have the same kind of neon-glam that Tokyo did. London was an old city, and her buildings reflected that, narrow streets and Gothic arches.

Maru scowled at a red double-decker as it passed by too close to his nose waiting for the light to change.

“I like this city.” Junno said, squinting at the hazy sun. It hadn’t been properly sunny since they got here, the watery sun coming out only behind the pale clouds.

“Me too.” Koyama said, looking over the rims of his glasses at a car that rolled by. Maru couldn’t name the make, but Koyama was having a vivid fantasy about ripping the man from it with his mind. Maru was used to the crowds of people; there was nothing like Tokyo, and all the little futures that blossomed with each step.It was oddly kind of soothing.

“You would.” Maru said to neither of them in particular.

“Let’s find a bar.” Junno hummed, Koyama fell in step just behind him. Maru chose to follow them. Somewhere in the future was a man with a gun and a dog, and they were going to need Maru if they were going to survive it.

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