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Languages, art, fashion, literature, MUSIC... these are its ringing Tennyson bell; it is the unfurnished house that was always a dream, but not an acquisition. 

Envision if you will the mid-twenties of a decadent life, sprung and polished from a culture screaming for enrichment and the proverbial bread and circus. Picture this life being troubled and disappointed by the ideals presented to it by societal impulse and affected education. Now left with dedication to a no longer fresh state of satire clamoring only now for simplicity and emotional wealth.

I like things that glitter, people who love to laugh, art references, obscure-knowledge of opera, fashionistas, self-confidence, different expressions of love, flamhammery, crack (the kind you can read and watch), hilarity. I love music and would have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if it weren't for the pull that is eating-out. I sing; I sing all the time and vocalize in situations that have merited a special head-smack
I'm also, oddly enough, everything that epitomizes the

so as much as I will use up words, drama, pizzaz and camp behavior in an attempt to summarize who I am, that in itself is the summary.

  (this only means that all the fic and fandom picspam remains public but the regular real life entries I post are always going to be locked)

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(I may have to start calling him 'boo'.)

Yeah, thanks to Guchi, Dirt Off Your Shoulder is stuck in my head. I'll explain why presently....

First, though, three (or four) things....

Today is officially my first day in weeks and weeks where I'm not sneaking in Internet and omg deadlines!!!MUST WRITE ALL NOW time between work shifts and being out with the DG women painting the Freedom Wall, working on a couple projects for the summer grand re-opening of a New Westminster location. I have all of two weeks of nothing except for the Freedom Wall thingy. We're a quarter of the way through and it's fun stuff with just painting and listening to music and some pretty cathartic moments for these women. I'm having more fun doing that than with my other job. I will take pictures when we're all done and I'll dole out some context so you can see just what it is that has me choked up just looking at some of these pieces. 

ALSO I started hot yoga last Thursday and have another class this Thursday again to sort of complement the Hip Hop Abs vid session I usually do alone. (More like I was coerced by something pretty to join but hey whatever). It BUUURNS and I've hit the floor more than a couple times. All the pain of it aside, I love how my body feels afterward except for the part where my brain feels like a baked marshmallow but that's my own fault for not having hydrated enough before going. Green tea since then oh my holy lord of hydration! I'm gonna be kick-ass at it this week.

Yesterday I managed to get FQF submitted early evening and all I'm saying is this is definitely something new :Bv (OR IS IT D:<). Posting starts on July 1st and I'm so excited!! Now all that's left are the DOAs and ugh I get so squealy-happy thinking about them since it seems this year I'm writing a LOT and a lot of what I love writing the most without giving too much away. I love sticking to a niche in fandom; it's less stressful :3

And in the most of all good news there is. FLORENCE & THE MACHINE IS COMING TO MY CITY. Performing at Deer Lake and tickets are only $50 for some outrageous reason. Small venue and sooo not my scene but her siren song has a gorgeous and addictive pull that I don't imagine myself tiring of.

Ever since that night back in 2010, perhaps around 4am. I was pretty tanked and then her video came on. If it wasn't her vocals, it was either her lyrics or her distinctive, otherworldly features. I woke up the next afternoon thinking I'd dreamt it; it was so beautiful.. So yeah to this day I'm still all got up about her lyrics, her voice, her themes. All of it. Ugh I'm so excited!!! I've never seen what she's like live but I'm convinced it'll be like heaven.  

Finally!! I watched the To The Limit making of just this morning. It would be plainly obvious to you that I'm just absolutely crazy about Nakamaru in the PV itself with his glasses, his special hair and his kung-fu and I physically canNOT with how squishy Koki's looking lately. I've capslocked more than once off LJ about his biteable arms and the parts of him I need to squeeze (oh! it's Tuesday!). I'd motorboat those moobs, just saying.

BUT HAY this morning, this is what's had me cackling and busy:

Photobucket     Photobucket

So if you're feeling like a pimp...

Yeah, I know. I cried too.

Ugh I have so much time on my hands outside of writing now. I should do a Legal High post. I have so many feels you guys. Like FEELS feels for Komikado, for Machiko-chan and for Guchi being all sweet swag and a hot-ass piece of gorgeous all the damn time. 

Off to go clean. I haven't been at home long enough to do this at length. My living room is in shambles :'D Happy tmi! Tuesday or Taguchi Tuesday depending on how much of a pimp you're feeling

edit: about the day confusion, I came home Monday evening, submitted FQF, and then dropped. I genuinely slept all of Tuesday through so we're having a bit of a Captain America situation here. Humour me, it's 1945 :'o)
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And so on our final consecutive day (but certainly not the last ever) of Koki gifspam, we need to make this special, so not only are the drinks so much more expensive (free for bunny folk only), but the gifs are so much harder to resist. Also, it's later in the evening :D what do you mean I got lazy and posted late? no, this was entirely my intention from day one


Nice save :D!

So while the getting's still good, raise your glasses once more for someone so alarmingly cute, we're still trying to work out how best to deal with it all ;A;

Whorish to the very End :'D )
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I saw you all yesterday. Some of you switched to milk and some of you moved in. Sure, let's have a live-in party. Just pick up yesterday's beer bottles and coolers and shot glasses, toss them aside and clean up those suspicious fluids on the rug. Honestly

We're in for another round of Raise Your Glasses to sugar sexy sweetness!

Third Day of Partyin' )

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Yesterday's batch had us squirming in our seats due to the overall state of shamelessness and some of you may have gotten drunk and said some things we all regretted in the morning, it doesn't matter~ ヽ(´ー`)┌

 It's a new day; let's go for one more round! >:D Dilute your liquor plz. We' gettin' serious.


Mah Gawd, They're Still Moving! )
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Yes, yes ok, his birthday was a week ago. I had other valid reasons for doing this though. Perfectly valid reasons with the word

being one of them...

Warning: There really is a whole ass-load of gifs past this entry and several entries to come (100+ means close to 200 or maybe even more than that). Yeah, it's upsetting enough as it is but worse still, the gifs aren't even apologetic about it. They're gonna sit here in their shameless perpetuated motion and MUW (make u wait) as they mutually load themselves (srsly so slutty). So please, please give these gifs the benefit of the doubt. They will not let you down when you've waited, though. And they know you want them, so seriously you're not fooling anyone.

Even if you're genuinely disinterested these gifs themselves are determined to win your affection:
Before you jump in to the image-heavy; let's address the drinking game rules.

1 shot for hair-touching
2 for Self-touching (or self-grabbing :s!)
3 for Girlishness (or delightful cross-dressing)
4 for MUWtt  (make you wish to touch)
5 for Nekoki
(rules founded by the esteemed [ profile] sekky_chan)
Look, bro, they MOVE )
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Welcome to another creepy birthday post

Because another KAT-TUN birthday is upon us and I have free time so let's proceed with

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Don't judge; I'm in Western Canada; it's still officially give or take some several hours his birthday and there are beautiful things still all over fandom revolving entirely around the quaking, breathless reactions we've had over this man:

Image hosting by



I've been shrieking all over the place with sheer glee and tears. Gleetears = glitters. >.> One of you once asked me if I type as I think. Answer is yes.

Read more... )
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This is your run-of-the-mill I'm-secretly-a-turkey smug bastard face. The more trollish, the better. See how sly his eyes look; so very sly. 
Turkies sound best auto-tuned. Try it out! )
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Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nakamaru-sensei + Delinquent!Jin
Summary: Jin-kun just never learns. First part of the Submissive Equations-verse. :D
Warning: You know how the General fics have been pretty much nsfw? Take the warning you get for those and multiply it. 

A/N: Where'd it come from? The power of gtalk, a missing pet (;__; It's OK; I've found her), the sheer force of [ profile] ryogrande 's powers of enabling and prompting the raw ideal of Maru-sensei  (2000 words in three hours whut, mofo?), and talk of Nakamaru conducting frequent detention for his small class of five.

Just Learn To Be A Good Boy, Jin... )
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 Warning: So the usual drill. This is only crack. All just for fun and some of this may or may not be true; it's all a matter of discernment.



☆ Table of Contents☆:
Chapter One: The General Ideal Behind Most of It
Chapter Two: General Drama in Prose
Chapter Three: The General Has His Script and is Generally OK with an Interview

Chapter Four: The Nature of The General and Other Tales of Conquest

The Pleasure is Mostly His )
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Unit One |Unit Two | Unit Three



Good Morning, my fellow Guchologists,

Every course has its breaks, and yours happened to occur over the holidays. Still, I can see many of you kept your Guchology lessons fresh in your mind and no doubt you put into practice these lessons. Don't worry; I believe you.

However, I would like to make clear that I am uneasy, class. Yes, I marked your last quiz and there was a sensible pattern of passing as usual. However, the records appear to be tampered with and it seems someone going by the suspiciously familiar initials G.N. got into my grading system and left it in the following state. How rude. D8<

Listed in order of possible answers provided on the quiz; these are the grades awarded to you by this phantom grader who, let's face it, can't be anyone but The General himself.


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I can't seem to get the win that is this CM and all its attached musical awesome and the usual sexiness and for heaven's sake, I'm trying to write here, guys. Couldn't you have waited?? /run-on of fangirling fail

Because you know the HQ will mean more, non-Gifsoup ones.
Image hosting by

He called it fuel efficiency for a reason. *sagely nod*

The Copper Prince understands ALL of the implications involving input and output. It is to his knowledge that input is the most fierce. Discuss.

For now, I'll be snuggling into my duvet chuckling to myself about wheels that are ultimate, (MONSTER TRUCK RALLY!!) Himes that can really stick it in, Hantai no hito!Maru who is the designated driver, Guch using his sheer height to showcase legroom, JUNDA slap fight, Koki's winking and how I think I may go on the Special K challenge where I subsist on nothing but Koki sexiness, and of course Kame epically crossing his legs IN A CAR.

ALL THESE I WILL GIF and I want to get into this more with you, but I need sleep and I NEED TO WRITE. *weeps* I'll return to inquire further on your flail.
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 Warning: The operative word for these entries is crack, so I don't expect anyone to take this at complete and utter face-value, not even the drug-usage,  except that majority of what I say here, I tend to have some backing for. How's that for cryptic? You know, pics or it didn't happen?

The Extremely Excellent
and Mostly Crack Post of
the Sexy Maru Epic: War and Drama

Link to Chapters One and Two

Chapter 3: The General Has His Script and Is Generally OK with an Interview.
Ah, just so you know... listen up! :B

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So hasn't this been a very nice lengthy space in which I could learn to miss you guys? Srsly~ I got so used to posting nearly every day that the silence literally made me blanch and hyperventilate. Thank goodness for [ profile] je_holiday or more like, it's one of the very reasons I've been so silent today though I'd intended to post this morning, but when it comes to this pretty f-list and fandom in general,  some things just CANNOT be ignored (yeah, some of these things even brought a tear to my eye. I love you KAT-TUN fandom :p)

Also, to note, there is going to be [ profile] reel_johnny  which is a whole n'other type of glittery coolness. I'm definitely all over that. :3

So yes, in other big news, we've clearly had a look at the Best Artist appearance by our lovely crew of merry soldiers, lieutenants, and air marshals and we've all flailed endlessly somewhat at how KAT-TUN was able to represent, and I definitely fangasm'd over those delicious outfits, and many MANY things made me happy about that appearance but the thing that made me happiest was this single second:

Image hosting by
Yeah, once you're at peace with my ridiculously deviant mind, you'll understand just what makes me grin like an idiot here. Also, our General is wearing mirrors! *gasps for air* reflect his gorgeousness back at him making the soft light of beauty surrounding him...shine twice as much...

But THAT'S NOT WHY WE'RE HERE!! *points at post title, breathing heavily* That was close! I almost completely deviated from the topic at hand. We can't have that happen again...ah!

Right! This looks like a job for~!!!

Woody-san- no, wait.... )

ETA: LOL~ I didn't realise I'd forgotten one, and it's one of the best ones too D:

Image hosting by
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I mean, hell, if you're here for some General Maru, I got some good shit for ya too!

What with all the crack I'm posting, I feel I should begin testing out crack dealer pimp talk, bear with me. 

So I love Shounen Club as much as the next person; I'm even more than willing to cover my eyes and hum when BI Shadow or the mind-boggling cuteness that is Hip Hop Jump come on stage lest the phrase, "those sexy fourteen year olds" enters my vocabulary. Yeah, so for the last year I've been watching and been wanting to make gifs of the shit-storm of pretty, show-boating acid trips that occur there every episode. But I didn't because IRL I'm actually pretty lazy and I spend hours just staring at/listening to sparkly shit (i.e. JE ) so I can motivate myself to put on the glitter eyeshadow, heels, and go to work because a group of men all the way across the world do the same for me and a huge number of other gawking people with excellent taste...

So, you'll never guess what got me to finally start making the SC gifs? Oh wait, you already know? Yeah, it's Kame! This guy is my idol. No, like seriously! I mean, I go on about Maru and how his sly, teasing ways causes me some very serious emotional issues, I scream obscenities when Guchi totes that rare smirk he sometimes gets, Koki is ALWAYS gonna be my thug-teddy that I'd totally go chola for in a second, and Pomu-hime is a princess after my own heart.

Kame, though...I have a special place in my heart for the current square puffiness that is Kame. If I were a guy, I'd be Kame. With his saucy dramatics (overdoes it as much as I do at times), ambitious and calculating drive, questionable sexuality, and wtfcan'tbecoolthistime!dorkiness. I always thought so, and when he says he's gonna entertain...DAYUM, does he deliver.


Also, jeez is he nice to look at or what? :D Who wouldn't want to be that sort of man? *frown* CLRLY, the men living in my city. Gawd, guys, bring it up a notch! 

So now that you've subjected yourself to that wall of brain-vomit text without developing feelings of contempt for me. 


So I've posted all this. It's public domain now, so take what you will and use wisely. Kame's expressions and the sweet cuteness of all of this deserve tribute. Next SC gif post will most likely be Ueda's, whose performance also wowed me, but I fail so I didn't do this yet! Ah, so shiny glass dicks aside, golden santa comes in a week.

What are you hoping for this Xmas?
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[Poll #1655270]I know you don't think it's possible, but yeah, I'm marking this quiz, so think carefully. I mean, somehow you all passed last time so....


SO, would you believe it? Still not done with my Guchi-party, so what's that saying? AIN'T NO PARTAY LIKE A GUCHI PARTAY CUZ THE GUCHI PARTAY DON' STOP!


Also, check out [ profile] chainsawpants  's sketch request post; she's still taking requests. Also, she says that her fiction post was partially deleted before she realised and she's fixed it with all the Guchi fic recs and drabbles. There's some new ones there I haven't even read before! So hop on over and go fic yourself. :p
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OK, so let's just pretend for a moment that Guchi week is transcendent and we didn't limit to a week. In fact, Guchi week is primarily an expression of- ah, forget it. I'm LATE~~~ and it's mostly because of this horrid, horrid subtitle file. The subbing went as it usually does, but when it came time to hardsub the thing, nothing would work. Sure, it would put the subtitles on there without a hitch, but then the next thing I know, Vdub has changed to typeface, positioning, and colour of the subtitles.

Here's a gif to make up for the lateness:
Image hosting by you know, so you can prove it to the unbelievers how wicked-shit awesome your idol is. That's Mr. Guch to you.

So on that whiny miserable, but pretty much relieved note....

Welcome to a Firework Finale of such
Fine Freshness!!
                      ...though it's a bit late

I dunno, I feel like in this solitary working silence, I've missed you all and your madness and your acceptance of mine. :D

To start off with, I bring you: [Cartoon KAT-TUN] 2010.01.06 100 Adult Rules SP  III with JUNNO.

You know, the one with the tap-dancing, the puns, the( -_-)-style!Jin, the LOLS (...oh the LOLS), and of course the faces...

You KNOW you love the faces... )
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WARNING: Once again, this is a crack post. Nothing here is srs bsns except for the general (pfft!!) sexiness. See anything you like in particular, say so, and we can all live in harmony being tormented...emotionally by this very attractive man in uniform.

The Extremely Excellent
and Mostly Crack Post of
the Sexy Maru Epic: War and Drama


He may not show it, but fangasms DO make him happy. :D )


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