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Title Animal Crackers Part I
Pairing/Group: Nakamaru/Koki/Junno, Nakamaru/Maria/Jun, KAT-TUN, Arashi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, BDSM, pet-play, politics, tickling, a threesome, toys, recreational drugs
Notes: .
Summary: What would you do if everything that you knew had been wrong all along? Nakamaru Yuichi, newly recruited member of Sakurai Sho’s political campaign party, the Storm Reform Party, is about to find out just that with the first step he takes into the Haven.

A/N: After many long weeks of racing down the DOA deadline train and many nights of no sleep, our team managed some manner of coherence and churned out this magnificent masterpiece.

So much thanks to the other two pieces of what made up

[ profile] elizajet and [ profile] ayame_hadouken for being super teammates and putting up with my eye-twitchy demands and being continuously hardworking and adding their brilliant ideas and talent to a work we could all three of us be proud of.  Originally posted at [ profile] je_devilorangel here

"Remember that in the Haven, no one does anything against their will" )

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1) Saw this

just this morning from this picture (AMONG OTHER THINGS *_____*) and first thing to pop into my head was this Canadian PSA that they replayed over and over when I was a kid to the point that to this day in my grown-ass state I still feel the need to hum it.

Yeah. Check with your loved ones before stuffing things in your mouth, k?

2) So on Monday afternoon, I performed an unexpected vanishing act when my mum asked me to come stay with her at  for a couple days until she left. Yes, I thought, I can write when she's busy, I thought.

Nope. I wound up going to all the Canada Day sales at Pacific Centre and splurging on my mum and me at Bath and Body Works. Got a perfume for myself called Dark Kiss and I think I'm switching my current scent from melon and cucumber to more berries, citrus and coconut. I wish I could convey scents over the internet because god this stuff smells like something mythically delicious. YES! Here's to smelling edible always.

Then to add to my daytime busyness of trying to distract my mum from not so sparkly-things, we sat in a booth at IHOP and systematically talked trash over mozza sticks. I think I'm really going to like living with her.

HOWEVER, there was no wifi where we were and I was suffering from a withdrawal I haven't experienced in over a year. That's right; fandom withdrawal. Still, mum managed to get on her plane after her husband was discharged for one more stay at home. I will be following her near the end of September and yes, all is going smoothly now and I'm in a better mood and aside from accepting the things I can't really change, I'm okay now but just guh, why did life have to happen THIS WEEK? 

Anywho, after these past two days away from home and wifi, it's looking pretty daunting to catch up with all the things, friends in fandom alike and emails to respond to and fic to read especially with KAT-TUN just. not. quittin' with the ridiculousness.

But more importantly, I'm still on those twisty, windy, scary rails of keeping my head in the DOA game. I am determined to catch up for lost time. As Kari said to me this morning. "it's a matter of PRIDE". <3

There are these momentary reprieves though. Though I'm not sure it's right to call them that

Spent a little moment with the Balloons CM Making of and then screencaps happened and if I don't say something now I never will. ;___;

"Draw me like one of your French Girls." Honest to god, I can't.

some otp for the road

I'll be the first to say it, "I want one". There was also this cute moment where Koki bursts out laughing because obviously Junno said something that warranted a punch to his arm by Kame. Cute Stuff.

OK so this is cause for some justified heated debate. Which is it? Conveniently placed pocket of trouser air(tm) or are we really getting full frontal junk outline here? I'm calling it his 'hot pocket' and [ profile] ayame_hadouken who cosigned the screencapping said that it definitely has to do with 'hot air'. 

I feel a feature of being in Johnny's fandom that we never really discuss is the dichotomy between trouser folds and true phallic outlines. Do we accept the existence of the latter while denying the former or does the former implicate the immediate and justified existence of the latter? Does the latter cancel the former out? Are we living in a world grounded on the existence of both? Who are we to decide which is which?

Ahhh Junno junk. How theologically perplexing. 

ksjndkfjng Yeah, ok, fine. Now reboarding the doa-writing train with even MOAR energy. I'm also eating fig bars and liking it. Please go check out [ profile] je_fqfest and butafest at [ profile] allthegyoza. Loads of fic for the taking. Seriously. Ah.

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Interrupting my own screaming train headed toward DOA deadlines for this post...
I think the best backhanded compliment they could offer was how awesome their date turned out was "even though it was by  Taguchi."  

Koki's thoroughly delighted expression at Maru's prompting all this speaks mountains of how much fun casually aiming digs at Guch is his favourite thing. lol

Mediafire download too )

Ooooh also before I go back to screaming and hurtling down my railroad track of writing

JE FQFest 2011
Now Posting!

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Come to me and I will tell you and show you how beautiful and loved you are and you will see it and feel it and know it and then look in the mirror and truly believe it. - Margaret Cho



Do this. Be reminded why you're gorgeous because fuck it all, you are.
What's a draiser?... huh.

Possibly something General Red Fox condones?

lol enough flamhammery. It is 5:40-something P.M. here in Vancouver. I am like minutes away from having to disappear for NYE merriment and silliness until countdown and mosthap thereafter >.>, but before that happens.

HAPPY 2012

I have wishes for fun, delights, goal success, love, hilarity and fabness to hit each one of you like a chain collision in the front :D You're all pretty damn amazing and that's why I've liked you all best. You were pretty much one of the best fucking things happening to me this year.

In other news, in light of the typhoon, a couple people banded together and arranged [ profile] help_pilipinas, I've signed up for it's very clever; very successful $1 for a drabble where I will write any drabble for a quick donation and that includes any and every pairing in KAT-TUN excluding JunDa or Akame (naturally, it is not a question of prejudice but an especial consideration for my own ability to pull either off believably. <3)

mini details )

Finally, I have also signed up for the [ profile] help_pilipinas
auction for fic or drabble.

Here in THIS ENTRY you can bid for someone to do a fic or a graphic for you with the details provided within
and such. So if you'relooking for fic you deeply wanted or artwork, there is the place to go where most bids start
at a dollar. 

So having said all that, it is time to discard the bathrobe of 2011 and put on the clothing of the NYE variety
and go ring in the new year.

Love you. See you in 2012!

[credit tanaka_kyoudai]
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I saw you all yesterday. Some of you switched to milk and some of you moved in. Sure, let's have a live-in party. Just pick up yesterday's beer bottles and coolers and shot glasses, toss them aside and clean up those suspicious fluids on the rug. Honestly

We're in for another round of Raise Your Glasses to sugar sexy sweetness!

Third Day of Partyin' )

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Yeah I know right? I totally would've made a random post just for this pic alone, but sadly enough I do have a reason for posting. So now that I have your undivided attention...

(I highlighted the most pertinent info here since I kind of went tl;dr with it)

I am on a very short, and very abrupt hiatus. Usually I wouldn't take the time to announce it, but I actually had to deactivate my twitter to avoid distraction during this busy, busy time. Since I didn't really warn anyone about the deactivation, I've had a proper slew of pms, emails and offline ims asking if I'm OK.

Levy Law :P )


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Blame for why this is happening goes to [ profile] snoozing_kitten for first posting and [ profile] ryogrande for first goading. So while I resume with ten genres, let's all have fun with this.

So here's how it will work when you do this too! :D!

- Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
- Read other people's lists here <- there is no JE here yet >:O
- Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.


1.  Clinical Insanity (obsessions, neuroses, OCD gone wrong, psychosis, paranoia, hearing voices, mostly yandere ) 

2. Logic stops working. Something unimaginable happens or someone acquires magical or super powers that defy reason (and uses them unintentionally or intentionally 0o0 on the object of his affection/lust). 

3. Control, D/s using manipulative means, possessiveness, tying up, subtle brainwashing, teasing and denial, punishing disobedience

4.  Sex that's playful, rough enough to be shocking 0o0, almost painful, power play, flexibility, wrestling for top, filthy talk, desperate and messy, and sudden

5. Adorableness. Affection without words. Strange liking, unconventional desire or love (i.e F****CK! I love/want him/her so god damn much that I hate it! lol)


JE -  Junno/Maru, Jin/Maru, Ueda/Maru, Junno/Koki, Junno/Ryo, Junno/Jin, Junno/Koyama, NTT, NTT/Koyama, KAT-TUN/Koyama, Koyama/Maru, Ueda/Kame, Koyama/Koki (aww koyoki >.<), Ueda/Koki, Jin/Koki,  Nakamaru/Koki, Yoko/Junno, Yoko/Maru, Nakamassu, Pin, Sho/Maru, Matsujun/Jin, Aiba/Ueda ahh I totally feel like I forgot someone :s Oh well, let's work with these

Jdramas- Sushi Oji! Tsukasa/Kawatarou, Sushi Oji  X-overs: Kawatarou/ anyone from Johnny's, Inu Wo Kau To Iu Koto X-overs: Dr. Hotta/Sonoda Shinobu (Maru in Hancho), Dr. Hotta/Koki, Dr. Hotta/ Kobayashi Akira (Koki in Rikon syndrome), Dr. Hotta/Maru, Yamato Nadeshiko! x-overs: Kyouhei/Nakamaru, Kyouhei/Kawatarou (>.>), Takenaga/Dr.Hotta  Yukan Club: Miroku/Kawatarou, Miroku/Nakamaru ok that's enough; I'm seriously beginning to wonder what deep dark place these are coming from :'D

J-actors/actresses- (any of these people with Nakamaru would be such a fine thing) Narimiya Hiroki, Kuroki Meisa (with any of KAT-TUN), Yamamoto Yuusuke, Komine Rena (primarily with Junno), Shirota Yuu, Matsuyama Keni'ichi,

Misfits - anything goes. I'm partial to Nathan pairings though. Nathan and anything x-fandom would make my everything.

So, you, fair f-lister, you. Go now to make your own post and we can share sparkle sideways, backwards and frontwards

Other Posts of the Like
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Acts I've Committed

♠ Three Way Dial Up  (NTT phonesex) ♠
♠ Junno's World Order (Junno/Koyama pain & powerplay) ♠
♠ Just Follow Your Nose~! (Jin/Anonymaru club sex) ♠
♠  Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (Kameda insanity) ♠

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Yeah this post is overdue, but there was so much going on I don't even know where to start. I guess starting with an image works...

And of course there was My Last Entry where the Maru fic had been breeding like bunnies and it was going gloriously until~

I remembered that I had [ profile] reel_johnny's MiniReel  (Not films this time, but music videos ^___^) coming up in a matter of days and I had been doing the horrid procrastinating thing that I do. Thank goodness I finished and thank goodness the Modly One is so damn classy. Posting started last Tuesday and you would be STOKED at the number of amazing fics that have been posted already. I won't rec my favourites since that's just a matter of taste.

The good news is I've seriously been reading stuff there that I've never much tried before. Brilliance in fandom, I'm telling you and naturally I'm going to pretend that I'm an excellent anon and none of you have recognised me at all! >:D 

So back on the subject of the ten genre meme, I shall resume shortly and we'll be swimming in Maru love very soon. 

Also on the same subject of fic, I was told that quite a few of my older fics entries have disappeared and are unviewable due to a bug in my journal's coding ;A;. How awful, says I. The only solution I can think of is to repost these and delete the former entries otherwise I'd have to redesign my journal and that just sounds like something horrific at this point, so I'll update a masterpost when that's done :D

Also I want to take the opportunity to send out a wide-spread and tearful 


to all the amazing and loving birthday wishes I got in my inbox the day of and am still getting. I'm still going through replying to them as efficiently as I can, but just to let you know that I love you and I haven't overlooked your messages of love and best wishes. I don't even. You're all so A++ and I want to weave all your sparkles and hearts into a blanket of super special friendship and we can all huddle under it uncomfortably lol.

Since I only know how to knit in a straight line and many of you might not be as comfortable with having to huddle in such close quarters, I figured I would just share some of the shareable birthday sparkle.

HEART-STOPPING Tagumaru drawings + Girl!KAT-TUN  from [ profile] sekky_chan
HILARIOUSLY ADORABLE Tom Riddle/Nakamaru + Levy fic illustrations from [ profile] chainsawpants
AMAZINGLY HOT Denden fic from [ profile] ayame_hadouken
NINJA SURPRISE/ BLAZING HOT Taguchi/Komine Rena from [ profile] ryogrande
BEAUTIFUL AND ARTFULPODFIC version of Drop a Beat: Marionette from [ profile] randomicicle

Up next! Icon meme post (finally gawd~) and your pending ten genre replies!
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Image hosting by

I just find it hard to stop finding this little millisecond so cute. Ah, the humble joys of a shipper.

Honesty Meme

Doing this first because I've never done anything like this before and-- just like ambling into Costco all wide-eyed for the first time a day or two ago-- this is all part of one's life experience points thing. May I level up within the year :B

Second because I've been horridly uncommunicative with teh ever pretty, tantalising f-list of mine for months on end. I feel this might fuel our words to each other and get me back into LJ behavior with a much more concentrated effort towards those who share my humour, interests, and delight for waffles, berries, and music. Perhaps not in that order.
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This is your run-of-the-mill I'm-secretly-a-turkey smug bastard face. The more trollish, the better. See how sly his eyes look; so very sly. 
Turkies sound best auto-tuned. Try it out! )
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Image hosting by

Ah, this is not a strictly Maruda-related holiday, but it is in favour of what we can consider June 9 which is also read 06/09 and if we're on the same sexy page here, then that shouldn't require much explanation.

Anyway, in celebration over at [ profile] inkroulette at This Entry

There was much enthusiastiam over celebrating via reading teh Pr0n in different languages (thereby making it international) to which where I knew that my own deplorable sense for second languages would be made known and I would read in the language that you and I always communicate in here. However, good news befell me when I remembered (upon her suggesting that I read in French) [ profile] ryogrande had a fan-tucking-fastic Maruda fic with French dialogue, which- imo- deemed it very appropriate to the given circumstances.

When I jumped in for this one, though, I had quite forgotten how epicly HOT this fic was and how idiotic I would sound trying to do the French justice especially when all I get is breathy and yes, that's quite all. 
Title: L'Amour in Snow by [ profile] ryogrande
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Cake and Fucking Dynamite LEARNING TEH FRENCH! (>.> or Maruda)
Warning: In the audio, I do stumble all Maru style a couple times but I move on like a boss because that is what some losers do and I did that because this is perhaps the eighteenth take you're getting. Also there were situations in which my seldom studied for French got a bit over the top. I wish neither to butcher the language nor this excellent fic. A fifteen minute straight flawless recording is just not within my ability. As the Guch in my head would says, "Hory Shitto. So not frawress."
Summary: Ueda helps Nakamaru study for his French test.
Link to which where you must love on this fic for being too damn sexy for my voice:  Viola~! (3rd fic down)
 On the fic itself, there are mouse-over translations of all the French dialogue. 
Link To The Levy Audio: Tune In

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lol pic taken from back when Koki was an african american. XD

 I literally have nothing else to say of this besides the obvious fact that MY VOICE POST is here. Yeah I did one because awesome is what awesome copies from even better awesome. Ugh, it's the end of the day. I have no funny in me.

So for anyone interested (oh god I won't judge you if you're not!) this is me rambling! You get to hear my smoke-coloured drawl (such fine-ass acoustics in the bedroom, I'm telling you~)

Warning: I listened to this after recording and only realised that I peppered it with filthy swears and of course somewhere in there I do mention a sex toy. :S Gawd, help me.


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This is Not A Re-Post; This is a Re-Direct Post in which I've disabled comments

Title:: Johnny Rocker
Movie:: RocknRolla
Author:: [ profile] je_levy
Rating:: NC-17
Pairing(s) :: Nakamaru/Jin, Junno/Koki, Koki/Kame, Ueda/his women, Pi/Kame, Nino/Ohno
Summary:: 2018. After countless rumours, indictments, and arrests, JE has long since become a talent agency full of very talented criminals. As the media erupts with ambiguous news of legendary solo artist Jin Akanishi’s presumed death, all the factions of JE’s crime pool interlace and clash over a deal-breaking theft that has his name written all over it.
Warning:: sex, language, drugs, addicts, character death, transsexuality, and sheer unforgiveable villainy by adorable idols
Notes:: All monetary amounts in this fic are to be read in yen form, and drug slang is google-able if you so feel the need. A lot of the original RocknRolla plot has been altered so that it is more of a Guy Ritchie-tribute than a direct movie rewrite. You may see elements of other Guy Ritchie films here.

Art by [ profile] sekky_chan

I've decided that it'd just make it easier to keep it all in one place since this is a wonking four-part fic of 32,000+ words, I will keep it there without reposting for the mean time.
This fic was my main source of angst since a little after Christmas and only now that it's been posted for people to read and many of you've reminded me why I did it in the first place, it's totally my baby now. 
I want to thank [ profile] sekky_chan  for being my adorably belligerent pet the whole way through it at the risk of her own RL responsibilities, [ profile] craigdolan for being the whip-cracking beta I needed most and to whom I owe a LOT of Koki smut for ALL the beta work he's done for me this past month, and [ profile] chainsawpants for fantastic music recs, crack logic (go meet Guch in an alleyway), and keeping me in love with Nino and Sho despite the script telling me to be otherwise.

Final Note: You don't actually have to have seen the film in order to understand this since it was written with the film as a premise, while most of the story is JE of the future starring KAT-TUN. I really hope you guys like this one. 

PART 1:( People ask the question, "What's a Johnny Rocker?")

PART 2:( "You cut 'em or you pay 'em, but keep your receipts; this isn't yakuza")

PART 3:( "That which starts bitter ends sweet")

PART 4: ("Good bye, Nanashi Namae")
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Image hosting by
Seriously; I swore off memes, but then it's kind of hard to reject [ profile] chainsawpants when she is literally looking you in the eye asking, "Why haven't you memed for me? I don't ask for much from you besides allowing the occasional slap in the face and it's really just a meme. >8D."

So I sit here now, shaking and wincing from my most recent slap across the face, and meme-ing, BUT FIRST.

Bass Your Car Streets and Party Fresh Beats also known as the fic you probably didn't read because it was too weird for you has been REMIXED and it sooo easily surpasses my own in so many effing ways that I honestly and truly believe this author deserves more flail than my own insufficient 3-comment one.  She managed to increase the General's sexy! Can you believe it? Just read the first line alone and you'll understand what I'm talking about here:I Am The Very Model of a Robot-Slaying General 
Seriously, though, the General doesn't need your fangasm but he is always generally amused by it. Go to do your duties to him.

My [ profile] fic_the_faith  fic is a wondrous bouquet of prose and dark beauty. I wet my feet in writing fanfiction this dark so this amazing one-shot feels like a perfect gift and I'm still going back to re-read it over and over. Plus, the pairing is Koki/Ueda!  Since this is my first time doing an exchange I am literally looking at my f-list all paranoid thinking omg, who knows me that well and managed to write something for me on the sly without my noticing. DX If you know me this well and I failed at noticing, then I should be very, very sorry come reveal time. I love my gifted fic and I will probably scream hot loving things at you when I get my hands on you message you after reveals.
Here: Those Invisible Lines  is a heart-breaking encounter involving Stockholm Syndrome, suffering, obsessive want, and-and-  *explodes* right up my alley, really. <.<
When I See A Jean I Imagine A Face.... )

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Despite the General's state of dormancy and the fail post from earlier, I feel suitably accomplished.

Last night I finally submitted all 34K of my fic for [ profile] reel_johnny, I am currently sitting on my hands in anticipation for posting of  [ profile] fic_the_faith , and I believe that [ profile] jentfic_remix[ profile] jentfic_remix began posting on Friday <=== mine may or may not be up there already. We'll leave it to guess-work and obvious adjective abuse.

Now all the things are done, I want to apologise to anyone whom I've been anything less than sparkly to and I promise that I will make it all up to you in the only way I can possibly manage. But we'll discuss such glittery things later.

[ profile] je_fqfest[ profile] je_fqfest <=== just pointing you there. No reason.

I am in BC, CANADA

Here to see old places and to smush and love on some of f-list's faces. There has been no Tim Horton's rim-rolling ecstasy nor have I sampled the delicious bark all the beaver-fans are raving about. There has been lager, though, German lager so I'm sorry to all the cultural enthusiasts that my log of this trip will not be as Canadian heavy.

I'm off for Japanese crepes later today after some yummy Korean BBQ so that doesn't help anything at all :3 Oh, Vancouver.... *has missed all this* I'm here all week making appearances at all your local pubs, some of your homes and schools, with cameo's on internet ads :p
Now for glitter.
Yes, enough about me. We're all still sitting in the aftermath of a huge problem, but what makes me feel most teary is the way a whole bunch of us jumped right in and decided to do something. The fandom is amazing and I'm kind of awe-struck that I can be here to witness this and you guys have made me feel like making the impossible possible is really something you can say without having eyes rolled at you.
So now, in the effort at making sure the world still turns, I am off to prepare for "Things I Can Only Get Away With While [ profile] sekky_chan  Is Not Here to Stop Me", Kame's Un-Birthday Week ([ profile] familytables made my everything for suggesting the title), Inexplicably explained Picspams, and ENORMOUS as well as not so enormous gifs.  And THE FIC, OH MY FUCKING GAWD, THE FIC. :S

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OK, so let's just pretend for a moment that Guchi week is transcendent and we didn't limit to a week. In fact, Guchi week is primarily an expression of- ah, forget it. I'm LATE~~~ and it's mostly because of this horrid, horrid subtitle file. The subbing went as it usually does, but when it came time to hardsub the thing, nothing would work. Sure, it would put the subtitles on there without a hitch, but then the next thing I know, Vdub has changed to typeface, positioning, and colour of the subtitles.

Here's a gif to make up for the lateness:
Image hosting by you know, so you can prove it to the unbelievers how wicked-shit awesome your idol is. That's Mr. Guch to you.

So on that whiny miserable, but pretty much relieved note....

Welcome to a Firework Finale of such
Fine Freshness!!
                      ...though it's a bit late

I dunno, I feel like in this solitary working silence, I've missed you all and your madness and your acceptance of mine. :D

To start off with, I bring you: [Cartoon KAT-TUN] 2010.01.06 100 Adult Rules SP  III with JUNNO.

You know, the one with the tap-dancing, the puns, the( -_-)-style!Jin, the LOLS (...oh the LOLS), and of course the faces...

You KNOW you love the faces... )
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At DramaCrazy, it's very important to make sure the subs are released asap, but there were problems encountered this weekend and the translation didn't get done until Monday morning and timing wasn't complete until mid-evening. I have finally finished the QC, so keep checking back for Episode 5 subbed on DramaCrazy.

Just directing a "nantounaku" apology for the delays these past two weeks. I'm hoping from the next week coming we can get it done within the same weekend.

Augh, if you haven't seen the raw yet, then you're in for some pleasing surprises this episode as well as some cross-dressing. And KAT-TUN-related cross-dressing, for me, is always a type of win.

Hai! Linkage! Remember check, flail, but don't hound. Uma-san has enough on his plate to begin with.

***EDIT: Encoding is just about done. Expect the episode in about an hour or so. :D

****EDIT: The episode is up with all mirrors in place. Douzo!
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(I realised it was high time for one of these because my LJ's become a mess of tags, pairings, prose and porn and you-- *sob* you just deserve better, OK? and [ profile] chainsawpantswon't quit!)
(LOL Is this not the most aggravatingly narcissistic manip you've ever seen? )

Multi-Chapters )

One-Shots by Pairing/Character:

Nakamaru )

Maruda )

Tagumaru )

Denden )


Kame )

Jin )

Junno )

Drabbles/Ficlets )


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