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Title: Bank Out!
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Junno/Koki
Warning(s): International Bank AU, D/s, some bondage, roughplay, Nakamaru’s Hard Life, and Ueda.
Summary: Bank robberies are really the least of this security guard’s worries.

A/N: Originally written for my dearest and really most awesome [ profile] ayame_hadouken. in the spirit of [ profile] je_fqfest and I'll say it again, I would more than gladly write for Amanda all year for every exchange :P Finally a special thank you goes to the unadulterated magnificence that is [ profile] sekky_chan for being a beta monster cat thingy and genuinely the reason ANY fic reaches completion.

"Koki had a pretty interesting strike record for people who had the word ‘trouble’ walk in with them" )
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Title:: Johnny Rocker
Movie:: RocknRolla
Author:: [ profile] je_levy
Rating:: NC-17
Pairing(s) :: Nakamaru/Jin, Junno/Koki, Koki/Kame, Ueda/his women, Pi/Kame, Nino/Ohno
Summary:: 2018. After countless rumours, indictments, and arrests, JE has long since become a talent agency full of very talented criminals. As the media erupts with ambiguous news of legendary solo artist Jin Akanishi’s presumed death, all the factions of JE’s crime pool interlace and clash over a deal-breaking theft that has his name written all over it.
Warning:: sex, language, drugs, addicts, character death, transsexuality, and sheer unforgiveable villainy by adorable idols
Notes:: All monetary amounts in this fic are to be read in yen form, and drug slang is google-able if you so feel the need. A lot of the original RocknRolla plot has been altered so that it is more of a Guy Ritchie-tribute than a direct movie rewrite. You may see elements of other Guy Ritchie films here.

Art by [ profile] sekky_chan

I've decided that it'd just make it easier to keep it all in one place since this is a wonking four-part fic of 32,000+ words, I will keep it there without reposting for the mean time.
This fic was my main source of angst since a little after Christmas and only now that it's been posted for people to read and many of you've reminded me why I did it in the first place, it's totally my baby now. 
I want to thank [ profile] sekky_chan  for being my adorably belligerent pet the whole way through it at the risk of her own RL responsibilities, [ profile] craigdolan for being the whip-cracking beta I needed most and to whom I owe a LOT of Koki smut for ALL the beta work he's done for me this past month, and [ profile] chainsawpants for fantastic music recs, crack logic (go meet Guch in an alleyway), and keeping me in love with Nino and Sho despite the script telling me to be otherwise.

Final Note: You don't actually have to have seen the film in order to understand this since it was written with the film as a premise, while most of the story is JE of the future starring KAT-TUN. I really hope you guys like this one. 

PART 1:( People ask the question, "What's a Johnny Rocker?")

PART 2:( "You cut 'em or you pay 'em, but keep your receipts; this isn't yakuza")

PART 3:( "That which starts bitter ends sweet")

PART 4: ("Good bye, Nanashi Namae")
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So? Everyone finished? Lurkers too? Good.
Y'know what? I'm not even gonna mark this one since you and I both know what the right answers are. :3  Let's move on.

:p Almost forgot, so before I head off to that thing I call sure to let me know if you do anything Guchi week related and I'll add it to the entry~!

Day Four Flail-ers

Informative Art Post (Fancanon comparison) by [ profile] sekky_chan 
Fic Rec Post and Art Request by [ profile] chainsawpants 

I'll be back to reply to comments later this afternoon XD
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Title: Butterfly Inferno
Rating: NC-17
Pairings : Kokame, Kameda, Akame…
Warnings: Besides the language and sex, this is a heavy chapter. I know the plot is taking me there, but if you’re in need of happy thoughts afterward, I’ll take responsibility. I shall post a gorgeous world-changing PV picspam as compensation for how miserable this will undoubtedly make you. I’m so sorry.
Disclaimer: Why do we need these things anyway? If I owned the rights to publish works about them, it wouldn’t be on livejournal.
Summary: The Jimusho’s plan moves ahead: Kame is a flickering shadow of what he wants to be, Jin is moving for change, Taguchi isn’t sure he wants to know what’s going on, Koki knows what he has to do, Ueda just wants to fix what he can, and Nakamaru is the one unfortunate enough to know nearly everything. “Who am I?” he says before he can stop himself and Koki’s wandering gaze rests on him, worry crinkling his brows… Their eyes meet and Koki’s are like caramel drops under the flickering streetlight, round and shining

A/N- Wednesday night counts for early this week, doesn’t it? Hm? :L Thank you for being patient, guys; please do comment though as it serves as the perfect type of encouragement esp.  as I've spent an inordinate amount of time and thought on this, so I'd be happy where con-crit is concerned. I’m tough as nails so let me know where you think improvement is necessary.

Chapter 6 Cont'd )
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Title: Butterfly Inferno
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: A mess of a whole lot of things. It's all complicated and can get really sticky.
Warnings: This is basically AU where CKT hasn't been cancelled and there never was an Asia tour and certainly no You&Jin. It takes place in a present every day setting of KAT-TUN doing this normally. Radio shows, tv shows, dramas, and whatnot.
Disclaimer: Honestly, if a lot of this shit were 100% true, KAT-TUN wouldn't be shining with so much awesome as they are now. Drama happens, but I hope never to this extent.
Summary: In desperation, each member of KAT-TUN silently makes his effort to repair the problem they're all afraid to talk about, but too often desire rides higher than necessity. At present, he’s become a little sick of looking around him and seeing things that aren’t simple, seeing things that make it hard to work up an idol-like reaction.

I'm so so sorry this newest chapter took so freaking long. Taguchi is the one member I was incapable of reading naturally. I watch him and I just...don't get it. However, I took this seriously and read interviews, magazines, watched solos, CKT episodes until I could assemble a modicum of narrative that isn't character assassination. Hopefully, I didn't fail.


Chapter Four )


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