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Title:  Dux Bellorum: Triumvirate V: The Day of Black Rain
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: NTT (Junno/Koki/Nakamaru)
Warning: AU, steampunk, everyone’s a bit mad, sex (loads of it, goodness me), General Nakamaru , violence, guns, mentions of child soldiers
Summary: The final part of General Nakamaru’s plan and Koki begins to acclimatize to his true calling

A/N: By hours, I mean days, yes. And so we come to the end of this epic and AMAZINGLY fun journey. I cannot thank [ profile] yue_akuma ♥♥♥♥♥ enough for being the enabler that enabled this so classy-like. Clearly I should be writing for her more because her mind is a fount of wonder

My gorgeous and super encouraging crew of betas, guinea pigs, and hope-butterflies ([ profile] chainsawpants♥, [ profile] sekky_chan ♥, and [ profile] ayame_hadouken♥). You three are magic and I don’t want to write in a world where you don’t exist!

Link to Part IV : Mechanical Static

Part V: The Day of Black Rain

“He's a good distraction, though, isn't he,” )
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Title:  Dux Bellorum: Triumvirate
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: NTT (Junno/Koki/Nakamaru)
Disclaimer: This is not a political commentary of any kind
Warning: AU, some OCs, steampunk, everyone’s a bit mad, sex (loads of it, goodness me), body shots, General Nakamaru, cross-dressing, violence, guns, mentions of child soldiers
Summary: Koki has his first mission set before him and regardless of the questionable means, General Yucchi seems to think he’s the only one who can accomplish it.

A/N: Thank you soo much for waiting~! Once again thanks to [ profile] yue_akuma ♥ for an amazing prompt and subsequently being the original inspiration for the monstrous length this drabble has taken on.

And thanks as well to my lovely nekomochi beta ♥ for keeping me sane and being there always :3

Link to Part II: Trains, Soldiers & Cognac

Part III : Sunshine Blood Stains:

Where's the man who wiled his way into being kidnapped when he was meant to be murdered? ...Where's the man who managed to bring Taguchi--single-handedly responsible for the bloodiest massacre of eighty government officials— to his proverbial knees. You must gain the answers from him because you are the only man who can! )
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Title: Dux Bellorum: Triumvirate
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: NTT (Junno/Koki/Nakamaru)
Warning: AU, steampunk, everyone’s a bit mad, sex (loads of it, goodness me), body shots, General Nakamaru, crossdressing, war violence, guns, a brief mention of child soldiers
Summary: Koki has never been outside his father’s manor gates so waking up to a gun shoved in his mouth and a strange, young eye-patched military man sitting astride him is an understated surprise.

A/N: This is for [ profile] yue_akuma ♥ who bid for an NTT Steampunk drabble fic on the [ profile] help_pilipinas project. I wrote this both because guurl, you've got such a brilliant mind for requesting this and ALSO because it's everything I've wanted to write for a long time. And ALSO ALSO because you've written some kick-ass General Nakamaru TWICE and that is something I'll always fondly remember and re-read with scream-worthy glee.

Having said that and properly advertised my zealous fit in writing this fic. So you know what, I'm gonna come out and say it! This fic is a novella of four parts <.< and since it's been a WHOLE month of cackling, singing, dancing, sobbing and writing furiously with self-indulgent joy, I couldn't make you wait any longer and decided to post in installment form. So let's begin with part 1 and we'll go from there. Thank you so much, [ profile] yue_akuma, for a stupendous prompt; it was the biggest pleasure to write for you at last. ♥

Finally, thank you to my nekomochi beta and resident "pull yourself together, you gross mess of emotion!!" partner [ profile] sekky_chan, the much encouraging flail-delight magic that was [ profile] ayame_hadouken, and [ profile] chainsawpants for being the strawberries in my chocochip cream sandwich. You know this wouldn't be happening properly without you.

Part I:  Runaway Mechanic

“This is obviously the wrong room, you oversized amalgamation of scrap metal and flesh.” )
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*clears throat*


Title: Manipulated Variables
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nakamaru-sensei/Schoolboy!Junno
Summary: Good boys may finish last but, secretly, they get still to ride (shotgun) in the back.
A/N: Third part in the Submissive Equations novella...series...after-school SP thingy...dunno. :S

These are still sooo [ profile] ryogrande ’s fault. I'll never forget that afternoon...morning, day :B when this was first enabled. The world was sensei-less and we all knew so little about Math and its benefits. But now, thanks to her sock-rocking win, we have sensei now and he's still making his rounds.

[ profile] sekky_chan lives permanently on standby in the front corner of my brain and she laughs at my lame misery when she's not proof-reading it. I am but a shell without her glowing genius lurking over my shoulder on google documents never leaving me to build fences... >.>

A Life Lesson From Sensei )
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Despite the General's state of dormancy and the fail post from earlier, I feel suitably accomplished.

Last night I finally submitted all 34K of my fic for [ profile] reel_johnny, I am currently sitting on my hands in anticipation for posting of  [ profile] fic_the_faith , and I believe that [ profile] jentfic_remix[ profile] jentfic_remix began posting on Friday <=== mine may or may not be up there already. We'll leave it to guess-work and obvious adjective abuse.

Now all the things are done, I want to apologise to anyone whom I've been anything less than sparkly to and I promise that I will make it all up to you in the only way I can possibly manage. But we'll discuss such glittery things later.

[ profile] je_fqfest[ profile] je_fqfest <=== just pointing you there. No reason.

I am in BC, CANADA

Here to see old places and to smush and love on some of f-list's faces. There has been no Tim Horton's rim-rolling ecstasy nor have I sampled the delicious bark all the beaver-fans are raving about. There has been lager, though, German lager so I'm sorry to all the cultural enthusiasts that my log of this trip will not be as Canadian heavy.

I'm off for Japanese crepes later today after some yummy Korean BBQ so that doesn't help anything at all :3 Oh, Vancouver.... *has missed all this* I'm here all week making appearances at all your local pubs, some of your homes and schools, with cameo's on internet ads :p
Now for glitter.
Yes, enough about me. We're all still sitting in the aftermath of a huge problem, but what makes me feel most teary is the way a whole bunch of us jumped right in and decided to do something. The fandom is amazing and I'm kind of awe-struck that I can be here to witness this and you guys have made me feel like making the impossible possible is really something you can say without having eyes rolled at you.
So now, in the effort at making sure the world still turns, I am off to prepare for "Things I Can Only Get Away With While [ profile] sekky_chan  Is Not Here to Stop Me", Kame's Un-Birthday Week ([ profile] familytables made my everything for suggesting the title), Inexplicably explained Picspams, and ENORMOUS as well as not so enormous gifs.  And THE FIC, OH MY FUCKING GAWD, THE FIC. :S

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Radio Exchange: THIS IS THE GENERAL....OVER!! :D

OK, even I know that wasn't quite that good. I think it was a delivery problem. And no, I don't know what he thought he was doing, but that's got to hurt.

Updates and More on What's Sexy )
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Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nakamaru-sensei + Delinquent!Jin
Summary: Jin-kun just never learns. First part of the Submissive Equations-verse. :D
Warning: You know how the General fics have been pretty much nsfw? Take the warning you get for those and multiply it. 

A/N: Where'd it come from? The power of gtalk, a missing pet (;__; It's OK; I've found her), the sheer force of [ profile] ryogrande 's powers of enabling and prompting the raw ideal of Maru-sensei  (2000 words in three hours whut, mofo?), and talk of Nakamaru conducting frequent detention for his small class of five.

Just Learn To Be A Good Boy, Jin... )
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 Warning: So the usual drill. This is only crack. All just for fun and some of this may or may not be true; it's all a matter of discernment.



☆ Table of Contents☆:
Chapter One: The General Ideal Behind Most of It
Chapter Two: General Drama in Prose
Chapter Three: The General Has His Script and is Generally OK with an Interview

Chapter Four: The Nature of The General and Other Tales of Conquest

The Pleasure is Mostly His )
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Title: You’d Find It Considerably More Comfortable If You Removed Your Underwear… (more commonly known as “No Pan Pain”)
Rating: Would you believe me if I said this started out rather PG-13? No? …OK… NC-17
Pairing/People Present: KAT-TUN’s Nakameda featuring Jin…
Summary: General Nakamaru has finally mastered a new skill. He has all these bad-ass epic plans for invasion, but his favourite sexy Linguist, currently in Osaka, demands his presence. Complications ensue when the General’s current piece of ass gets involved. Crack in its most powdery state, dissociative personalities, General sex fiendishness, Jin concert love, tears, chubby fetishism, and for those of you who are new to this, Nakamaru’s your General. End of conversation.
Warning: I have never been to a Jin concert—one of my life’s regrets as I’ve always wanted to see what the future of American hip hop looks like.

A/N: Let it be known that I just don’t do social commentary. Emasculated Kame still makes me laugh, though, so that’ll count for something in the long run. Dedicated to special people on my tweet-list for goading me toward this as a form of ire alleviant. (Yes, I feel much better now, thanks) I need to steer clear of you guys, though, or I’ll never get anything done besides fic. D: |: … :D :B XB

All in all, I want to pin a great deal of responsibility for the rating on [ profile] ryogrande so when you’re done and all D:-face or even if you’re completely and utterly elated just glance meaningfully at her. That’s right, glance. Also need to add, all ninja communists are to be redirected at the door to [ profile] snoozing_kitten . She has certification in dealing with your kind.

Finally, since long, Oscar-speech style author’s notes tend to be my thing now. I want to make a public declaration of love for [ profile] sekky_chan because she lets me go all creepy lovesick stalker on her every night without even batting an eyelash. I’m keeping her and her kitten, circle bunny, and Koki pictures…so back off; get your own!

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Unit One |Unit Two | Unit Three



Good Morning, my fellow Guchologists,

Every course has its breaks, and yours happened to occur over the holidays. Still, I can see many of you kept your Guchology lessons fresh in your mind and no doubt you put into practice these lessons. Don't worry; I believe you.

However, I would like to make clear that I am uneasy, class. Yes, I marked your last quiz and there was a sensible pattern of passing as usual. However, the records appear to be tampered with and it seems someone going by the suspiciously familiar initials G.N. got into my grading system and left it in the following state. How rude. D8<

Listed in order of possible answers provided on the quiz; these are the grades awarded to you by this phantom grader who, let's face it, can't be anyone but The General himself.


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Title: Bass Your Car Streets and Party Fresh Beats PART 2
Rating: NC-17 explicit everything OMFG!
Pairings: NTT~! and all their little neuroses, ah and some Guchi/ Komine Rena
Disclaimer: You see, it’s funny because it’s not true, and guns are really just no.
Summary: Guchi is in a lot of trouble and how can no one care? Featuring Rena knowing how to run her gangster boo (no, really), Koki being reluctantly open about his ability to curr and might be the most sensible thing in this fic, but with this much sub-social principle of denial, who’s keeping track, The Guch knowing all the right wrong people, a cranky, neurotic, possibly hyper-manic Maru with his apartment suddenly way too close to Shinjuku-- oh and scary nameless hitmen, of course.
Warnings: Drug-usage (oh fuck, it’s NOT ecstasy), violence, the General’s notsureifwant!threats, cold-blooded killing, surrealism and a very classic Parisian shoot off. Ah, the thrills!

A/N: Thanks goes to all the special people on my f-list and definitely to my t-list who walked me through some pretty shrill moments of silent anxiety as I sought to have this done. Thank you guys for prodding me here and there and definitely for being patient. I’ll so be waltzing back into posting regularly now that this is done and I’m proud of its result.  [ profile] sekky_chan, this is the second half of your Xmas present. Hope you like!

And of course, have you seen your General abouts the

So swallow... 'til the tiresome pleas that walk our nights

are smoke-tinged whispers of snow lights and love

Part 2! )
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 Warning: The operative word for these entries is crack, so I don't expect anyone to take this at complete and utter face-value, not even the drug-usage,  except that majority of what I say here, I tend to have some backing for. How's that for cryptic? You know, pics or it didn't happen?

The Extremely Excellent
and Mostly Crack Post of
the Sexy Maru Epic: War and Drama

Link to Chapters One and Two

Chapter 3: The General Has His Script and Is Generally OK with an Interview.
Ah, just so you know... listen up! :B

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[Poll #1655270]I know you don't think it's possible, but yeah, I'm marking this quiz, so think carefully. I mean, somehow you all passed last time so....


SO, would you believe it? Still not done with my Guchi-party, so what's that saying? AIN'T NO PARTAY LIKE A GUCHI PARTAY CUZ THE GUCHI PARTAY DON' STOP!


Also, check out [ profile] chainsawpants  's sketch request post; she's still taking requests. Also, she says that her fiction post was partially deleted before she realised and she's fixed it with all the Guchi fic recs and drabbles. There's some new ones there I haven't even read before! So hop on over and go fic yourself. :p
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[Poll #1652453]

So? Everyone finished? Lurkers too? Good.
Y'know what? I'm not even gonna mark this one since you and I both know what the right answers are. :3  Let's move on.

:p Almost forgot, so before I head off to that thing I call sure to let me know if you do anything Guchi week related and I'll add it to the entry~!

Day Four Flail-ers

Informative Art Post (Fancanon comparison) by [ profile] sekky_chan 
Fic Rec Post and Art Request by [ profile] chainsawpants 

I'll be back to reply to comments later this afternoon XD
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This is a free course in Guchology, so pay close attention; I may only say all this once! XD


ETA: Let me know what type of flail and joy you've brought to Guchi week and I'll gladly add it so we can all shower you with pizza juice Guchi-grins. <33

Day Two Flail-ers

Punny gif post by [ profile] chainsawpants
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WARNING: Once again, this is a crack post. Nothing here is srs bsns except for the general (pfft!!) sexiness. See anything you like in particular, say so, and we can all live in harmony being tormented...emotionally by this very attractive man in uniform.

The Extremely Excellent
and Mostly Crack Post of
the Sexy Maru Epic: War and Drama


He may not show it, but fangasms DO make him happy. :D )

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DISCLAIMER: This is a crack post, so if there's something you see that you don't like, you are welcome to mutter about it in the secret of your cardboard hate box where I will never hear it. If you see something you do like (i.e. original photo requests will always be granted), then say so b'cos this was made especially for you, Maru fan. :D

 You've probably seen a number of these swimming around due to this
awesome post by [ profile] chainsawpants We were discussing Maru's not-so recent, and hilariously obvious obsession with military gear and how very much he loves the cosplay ethic and thus sparked General Nakamaru, who-- let's face it-- is pretty much awesome no matter what you catch him doing. The fact is that if you do not yet know General Nakamaru, it's about time that you do.

He's an actor, a scholar, a gentleman and a sex fiend. heard me.

so in the effort toward magical and glittery tribute:

The Extremely Excellent and
Mostly Crack Post of the Sexy
Maru Epic: War and Drama

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Ok, so mostly of late I've been working on Butterfly Inferno whilst trying to recover from my own form of KAT-TUN related angst over many different things.

So I decided I'd dust off my Best of KAT-TUN album and have a nice listen-through for some of my favourites. To be honest, I've always been a music fan, and I'd had to listen to Gold a number of times before I actually started liking these smexy six. Before I bothered searching clips for Shounen Club and scouring the internet for Gokusen, I was a big fan of their music.

My favourites when Oricon was still raving about this album four years ago was Real Face naturally, then Wilds of my Heart, then Rhodesia, then finally all the solos with One on One as my ichiban with Butterfly in close second.

I promise there's a question! )


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