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Title: Sudoku and Other Upsetting Euphemisms
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Junno/Koki
Warning(s): Nakamaru, shower sex, talk of exhibitionism
Summary: Koki had begun taking naked photos of himself in the bathtub and shower and had been posting them on his jweb. Meanwhile, Junno gets a visitor armed with purpose.

A/N: Originally written for this request on the smut meme. OP had requested the possibility of Nakamaru being involved so I resolved to get him involved to which where [ profile] sekky_chan spoke Nakamaru’s exact words as depicted.

"There, in full colour, was what was unmistakably a hand lifted over the side of a bathtub, slick with soap suds." )

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Title: Living Canvas
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Maruda (Ueda/Nakamaru)
Warnings: romance (omgah like srs), ‘body paint’ per se, and sex
Summary: Maru, Ueda’s now discovered, is a canvas of lines and grooves on which he only itches to make deep impressions.

A/N- This was inspired by a really interesting conversation I had with [ profile] ryogrande after she wrote Koki tattooing Ueda and then there was this constant, unending enabling of my Maruda feels these past weeks. I absolutely had to get this out before the thoughts went away. This is the result of having not written Maruda since last year. Dedicated to the fiercest, finest hbic of them all, [ profile] ryogrande. <3<3<3<3

More indelible than ink )
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...Just a little wafflery while I keep at it with the rest of the [ profile] help_pilipinas fics :3

Rules: List 1-10 pairings/prompts that you have been dying to read. Maybe it's a really rare pairing or something you've requested on any of the past smut memes which haven't been fulfilled. When you see this posted on your friends' journals, you may do one of the following:

- Write it.
- Link to one that's already been written, whether by you or someone else.
- Nothing, but karma will get you. >_>

There are no length or rating limits, and prompts may be duplicated (PLEASE). Be specific in your prompts particularly in reference to preferred smut content, seme/uke order, and any other requirements that may hinder your appreciation of the fic.

There is no deadline for this, but once your ten prompts have been written to your satisfaction you are welcome to make a new post starting over. You may write your own prompts if you want. If your tastes change, you can certainly switch out one prompt for another at any time.

1. Junno/Koki good cop/bad cop (points if they can't decide which of them is the bad cop) with Chief Nakamaru. I'm thinking every single ridiculous buddy cop movie ever done along the lines of hijinks.

2. Doctor Hotta <= Maru and/or Koki (or both) end up at a hospital and are justifiably puzzled at a slightly 'different' Taguchi wandering the halls in a lab coat.

3. NTT/Koyama - lol if they could just get him alone during this busy time.

4. Nakamaru/Ueda - any further exploration on Maru's obvious bondage kink. (Well, I say obvious... <.<)

5. Any K8 member/Koki - all the moé he exudes at any given time gets into someone's head and just won't go away. Sort of a 'haunted by thoughts of Koki' thing.

6. Koyama/Junno - coercion. Every tactic Koyama can come up with to get an obliviously unaware Junno in the sack.

7. Ueda/Koki - Ueda is capable of making Koki do absolutely anything.

8. Nakamaru instigating any form of gunplay with Ueda, Koki, or Junno. 

9. Junno/Nakamaru - Junno is the only person who can get Maru riled up enough for a real fight. Well, if sexual tension can really be that palpable, they should probably just consummate violently /logic (biting, scratching, hair pulling all OK )

10. Junno/Koki - this picture indicates to me that Junno doesn't like having to let Koki go. (whoo~ possessiveness kink)

(My tastes have become so singular, haven't they?)

Other Lists
Title: Please Creep Off the Grass 
Pairing(s): NTT (Junno/Koki/Maru), implied NTT/Koyama
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): loads of hipster Lonely Island references, creepiness, yes, even the sexy kind which would include some awkwardness, same room frottage, rimming, a threesome, backseatsmen and Nakamaru's contact with bridal thighs)
Summary: Ogling from locker rooms when he was young, staring into ATM booths at night, stalking people in hallways, diving under bridal skirts, following in his car with his headlights dimmed: Nakamaru has his reasons.

A/N: Hmm, so this one is for [ profile] reel_johnny's Mini-Reel challenge with my inspiration being The Creep - Lonely Island and Slap Bracelets I have no one to blame since it was all in my horrible HORRIBLE brain  ;A; ah :D except that, as usual, [ profile] sekky_chan was beta resident on the gdoc, playing the ouendan character and wondering "oh god, what the hell's wrong with her? :s" silently  

So here we have it. I've very much abused The Rule of Funny for this, but I know I can count on you to understand.

Ah! On a semi-related note, I've changed my fic tag. It used to be "short story" but now it is the more appropriate "fic me prz". I temporarily tagged this one with the old tag so as to inform those who have that one in particular tracked.

And lastly, so [ profile] chainsawpants's response to having read it was this and I'm going to use it to give you a vague idea of what you're getting into :'D

LOL I know; I can't unsee it either 

So Get Your Knees Flexin and Your Arms T-Rexin )
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Its still his birthday in my book, so...

Give me ANY Maru pairing and I will write one sentence of TEN genres for them. The genres are:

1. Angst
2. AU
3. Crack
4. Future fic
5. First Time
6. Fluff
7. Humor  Badfic Parody
8. Hurt/Comfort
9. Smut
10. UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension)

Now when I say Maru pairings, I mean any and every Maru pairings. I will write them and I'm especially looking forward to creativity and even the ones we're used to. So even if you want to request something random like Sho/Maru (*cough* [ profile] chainsawpants *hack*) or a relevant threesome like NTT (*wheezes* [ profile] sekky_chan *dies*) I will write it and happily!!

♥ 10 Genre Sentences So Far ♥

1.    Maruda requested by [ profile] luna_truths
2.    Sho/Maru requested by [ profile] chainsawpants
3.    NTT requested by [ profile] sekky_chan
4.    Nakanishi requested by [ profile] ryogrande
5.    Ru/Kazu (Johnny Rocker-verse) requested by [ profile] randomicicle
6.    Tom Riddle/Maru requested by [ profile] chainsawpants
7.    NakaMa requested by [ profile] chuckles0505
8 .   Nakamaru/pudding requested by [ profile] elizajet
9.    Tagumaru requested by [ profile] encoded_panties
10.  Nakame requested by [ profile] bellemelody
11.  NakaNaka requested by [ profile] sekky_chan

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Don't judge; I'm in Western Canada; it's still officially give or take some several hours his birthday and there are beautiful things still all over fandom revolving entirely around the quaking, breathless reactions we've had over this man:

Image hosting by



I've been shrieking all over the place with sheer glee and tears. Gleetears = glitters. >.> One of you once asked me if I type as I think. Answer is yes.

Read more... )
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Title: Bet Your Damn Pants Off
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Maruda (Nakamaru/Ueda)
Warning (s): sex in a semi-public place, THOSE PANTS, Ueda’s mind, and a general appearance
Summary: Ueda wins a bet and wants Nakamaru in his pants… literally.

A/N: Written especially for my dearest [ profile] parasol_odori initially for this so very excellent prompt. There was also her putting this before my eyes *____*

Katze, I have such warm feelings for you, and believe me when I say if I caught Maru in a net, I’d offer him to you first because I wake up each day looking forward to your recent tweet revelations on Maru’s sexiness. Your helpless and indecent love for Nakamaru has always made me feel adamant that Maru fans are really such very fine company. I’m rooting for you on your thesis work and all the other tribulations you conquer so boss-like. You're still my partner in relevance <3

Secondly, guess whose birthday is coming! Yes, The General has existed for twenty-eight years now. We must do something about this, mustn’t we? *makes dubious motions that imply great and SEKRIT planning*

Thirdly, I haven’t a clue how the scheduled usage of the NHK theatre works. Lol let’s just try not to think about it >.>

Finally, my beta, cheerleader and muse; you know who you are. You’re perfect and I love you.

Ueda wanted so much to jump him to the point of hatred )
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Title: Exo-Politics: Intergalactic Party Continued
Pairing: Jin/Koyama, Jin/Junno, Junno/Koyama, Junno/Koyama/Jin, Pin (friendship), Nakamaru/monocle(??)
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Warnings: Space AU! bad science, Sexy Aliens, Jin’s strong dislike for Tegoshi, a threesome, vampiric bloodplay, handcuffs
Summary: The usually unenthused Agent Akanishi Jin of the Gold Galaxy’s Civil Investigations Unit finds himself tied up (in more ways than one) after a heated encounter with an especially attractive life form. Criminally insane masterminds aside, Jin just wants a sparkling evaluation this term.
Artwork: Hilarious comic strip of the first scene by [ profile] chainsawpants and the only official Chief Nakamaru t-shirt by [ profile] sekky_chan 
A/N: Originally written for [ profile] joshua_glass <333 and posted here for [ profile] je_fqfest .

Read more... )

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Title: Exo-Politics: Intergalactic Party
Pairing: Jin/Koyama, Jin/Junno, Junno/Koyama, Junno/Koyama/Jin, Pin (friendship), Nakamaru/monocle(??)
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Warnings: Space AU! bad science, Sexy Aliens, Jin’s strong dislike for Tegoshi, a threesome, vampiric bloodplay, handcuffs
Summary: The usually unenthused Agent Akanishi Jin of the Gold Galaxy’s Civil Investigations Unit finds himself tied up (in more ways than one) after a heated encounter with an especially attractive life form. Criminally insane masterminds aside, Jin just wants a sparkling evaluation this term.
Artwork: Hilarious comic strip of the first scene by [ profile] chainsawpants and the only official Chief Nakamaru t-shirt by [ profile] sekky_chan 
A/N: Originally written for [ profile] joshua_glass <333 and posted here for [ profile] je_fqfest .

I want to thank [ profile] ryogrande for being a special-- perhaps unbeknownst to her-- prompter and oftentimes guru on questions of perfect relevance. You are flawless; continue to share wavelengths with me, pls.

[ profile] chainsawpants for not even knowing where the hell I was going with this but saying it was awesome anyway.

[ profile] sekky_chan for being my healthiest addiction and being strong like a fine cafe au lait when adversity came our way.

"Fucking Politics" )

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Title: An Arioso: Want
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Junno/Koki
Warning: Nothing like the usual insanity I plague you with. However, this is me re-testing out a genre/style/tone I haven’t bothered with for four years.
Summary: Junno knows a lot of fairytales. He thinks he may have read them incorrectly.

A/N: An “arioso” is a part in an opera performance that is practically sung-spoken like narrative, but with more of melody and a bit of an unhinged structure. Inspired by a simple exchange between Junno and Koki on KT Style where Junno made the observation that Koki would make a very attractive “Little Red Riding Hood” complete with dress and Koki replies something equally shocking and it fucked with my head and this is what happens! (tbh, whenever I listen to it-- the spanking thing aside-- all 10 min of that radio show messes with me :S)

This is a chocolate treat love letter story written for my Pet [ profile] sekky_chan . For weeks now she’s been tirelessly (omfg I’m still panicking over her leg injury DDX) helping at hospitals and shelters in Japan, doing things that none of us—on the other side of the world—could even possibly manage. She was also a constant presence lurking over my shoulder during fic exchange deadline time analysing my words even before they were typed, making sure I didn't start climbing the walls and throwing heavy metallic objects. It’s very much thanks to her that I was actually able to finish all that fic especially “Johnny Rocker”. I’m so lucky to have her and even luckier that she’s just as willing to put up with my cruelty when words on paper won’t cooperate.

And so on that despairingly lovesick note, so long as The Fancy One is ready, I give you MOAR denden~

A Little Air Before The Actual Dance... )
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:: Your Enormous Moon Would Fit Right Inside My Room
Rating:: NC-17 (I’m serious this time! D:<)
Pairing:: Tagumaru (Junno/Maru)
Genre:: Crack and Science Fiction
Warning:: This is a story about intelligent life existing beyond our planet and ectopic implantation to facilitate procreation between two beings, neither of whom possess a uterus. :D In just so many words, this is an mpreg fic; you’d better beware. And graphic sex because it’s totally relevant. \o/… ¬.¬
Summary:: His skin is like the hot plasma just under the surface of a television screen, but his touch is an entirely different thing. Maru can’t stop thinking about electricity when he looks at him. It’s a scientific attraction now featuring both incredible and bad consequences.

A/N:: Dedicated to [ profile] ryogrande for literally EVERYTHING she’s done these past two weeks, for listening to my pitiful tales of self-inflicted woe, for keeping me company during the last stretch of fic deadlines, and for facilitating the outbreak of fic like this (violation quota yo). Ri, I don’t know if I’d have experienced as much growth and challenge as a writer these past months if I hadn’t met you. So I write this, something I thought I’d never touch with a ten foot pole, because I feel it reflects the expansion of my horizons thanks to you.

Finally, several things are happening in fandom right now having to do with fic and it's general beauty and pure awesome expressions of fictional art. [ profile] fic_the_faith Go There Now.

Inspired by gtalk conversations about mpreg and a hilarious line from [ profile] snoozing_kitten ’s squee-worthy Get More Cat Love

If You Say It`s For Science, then I Won`t Judge You As I Know Nothing On The Subject )
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Unit One |Unit Two | Unit Three



Good Morning, my fellow Guchologists,

Every course has its breaks, and yours happened to occur over the holidays. Still, I can see many of you kept your Guchology lessons fresh in your mind and no doubt you put into practice these lessons. Don't worry; I believe you.

However, I would like to make clear that I am uneasy, class. Yes, I marked your last quiz and there was a sensible pattern of passing as usual. However, the records appear to be tampered with and it seems someone going by the suspiciously familiar initials G.N. got into my grading system and left it in the following state. How rude. D8<

Listed in order of possible answers provided on the quiz; these are the grades awarded to you by this phantom grader who, let's face it, can't be anyone but The General himself.


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Title: Table Spread
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: [insert despairing witticism about human slavery, Marulust and whatnot]
Summary: Bad depth perception, clumsiness, whatever it is, Ueda has trouble getting a mouthful. Nakamaru, stoicism included, just wants to help. In summary of the summary: General, meet your Dictator.
Warning: Drug-free, but you know how it is…:D 

A/N: For a HBIC of such hilarity, classiness, and WONDER, [ profile] ryogrande for spoiling me rotten with incredible fic and to commemorate the day The Guch chooses to grant her that harem, for upon that fine day we shall all be writing porn and it shall be glorious! And to the ever-supportive, ever relevant to my interests, [ profile] parasol_odori who will always play the shy, adorbs Nakamaru to my Kame- I mean Ueda.

And also to my darling [ profile] sekky_chan  who lives perpetually in my heart for sending me cute, lovable messages at the wee hours of my night.

Finally, this is me experimenting with my version of the Maruda dynamic just to get used to writing it for very pertinent reasons. Hope you like XD

Aim a little further up. :D )
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I can't seem to get the win that is this CM and all its attached musical awesome and the usual sexiness and for heaven's sake, I'm trying to write here, guys. Couldn't you have waited?? /run-on of fangirling fail

Because you know the HQ will mean more, non-Gifsoup ones.
Image hosting by

He called it fuel efficiency for a reason. *sagely nod*

The Copper Prince understands ALL of the implications involving input and output. It is to his knowledge that input is the most fierce. Discuss.

For now, I'll be snuggling into my duvet chuckling to myself about wheels that are ultimate, (MONSTER TRUCK RALLY!!) Himes that can really stick it in, Hantai no hito!Maru who is the designated driver, Guch using his sheer height to showcase legroom, JUNDA slap fight, Koki's winking and how I think I may go on the Special K challenge where I subsist on nothing but Koki sexiness, and of course Kame epically crossing his legs IN A CAR.

ALL THESE I WILL GIF and I want to get into this more with you, but I need sleep and I NEED TO WRITE. *weeps* I'll return to inquire further on your flail.
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I mean, hell, if you're here for some General Maru, I got some good shit for ya too!

What with all the crack I'm posting, I feel I should begin testing out crack dealer pimp talk, bear with me. 

So I love Shounen Club as much as the next person; I'm even more than willing to cover my eyes and hum when BI Shadow or the mind-boggling cuteness that is Hip Hop Jump come on stage lest the phrase, "those sexy fourteen year olds" enters my vocabulary. Yeah, so for the last year I've been watching and been wanting to make gifs of the shit-storm of pretty, show-boating acid trips that occur there every episode. But I didn't because IRL I'm actually pretty lazy and I spend hours just staring at/listening to sparkly shit (i.e. JE ) so I can motivate myself to put on the glitter eyeshadow, heels, and go to work because a group of men all the way across the world do the same for me and a huge number of other gawking people with excellent taste...

So, you'll never guess what got me to finally start making the SC gifs? Oh wait, you already know? Yeah, it's Kame! This guy is my idol. No, like seriously! I mean, I go on about Maru and how his sly, teasing ways causes me some very serious emotional issues, I scream obscenities when Guchi totes that rare smirk he sometimes gets, Koki is ALWAYS gonna be my thug-teddy that I'd totally go chola for in a second, and Pomu-hime is a princess after my own heart.

Kame, though...I have a special place in my heart for the current square puffiness that is Kame. If I were a guy, I'd be Kame. With his saucy dramatics (overdoes it as much as I do at times), ambitious and calculating drive, questionable sexuality, and wtfcan'tbecoolthistime!dorkiness. I always thought so, and when he says he's gonna entertain...DAYUM, does he deliver.


Also, jeez is he nice to look at or what? :D Who wouldn't want to be that sort of man? *frown* CLRLY, the men living in my city. Gawd, guys, bring it up a notch! 

So now that you've subjected yourself to that wall of brain-vomit text without developing feelings of contempt for me. 


So I've posted all this. It's public domain now, so take what you will and use wisely. Kame's expressions and the sweet cuteness of all of this deserve tribute. Next SC gif post will most likely be Ueda's, whose performance also wowed me, but I fail so I didn't do this yet! Ah, so shiny glass dicks aside, golden santa comes in a week.

What are you hoping for this Xmas?
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DISCLAIMER: This is a crack post, so if there's something you see that you don't like, you are welcome to mutter about it in the secret of your cardboard hate box where I will never hear it. If you see something you do like (i.e. original photo requests will always be granted), then say so b'cos this was made especially for you, Maru fan. :D

 You've probably seen a number of these swimming around due to this
awesome post by [ profile] chainsawpants We were discussing Maru's not-so recent, and hilariously obvious obsession with military gear and how very much he loves the cosplay ethic and thus sparked General Nakamaru, who-- let's face it-- is pretty much awesome no matter what you catch him doing. The fact is that if you do not yet know General Nakamaru, it's about time that you do.

He's an actor, a scholar, a gentleman and a sex fiend. heard me.

so in the effort toward magical and glittery tribute:

The Extremely Excellent and
Mostly Crack Post of the Sexy
Maru Epic: War and Drama

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Yeah, you damn well better.

OK, PV flamhammery and my own desire to screencap the shit out of that masterpiece aside, I'm sorry for those of you waiting for my Butterfly Inferno update. I was down with bronchitis for a two weeks now and then had to work on the RL things I fell behind with while I was away, so yeah now that some of my other obligations are cleared, I'll get back on that and hopefully have Part 12 up early this week.

GIRLS <33333 excuse me while I fap to the best thing on earth. I told you it would be the best thing you've ever jived to and it is, ladies, it is.

A friend of mine sent me a rip from somewhere; sorry, it's LQ, but I had to have other people kyaaing over these three and esp the rhythm. They said it'd be reggae, but this is dancehall and that gives me everything I need in life. KAT-TUN Girl NTT song.mp3

 Maru and his English )
...Oh man, English all over my curriculum, baby Sorry, what was I saying? Ah right...  .
Oh, scandal~ as [ profile] chainsawpants said.

Meat often outdoes steamed vegetables. )

Ok, enough. Off to write. I love you, fandom; you're crazy, but I can't help it. I'm so homo for you. :D
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 ...things I'd like to be able to accomplish in fandom before the golden santa drops in  Christmas comes.

1. I want to sub the Sushi Oji movie. I watched it only just recently and I lolled like crazy at most of it. If you haven't watched the drama yet, then you really ought to. Maru kicks sashimi-ass, fulfills the fish-related crack quota, and picks up dem ladies. But yes, the movie is mostly in english anyway (OMFG~ THEY'RE IN NEW YORK!!) so I figured I could take on a big project like that.

Awesome agetta-

Yeah, she's almost as happy as I would be if I had Maru-arm wrapped around me and he was looking at me like that.

Although, now having written out my goal, I think it's likely I won't have that done before the golden santa comes BECAUSE...

2. I would very much like to finish the Cartoon KAT-TUN Adult Rules SP Part 3. When my laptop committed jisatsu back in April, it took the softsub file with it. I'd gotten up to the Guchi, Jin, Kuroki Hitomi eating noodles scene. MAAHTAAKU with all his awesome kanji skillz has been helping me with translation where there are moments my comprehension abilities don't quite make the cut, so you can expect a fully subbed file on that one. If I could just get back on it and redo all that work I lost, then maybe this whole waiting period won't feel as painful. This is should probably be number 1, shouldn't it? Ah well...

It's only two fandom things to do, but If I do manage to accomplish them within these fine rainy months ahead, I will no doubt feel deserving to be a KAT-TUN fan. 

Speaking of which, who else has heard the little snippet of CHANGE UR WORLD from Going! When we first heard it, my sister and I agreed that it sounded like a difficult level on DDR, but then the hook came in and I heard Guchi warbling prettily and I'm just plain ecstatic about it since the sound of it is already stuck in my head. Until it's release, doushio~~  I can't keep replaying that 30 seconds of video, can I?

*it's been previously observed that she can and will*
I'm such a weak fangirl. Flail with me purease~~
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 Before I begin on an extremely relieved and self-satisfied note. Yesterday, when I was 30 minutes into this project, I happened upon [ profile] chikara21  's post saying that she had intention to sub this episode. You see, I'm a big fan of her (wouldn't be here in this fandom without her), and you can only imagine my dismay upon discovering that someone far more experienced and skilled than I was willing to put in the work to do the same thing I was doing. Typically, a person would drop the project, but then this is what I figured I would do.

As most of you know, I'm still an embarrassing noob when it comes to Japanese and my only experience with subbing has been working with a group or just summarizing translations, but that is the main point of subbing however. Working to ensure that at the very least those who use subs or translations can understand what they're watching at best.

So here's what I did:

I subbed the episode in the end, but since I knew [ profile] chikara21   would be releasing a far better version soon. I've decided to release a "make-do-with-this-for-now" version hardsubbed, softsubbed, and streaming.

But first:
Gawd, isn't he pretty?

...and who said our Nakamarad didn't have a dark side lurking underneath all that sparklingly well-dressed yasashii-sou look.

Hardsub Mirror

File Size: compressed to 325.73MB (at a fine HD quality of 704x396)

Softsubs For anyone willing to fill in blanks or correct mistranslations... *Shinobu sulky expression "Katte ni douzo." No, seriously, feel free to re-release if you manage to improve these subs.

Further Linkage )

As I should have been pretty clear about in the beginning. I left some scenes blank since they had such little connection to the plot besides encouraging the muttering, sullen Hancho to, you know, keep being an awesome Hancho. So forgive both mistranslations and blank spots.

Enjoy! Oh, and feel free to use these however you like. I didn't appear in this video, nor did I do anything to make Maru sparkle so I haven't really any rights to tell you what to do with this video except ENJOY! Seriously, I'll be pissed if you don't just absolutely love this episode.


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