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Title: Dux Bellorum: Triumvirate IV: Mechanical Static
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: NTT (Junno/Koki/Nakamaru)
Warning: AU, steampunk, everyone’s a bit mad, sex (loads of it, goodness me), threesome, double penetration, General Nakamaru, cross-dressing, violence, guns, mentions of child soldiers
Summary: The final part of General Nakamaru’s plan and Koki begins to acclimatize to his true calling

A/N: I am so sorry about the terribly long wait. I thought I'd manage to finish this before my [ profile] fic_the_faith writing period but it didn't work out, but now that we've come to the last two chapters, I have such a full barrel of thanks and love to go to [ profile] yue_akuma for being the one to prompt this and subsequently enabling one of my favourite fics to write this year (and it's only APRIL!) Thank you so much for bringing me this fun opportunity and thank you for bearing with me this whole time for turning a drabble into this madness. 

Much, soo so much hugs to both my lovely, inspiring kitten love [ profile] sekky_chan and to my most encouraging and delightful cackle-partner during early mornings, [ profile] ayame_hadouken. I can't imagine getting anything done without you two around to poke me. 

So remember when this was going to be just three parts? Yeah, this is the second to final part. One more to go. Part Five to follow in a manner of hours. 

Link to Part III : Sunshine Blood Stains

Part IV : Mechanical Static

“Rebellion is a risk, isn't it?” )
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Title:  Dux Bellorum: Triumvirate
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: NTT (Junno/Koki/Nakamaru)
Warning: AU, steampunk, everyone’s a bit mad, sex (loads of it, goodness me), body shots, General Nakamaru, crossdressing, war violence, guns, a brief mention of child soldiers
Summary: Being complicit to your own kidnapping doesn't come without a hefty price.

A/N: <.< It feels kind of eerie. I've not seen it yet but I heard that Koki's wearing a military uniform for his solo. Why mention that? How is that related? Well, who knows...mother fucking nyao!

Thanks once again to my pretty kitten beta [ profile] sekky_chan, (;0)

Part I : Runaway Mechanic

 Part II : Trains, Soldiers & Cognac 

"When I took measures to execute this plan, I dreamt that it would be a great deal more difficult, but within the space of time you’ve been here, having fixed Taguchi’s arm, I think I see the value of having you here, that is, as you said, if you’re on my side.” )

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Its still his birthday in my book, so...

Give me ANY Maru pairing and I will write one sentence of TEN genres for them. The genres are:

1. Angst
2. AU
3. Crack
4. Future fic
5. First Time
6. Fluff
7. Humor  Badfic Parody
8. Hurt/Comfort
9. Smut
10. UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension)

Now when I say Maru pairings, I mean any and every Maru pairings. I will write them and I'm especially looking forward to creativity and even the ones we're used to. So even if you want to request something random like Sho/Maru (*cough* [ profile] chainsawpants *hack*) or a relevant threesome like NTT (*wheezes* [ profile] sekky_chan *dies*) I will write it and happily!!

♥ 10 Genre Sentences So Far ♥

1.    Maruda requested by [ profile] luna_truths
2.    Sho/Maru requested by [ profile] chainsawpants
3.    NTT requested by [ profile] sekky_chan
4.    Nakanishi requested by [ profile] ryogrande
5.    Ru/Kazu (Johnny Rocker-verse) requested by [ profile] randomicicle
6.    Tom Riddle/Maru requested by [ profile] chainsawpants
7.    NakaMa requested by [ profile] chuckles0505
8 .   Nakamaru/pudding requested by [ profile] elizajet
9.    Tagumaru requested by [ profile] encoded_panties
10.  Nakame requested by [ profile] bellemelody
11.  NakaNaka requested by [ profile] sekky_chan

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 Warning: So the usual drill. This is only crack. All just for fun and some of this may or may not be true; it's all a matter of discernment.



☆ Table of Contents☆:
Chapter One: The General Ideal Behind Most of It
Chapter Two: General Drama in Prose
Chapter Three: The General Has His Script and is Generally OK with an Interview

Chapter Four: The Nature of The General and Other Tales of Conquest

The Pleasure is Mostly His )
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 Warning: The operative word for these entries is crack, so I don't expect anyone to take this at complete and utter face-value, not even the drug-usage,  except that majority of what I say here, I tend to have some backing for. How's that for cryptic? You know, pics or it didn't happen?

The Extremely Excellent
and Mostly Crack Post of
the Sexy Maru Epic: War and Drama

Link to Chapters One and Two

Chapter 3: The General Has His Script and Is Generally OK with an Interview.
Ah, just so you know... listen up! :B

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WARNING: Once again, this is a crack post. Nothing here is srs bsns except for the general (pfft!!) sexiness. See anything you like in particular, say so, and we can all live in harmony being tormented...emotionally by this very attractive man in uniform.

The Extremely Excellent
and Mostly Crack Post of
the Sexy Maru Epic: War and Drama


He may not show it, but fangasms DO make him happy. :D )

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DISCLAIMER: This is a crack post, so if there's something you see that you don't like, you are welcome to mutter about it in the secret of your cardboard hate box where I will never hear it. If you see something you do like (i.e. original photo requests will always be granted), then say so b'cos this was made especially for you, Maru fan. :D

 You've probably seen a number of these swimming around due to this
awesome post by [ profile] chainsawpants We were discussing Maru's not-so recent, and hilariously obvious obsession with military gear and how very much he loves the cosplay ethic and thus sparked General Nakamaru, who-- let's face it-- is pretty much awesome no matter what you catch him doing. The fact is that if you do not yet know General Nakamaru, it's about time that you do.

He's an actor, a scholar, a gentleman and a sex fiend. heard me.

so in the effort toward magical and glittery tribute:

The Extremely Excellent and
Mostly Crack Post of the Sexy
Maru Epic: War and Drama



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