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Title: Dux Bellorum: Machinae Part I
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: NTT
Warning: AU steampunk, war, some violence, other Johnny’s cameos (*cough* Yasu *cough* Ueda *hack*),
Summary: A year after The Day of Black Rain, Koki, State Minister to the Emperor’s hand-selected Parliament, fights for the few things he can’t afford to change.

A/N: This is TWO things, a three-chapter sequel to the five-chaptered Dux Bellorum: Triumvirate a (late) birthday present to both [ profile] yue_akuma and [ profile] ayame_hadouken who were paramount to the first instalment’s completion. As we all know, I was swamped with DOAs and real life but after a swift and ridiculously fun two weeks, I give you the promised sequel to the long adventure from back in January.

But seriously, you’re both such fantastic people; I’m so grateful to have you guys around and I’ll always be more than honoured to write for you.

So, in summary, Happy Belated Birthday and thank you so much for waiting <3<3

Special thank you to [ profile] sekky_chan for never toning down her awesome.

"It was Yucchi who sent Junno away" )

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Title: The Mysterious Affair of the Begonia Murder (Part 2)
Pairings : Junno/Koki, KAT-TUN member-whatever + some glaring implications
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: murder (except not really) mystery, dark humour, nonsense, historical misapprehensions, supernatural elements, moonshine liquor, Maru’s Hard Life, cross dressing, Detective Kame, sex
Summary: Nakamaru’s Cartier wristwatch search party goes awry. All of KAT-TUN, now locked in a storage room, agrees to play a suspicious-looking game with magical and embarrassing results.

Link to Part I

" She scatters begonias all over his corpse" )
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Title: The Mysterious Affair of the Begonia Murder (Part 1)
Pairings: Junno/Koki 
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: murder (except not really) mystery, dark humour, nonsense, historical misapprehensions, supernatural elements, moonshine liquor, Maru’s Hard Life, cross dressing, Detective Kame, sex
Summary: Nakamaru’s Cartier wristwatch search party goes awry. All of KAT-TUN, now locked in a storage room, agrees to play a suspicious-looking game with magical and embarrassing results.

A/N: So an exchange usually means be anon and I learned with great humility that it is simply impossible unless I were to write a completely different pairing entirely, but in the end, really; I have no regrets. >:B

Originally written for the [ profile] fic_the_faith exchange for the ever-miraculous and wonderful [ profile] ayame_hadouken ♥,

" Junno crouches down to the stems of the biggest, reddest begonias " )
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Title: To-Do List
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): lists, KAT-TUN member-coolness, Ueda being pimp, implied foursome, Kame working so hard, sex
Pairing: Junno/list names, Junno/Koki, so many other things implied
Summary: Taguchi keeps a list of names. The first thing to do is to make sure it’s not a vendetta roster. The second is to find out if you’re even on it. Not that you care or anything…

A/N: This was totally for fun and totally just to satisfy a particularly excellent plot bunny. I had the best ouendan crew consisting of [ profile] sekky_chan screaming, betaing and sometimes just being throwing flowers of ganbare at me (Don't ask). And one very encouraging and especially excellent [ profile] ayame_hadouken tossing in a heart of "go for it" this past week. Thank you both <3<3<3

"If I wear layers of coats, then it'll be harder for him to covet my body" )

*asterisk by koyama means it may be more than once and that Taguchi doesn't really have a choice in the matter
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Blame for why this is happening goes to [ profile] snoozing_kitten for first posting and [ profile] ryogrande for first goading. So while I resume with ten genres, let's all have fun with this.

So here's how it will work when you do this too! :D!

- Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
- Read other people's lists here <- there is no JE here yet >:O
- Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.


1.  Clinical Insanity (obsessions, neuroses, OCD gone wrong, psychosis, paranoia, hearing voices, mostly yandere ) 

2. Logic stops working. Something unimaginable happens or someone acquires magical or super powers that defy reason (and uses them unintentionally or intentionally 0o0 on the object of his affection/lust). 

3. Control, D/s using manipulative means, possessiveness, tying up, subtle brainwashing, teasing and denial, punishing disobedience

4.  Sex that's playful, rough enough to be shocking 0o0, almost painful, power play, flexibility, wrestling for top, filthy talk, desperate and messy, and sudden

5. Adorableness. Affection without words. Strange liking, unconventional desire or love (i.e F****CK! I love/want him/her so god damn much that I hate it! lol)


JE -  Junno/Maru, Jin/Maru, Ueda/Maru, Junno/Koki, Junno/Ryo, Junno/Jin, Junno/Koyama, NTT, NTT/Koyama, KAT-TUN/Koyama, Koyama/Maru, Ueda/Kame, Koyama/Koki (aww koyoki >.<), Ueda/Koki, Jin/Koki,  Nakamaru/Koki, Yoko/Junno, Yoko/Maru, Nakamassu, Pin, Sho/Maru, Matsujun/Jin, Aiba/Ueda ahh I totally feel like I forgot someone :s Oh well, let's work with these

Jdramas- Sushi Oji! Tsukasa/Kawatarou, Sushi Oji  X-overs: Kawatarou/ anyone from Johnny's, Inu Wo Kau To Iu Koto X-overs: Dr. Hotta/Sonoda Shinobu (Maru in Hancho), Dr. Hotta/Koki, Dr. Hotta/ Kobayashi Akira (Koki in Rikon syndrome), Dr. Hotta/Maru, Yamato Nadeshiko! x-overs: Kyouhei/Nakamaru, Kyouhei/Kawatarou (>.>), Takenaga/Dr.Hotta  Yukan Club: Miroku/Kawatarou, Miroku/Nakamaru ok that's enough; I'm seriously beginning to wonder what deep dark place these are coming from :'D

J-actors/actresses- (any of these people with Nakamaru would be such a fine thing) Narimiya Hiroki, Kuroki Meisa (with any of KAT-TUN), Yamamoto Yuusuke, Komine Rena (primarily with Junno), Shirota Yuu, Matsuyama Keni'ichi,

Misfits - anything goes. I'm partial to Nathan pairings though. Nathan and anything x-fandom would make my everything.

So, you, fair f-lister, you. Go now to make your own post and we can share sparkle sideways, backwards and frontwards

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Acts I've Committed

♠ Three Way Dial Up  (NTT phonesex) ♠
♠ Junno's World Order (Junno/Koyama pain & powerplay) ♠
♠ Just Follow Your Nose~! (Jin/Anonymaru club sex) ♠
♠  Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (Kameda insanity) ♠

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Title: Real Facial
Pairing(s): KAT-TUN/Kame + Kuroki Meisa, Yamapi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit gay/het sex, threesomes, recreational narcotics, snowballing, facials, group sex, gang bang, bukkake
Summary: Five times Kame gets it in the face, and one time he gets five at once.

A/N: This was originally written for the [ profile] je_devilorangel challenge by  [ profile] ryogrande and I.

I think we wanted to write something revolving entirely around Kame's face and his birthday passed us by without warning when we were both very busy. The delightful premise was the result from the exquisite and ingenius mind of Ri herself.

It was a shamelessly fun journey we took just to write all six scenes of this. She wrote two and I wrote two and then we wrote two together. (Can you tell which is which?)

I just want to say that writing with [ profile] ryogrande was a thrilling experience. Our processes were quite similar and somehow (due to wavelength sharing) we blended with a great deal of ease. Our only hurdle may have been positioning during one certain orgy scene at the end to which where I used my classy art abilities to construct this

It's colour-coded <3
So without further ado...

 (Real Facial<== link to Ri's website for the full thing.
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This is Not A Re-Post; This is a Re-Direct Post in which I've disabled comments

Title:: Johnny Rocker
Movie:: RocknRolla
Author:: [ profile] je_levy
Rating:: NC-17
Pairing(s) :: Nakamaru/Jin, Junno/Koki, Koki/Kame, Ueda/his women, Pi/Kame, Nino/Ohno
Summary:: 2018. After countless rumours, indictments, and arrests, JE has long since become a talent agency full of very talented criminals. As the media erupts with ambiguous news of legendary solo artist Jin Akanishi’s presumed death, all the factions of JE’s crime pool interlace and clash over a deal-breaking theft that has his name written all over it.
Warning:: sex, language, drugs, addicts, character death, transsexuality, and sheer unforgiveable villainy by adorable idols
Notes:: All monetary amounts in this fic are to be read in yen form, and drug slang is google-able if you so feel the need. A lot of the original RocknRolla plot has been altered so that it is more of a Guy Ritchie-tribute than a direct movie rewrite. You may see elements of other Guy Ritchie films here.

Art by [ profile] sekky_chan

I've decided that it'd just make it easier to keep it all in one place since this is a wonking four-part fic of 32,000+ words, I will keep it there without reposting for the mean time.
This fic was my main source of angst since a little after Christmas and only now that it's been posted for people to read and many of you've reminded me why I did it in the first place, it's totally my baby now. 
I want to thank [ profile] sekky_chan  for being my adorably belligerent pet the whole way through it at the risk of her own RL responsibilities, [ profile] craigdolan for being the whip-cracking beta I needed most and to whom I owe a LOT of Koki smut for ALL the beta work he's done for me this past month, and [ profile] chainsawpants for fantastic music recs, crack logic (go meet Guch in an alleyway), and keeping me in love with Nino and Sho despite the script telling me to be otherwise.

Final Note: You don't actually have to have seen the film in order to understand this since it was written with the film as a premise, while most of the story is JE of the future starring KAT-TUN. I really hope you guys like this one. 

PART 1:( People ask the question, "What's a Johnny Rocker?")

PART 2:( "You cut 'em or you pay 'em, but keep your receipts; this isn't yakuza")

PART 3:( "That which starts bitter ends sweet")

PART 4: ("Good bye, Nanashi Namae")
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 If you're on my twitter, (pls to be on there if you are not, f-list. There is sexy gif/picspam and raised questions of decadent vitality and talk of phallic symbolism) then you've probably seen me CAPSLOCKING about this already, but just like extra-cise, Imma take express pleasure in doing it... then DOING IT AGAIN. <==no more obscure western TV references this year, I promise.

So without the right materials of pomp and circumstance, I just want you all to feast your eyes on what I'm calling 


or we could just put the plot in the title, amirite?

So your fantasy at best rite now....

No, it's not even the morning after anything. Shit, it's just breakfast, chill. :P

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Title: Camp Janīzu or Platinum Argyle...
Rating: R because I hate being halfway about some things, but I tone things down so [ profile] chainsawpants can beta-read without cringing.
Pairing: Nakamaru Yuichi/Taguchi Junnosuke, hints of other things, but that's entirely up to you.
Summary: Camp Janīzu starts every summer in July welcoming over two hundred boys between the ages of 12 and 17. It is a chaotic place supervised by a mysterious Camp Head named Arashi-san and home to various categories of insanity. This year, Arashi-san is looking for transfers to their sister camp, Kanjanīzu. Nakamaru Yuichi, a man of many anxieties, is one of six counsellors trying to find order where order does not exist. Featuring all things anxiety-inducing, scary!Ueda, Xanax abuse, NEWS member appearances, slow and painful emotional torture, and perhaps the eyes of a dead aquatic animal.

A/N: Where the hell did this come from? Well, Guchi's got a pretty mouth on him, Maru's skinny legs have caught my eye and you can't go wrong with summer camp. No, seriously...


Be Nice to Your Maru...when you can. )

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... and instead of doing them you whore your own ability to complete sentences for the sake of drool-worthy calendar scans and mag scanning and adding captions because captions make you giggle and KAT-TUN makes you jittery.

So a huge macro post of such gleaming crack that you may have to reassess the people you communicate with on lj and/or in the fandom in general.

Featuring Akame (pfft!lol!), Divamaru, Guchi slowly coming to understand the reason for his existence or the lack thereof, fanfic, and a super cool story by our bro, Jin.

Preview above the cut:

Pls don't de-friend me over this :) )
Just wanna add that my N.M.P. arrived! Now, FILM, RIGHT NOW, and RABBIT OR WOLF? are currently raping my summer playlist. <3
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Yeah, at the risk of sounding like the world's worst type of head-case...

I am so fortunate to be living in the same world as this PV...


WAY TO GO, BOYS. I thought you'd all had me for life before, but
*in the process of cleaning my kitchen floor of vomitted blood*


Just follow the eyegasm signal... )

Like I said, dark-eyed bad-ass twitchiness and helmet hair...sooo not an issue. Apologies, men of B.C, my heart belongs to the various people who made this fangasm possible.


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