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(I may have to start calling him 'boo'.)

Yeah, thanks to Guchi, Dirt Off Your Shoulder is stuck in my head. I'll explain why presently....

First, though, three (or four) things....

Today is officially my first day in weeks and weeks where I'm not sneaking in Internet and omg deadlines!!!MUST WRITE ALL NOW time between work shifts and being out with the DG women painting the Freedom Wall, working on a couple projects for the summer grand re-opening of a New Westminster location. I have all of two weeks of nothing except for the Freedom Wall thingy. We're a quarter of the way through and it's fun stuff with just painting and listening to music and some pretty cathartic moments for these women. I'm having more fun doing that than with my other job. I will take pictures when we're all done and I'll dole out some context so you can see just what it is that has me choked up just looking at some of these pieces. 

ALSO I started hot yoga last Thursday and have another class this Thursday again to sort of complement the Hip Hop Abs vid session I usually do alone. (More like I was coerced by something pretty to join but hey whatever). It BUUURNS and I've hit the floor more than a couple times. All the pain of it aside, I love how my body feels afterward except for the part where my brain feels like a baked marshmallow but that's my own fault for not having hydrated enough before going. Green tea since then oh my holy lord of hydration! I'm gonna be kick-ass at it this week.

Yesterday I managed to get FQF submitted early evening and all I'm saying is this is definitely something new :Bv (OR IS IT D:<). Posting starts on July 1st and I'm so excited!! Now all that's left are the DOAs and ugh I get so squealy-happy thinking about them since it seems this year I'm writing a LOT and a lot of what I love writing the most without giving too much away. I love sticking to a niche in fandom; it's less stressful :3

And in the most of all good news there is. FLORENCE & THE MACHINE IS COMING TO MY CITY. Performing at Deer Lake and tickets are only $50 for some outrageous reason. Small venue and sooo not my scene but her siren song has a gorgeous and addictive pull that I don't imagine myself tiring of.

Ever since that night back in 2010, perhaps around 4am. I was pretty tanked and then her video came on. If it wasn't her vocals, it was either her lyrics or her distinctive, otherworldly features. I woke up the next afternoon thinking I'd dreamt it; it was so beautiful.. So yeah to this day I'm still all got up about her lyrics, her voice, her themes. All of it. Ugh I'm so excited!!! I've never seen what she's like live but I'm convinced it'll be like heaven.  

Finally!! I watched the To The Limit making of just this morning. It would be plainly obvious to you that I'm just absolutely crazy about Nakamaru in the PV itself with his glasses, his special hair and his kung-fu and I physically canNOT with how squishy Koki's looking lately. I've capslocked more than once off LJ about his biteable arms and the parts of him I need to squeeze (oh! it's Tuesday!). I'd motorboat those moobs, just saying.

BUT HAY this morning, this is what's had me cackling and busy:

Photobucket     Photobucket

So if you're feeling like a pimp...

Yeah, I know. I cried too.

Ugh I have so much time on my hands outside of writing now. I should do a Legal High post. I have so many feels you guys. Like FEELS feels for Komikado, for Machiko-chan and for Guchi being all sweet swag and a hot-ass piece of gorgeous all the damn time. 

Off to go clean. I haven't been at home long enough to do this at length. My living room is in shambles :'D Happy tmi! Tuesday or Taguchi Tuesday depending on how much of a pimp you're feeling

edit: about the day confusion, I came home Monday evening, submitted FQF, and then dropped. I genuinely slept all of Tuesday through so we're having a bit of a Captain America situation here. Humour me, it's 1945 :'o)
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dkfnkdngknkjfnk!!! It's mid-December! Do you understand what that means??

KAT-TUN fic exchange

rules and intro
Sign-ups start on December 17

In this instance, do not stand in awe as it occurs but hop aboard; this is your chance to request and read the KAT-TUN fic you've always wanted and to write and make someone else's dreams come true! :'D

As it says on the label, signups start tomorrow! Come and join the Sweet Chain of fics, gather up your Yuuki no Hana and ride the virgin stars (:s) over to [ profile] fic_the_faith and witness the BIRTH of the fics that Run For You...r favourite pairings and genre styles.
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Welcome to another creepy birthday post

Because another KAT-TUN birthday is upon us and I have free time so let's proceed with

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 Warning: So the usual drill. This is only crack. All just for fun and some of this may or may not be true; it's all a matter of discernment.



☆ Table of Contents☆:
Chapter One: The General Ideal Behind Most of It
Chapter Two: General Drama in Prose
Chapter Three: The General Has His Script and is Generally OK with an Interview

Chapter Four: The Nature of The General and Other Tales of Conquest

The Pleasure is Mostly His )
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 Warning: The operative word for these entries is crack, so I don't expect anyone to take this at complete and utter face-value, not even the drug-usage,  except that majority of what I say here, I tend to have some backing for. How's that for cryptic? You know, pics or it didn't happen?

The Extremely Excellent
and Mostly Crack Post of
the Sexy Maru Epic: War and Drama

Link to Chapters One and Two

Chapter 3: The General Has His Script and Is Generally OK with an Interview.
Ah, just so you know... listen up! :B

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WARNING: Once again, this is a crack post. Nothing here is srs bsns except for the general (pfft!!) sexiness. See anything you like in particular, say so, and we can all live in harmony being tormented...emotionally by this very attractive man in uniform.

The Extremely Excellent
and Mostly Crack Post of
the Sexy Maru Epic: War and Drama


He may not show it, but fangasms DO make him happy. :D )

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DISCLAIMER: This is a crack post, so if there's something you see that you don't like, you are welcome to mutter about it in the secret of your cardboard hate box where I will never hear it. If you see something you do like (i.e. original photo requests will always be granted), then say so b'cos this was made especially for you, Maru fan. :D

 You've probably seen a number of these swimming around due to this
awesome post by [ profile] chainsawpants We were discussing Maru's not-so recent, and hilariously obvious obsession with military gear and how very much he loves the cosplay ethic and thus sparked General Nakamaru, who-- let's face it-- is pretty much awesome no matter what you catch him doing. The fact is that if you do not yet know General Nakamaru, it's about time that you do.

He's an actor, a scholar, a gentleman and a sex fiend. heard me.

so in the effort toward magical and glittery tribute:

The Extremely Excellent and
Mostly Crack Post of the Sexy
Maru Epic: War and Drama

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Yeah, you damn well better.

OK, PV flamhammery and my own desire to screencap the shit out of that masterpiece aside, I'm sorry for those of you waiting for my Butterfly Inferno update. I was down with bronchitis for a two weeks now and then had to work on the RL things I fell behind with while I was away, so yeah now that some of my other obligations are cleared, I'll get back on that and hopefully have Part 12 up early this week.

GIRLS <33333 excuse me while I fap to the best thing on earth. I told you it would be the best thing you've ever jived to and it is, ladies, it is.

A friend of mine sent me a rip from somewhere; sorry, it's LQ, but I had to have other people kyaaing over these three and esp the rhythm. They said it'd be reggae, but this is dancehall and that gives me everything I need in life. KAT-TUN Girl NTT song.mp3

 Maru and his English )
...Oh man, English all over my curriculum, baby Sorry, what was I saying? Ah right...  .
Oh, scandal~ as [ profile] chainsawpants said.

Meat often outdoes steamed vegetables. )

Ok, enough. Off to write. I love you, fandom; you're crazy, but I can't help it. I'm so homo for you. :D
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... and instead of doing them you whore your own ability to complete sentences for the sake of drool-worthy calendar scans and mag scanning and adding captions because captions make you giggle and KAT-TUN makes you jittery.

So a huge macro post of such gleaming crack that you may have to reassess the people you communicate with on lj and/or in the fandom in general.

Featuring Akame (pfft!lol!), Divamaru, Guchi slowly coming to understand the reason for his existence or the lack thereof, fanfic, and a super cool story by our bro, Jin.

Preview above the cut:

Pls don't de-friend me over this :) )
Just wanna add that my N.M.P. arrived! Now, FILM, RIGHT NOW, and RABBIT OR WOLF? are currently raping my summer playlist. <3
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I think it's a holiday since there's like nothing happening on Japanese television lately, KAT-TUN-wise. We get our music station, our SC, and our Going! if that floats your boat....I'm a fangirl, but not much a baseball buff, so that renders that meaningless to me.

Still, there is uploading, graphics, mag interviews, and the occassional subbing release.

Also at this time I'm contributing to the DC fansub group with work on both Kaibutsu-kun and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (which I must say is just too much adorable) Too add to that and to put myself at the risk of being shot by someone somewhere, I recall that Koki was rumoured to have been cast for Hiroki's role to begin with. I assume that was simply rumour and nothing to buy into like many things being spewed out in the media nowadays. I just thought it'd be interesting if I wasn't the only one kind of --only kind of -- watching the show picturing Koki in the role and thinking, "Ah~~ He could've done this and just as perfectly. Roaring included."

I should also mention that I love Narimiya Hiroki like burning.

When all that seems to fail me....

Maru Break! )

Yes, Maru, I feel safe..
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Because this image was asking for captions:



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