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Title: Just Follow Your Nose~!
Rating: NC-17
Pairing Jin/Anonymous >.>
Warnings: anonymous until it’s TOTALLY not sex in a semi-public place plus a sexy toucan
Summary: Jin can’t even think of sleeping with anyone who knows him and as it is now, almost everyone at least knows him by face.

Written for [ profile] ryogrande ♥ ♥ for the 5 Acts Meme with “Anonymous sex (clubbing, canon)” as inspiration.

"Just to be able to proposition, dance with someone, feel them under his hands and keep them from knowing who he is..." )
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Blame for why this is happening goes to [ profile] snoozing_kitten for first posting and [ profile] ryogrande for first goading. So while I resume with ten genres, let's all have fun with this.

So here's how it will work when you do this too! :D!

- Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
- Read other people's lists here <- there is no JE here yet >:O
- Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.


1.  Clinical Insanity (obsessions, neuroses, OCD gone wrong, psychosis, paranoia, hearing voices, mostly yandere ) 

2. Logic stops working. Something unimaginable happens or someone acquires magical or super powers that defy reason (and uses them unintentionally or intentionally 0o0 on the object of his affection/lust). 

3. Control, D/s using manipulative means, possessiveness, tying up, subtle brainwashing, teasing and denial, punishing disobedience

4.  Sex that's playful, rough enough to be shocking 0o0, almost painful, power play, flexibility, wrestling for top, filthy talk, desperate and messy, and sudden

5. Adorableness. Affection without words. Strange liking, unconventional desire or love (i.e F****CK! I love/want him/her so god damn much that I hate it! lol)


JE -  Junno/Maru, Jin/Maru, Ueda/Maru, Junno/Koki, Junno/Ryo, Junno/Jin, Junno/Koyama, NTT, NTT/Koyama, KAT-TUN/Koyama, Koyama/Maru, Ueda/Kame, Koyama/Koki (aww koyoki >.<), Ueda/Koki, Jin/Koki,  Nakamaru/Koki, Yoko/Junno, Yoko/Maru, Nakamassu, Pin, Sho/Maru, Matsujun/Jin, Aiba/Ueda ahh I totally feel like I forgot someone :s Oh well, let's work with these

Jdramas- Sushi Oji! Tsukasa/Kawatarou, Sushi Oji  X-overs: Kawatarou/ anyone from Johnny's, Inu Wo Kau To Iu Koto X-overs: Dr. Hotta/Sonoda Shinobu (Maru in Hancho), Dr. Hotta/Koki, Dr. Hotta/ Kobayashi Akira (Koki in Rikon syndrome), Dr. Hotta/Maru, Yamato Nadeshiko! x-overs: Kyouhei/Nakamaru, Kyouhei/Kawatarou (>.>), Takenaga/Dr.Hotta  Yukan Club: Miroku/Kawatarou, Miroku/Nakamaru ok that's enough; I'm seriously beginning to wonder what deep dark place these are coming from :'D

J-actors/actresses- (any of these people with Nakamaru would be such a fine thing) Narimiya Hiroki, Kuroki Meisa (with any of KAT-TUN), Yamamoto Yuusuke, Komine Rena (primarily with Junno), Shirota Yuu, Matsuyama Keni'ichi,

Misfits - anything goes. I'm partial to Nathan pairings though. Nathan and anything x-fandom would make my everything.

So, you, fair f-lister, you. Go now to make your own post and we can share sparkle sideways, backwards and frontwards

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Acts I've Committed

♠ Three Way Dial Up  (NTT phonesex) ♠
♠ Junno's World Order (Junno/Koyama pain & powerplay) ♠
♠ Just Follow Your Nose~! (Jin/Anonymaru club sex) ♠
♠  Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (Kameda insanity) ♠

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Its still his birthday in my book, so...

Give me ANY Maru pairing and I will write one sentence of TEN genres for them. The genres are:

1. Angst
2. AU
3. Crack
4. Future fic
5. First Time
6. Fluff
7. Humor  Badfic Parody
8. Hurt/Comfort
9. Smut
10. UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension)

Now when I say Maru pairings, I mean any and every Maru pairings. I will write them and I'm especially looking forward to creativity and even the ones we're used to. So even if you want to request something random like Sho/Maru (*cough* [ profile] chainsawpants *hack*) or a relevant threesome like NTT (*wheezes* [ profile] sekky_chan *dies*) I will write it and happily!!

♥ 10 Genre Sentences So Far ♥

1.    Maruda requested by [ profile] luna_truths
2.    Sho/Maru requested by [ profile] chainsawpants
3.    NTT requested by [ profile] sekky_chan
4.    Nakanishi requested by [ profile] ryogrande
5.    Ru/Kazu (Johnny Rocker-verse) requested by [ profile] randomicicle
6.    Tom Riddle/Maru requested by [ profile] chainsawpants
7.    NakaMa requested by [ profile] chuckles0505
8 .   Nakamaru/pudding requested by [ profile] elizajet
9.    Tagumaru requested by [ profile] encoded_panties
10.  Nakame requested by [ profile] bellemelody
11.  NakaNaka requested by [ profile] sekky_chan

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Title: Real Facial
Pairing(s): KAT-TUN/Kame + Kuroki Meisa, Yamapi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit gay/het sex, threesomes, recreational narcotics, snowballing, facials, group sex, gang bang, bukkake
Summary: Five times Kame gets it in the face, and one time he gets five at once.

A/N: This was originally written for the [ profile] je_devilorangel challenge by  [ profile] ryogrande and I.

I think we wanted to write something revolving entirely around Kame's face and his birthday passed us by without warning when we were both very busy. The delightful premise was the result from the exquisite and ingenius mind of Ri herself.

It was a shamelessly fun journey we took just to write all six scenes of this. She wrote two and I wrote two and then we wrote two together. (Can you tell which is which?)

I just want to say that writing with [ profile] ryogrande was a thrilling experience. Our processes were quite similar and somehow (due to wavelength sharing) we blended with a great deal of ease. Our only hurdle may have been positioning during one certain orgy scene at the end to which where I used my classy art abilities to construct this

It's colour-coded <3
So without further ado...

 (Real Facial<== link to Ri's website for the full thing.
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Pairings/ Characters: Nakamaru Yuichi/ Ueda Tatsuya, KAT-TUN and their flamhammery.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sex!.. and talk of it, established relationship, romance, silliness, genre-overshadowing, and lesbians of course.
Summary: Two years and some months is a long time to be with anyone, but it doesn’t matter when you’re still going strong. Strong and so very, very without sex. And Yuichi is more attractive with each day passing.”Not cool,” Ueda thinks.
Notes: 7,550 words. Originally written for [ profile] sashjun during this year's [ profile] fic_the_faith originally posted here. I had so so so much fun writing this, so I hope the rest of you have fun with it too. 

If you have read this and you're still all wriggly for moar Maruda, I want to recommend this adorable fic. It made my night last night as you'll probably spot from the incoherent flail one comment in.

"Lesbians are really cool, aren't they?" )
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This is Not A Re-Post; This is a Re-Direct Post in which I've disabled comments

Title:: Johnny Rocker
Movie:: RocknRolla
Author:: [ profile] je_levy
Rating:: NC-17
Pairing(s) :: Nakamaru/Jin, Junno/Koki, Koki/Kame, Ueda/his women, Pi/Kame, Nino/Ohno
Summary:: 2018. After countless rumours, indictments, and arrests, JE has long since become a talent agency full of very talented criminals. As the media erupts with ambiguous news of legendary solo artist Jin Akanishi’s presumed death, all the factions of JE’s crime pool interlace and clash over a deal-breaking theft that has his name written all over it.
Warning:: sex, language, drugs, addicts, character death, transsexuality, and sheer unforgiveable villainy by adorable idols
Notes:: All monetary amounts in this fic are to be read in yen form, and drug slang is google-able if you so feel the need. A lot of the original RocknRolla plot has been altered so that it is more of a Guy Ritchie-tribute than a direct movie rewrite. You may see elements of other Guy Ritchie films here.

Art by [ profile] sekky_chan

I've decided that it'd just make it easier to keep it all in one place since this is a wonking four-part fic of 32,000+ words, I will keep it there without reposting for the mean time.
This fic was my main source of angst since a little after Christmas and only now that it's been posted for people to read and many of you've reminded me why I did it in the first place, it's totally my baby now. 
I want to thank [ profile] sekky_chan  for being my adorably belligerent pet the whole way through it at the risk of her own RL responsibilities, [ profile] craigdolan for being the whip-cracking beta I needed most and to whom I owe a LOT of Koki smut for ALL the beta work he's done for me this past month, and [ profile] chainsawpants for fantastic music recs, crack logic (go meet Guch in an alleyway), and keeping me in love with Nino and Sho despite the script telling me to be otherwise.

Final Note: You don't actually have to have seen the film in order to understand this since it was written with the film as a premise, while most of the story is JE of the future starring KAT-TUN. I really hope you guys like this one. 

PART 1:( People ask the question, "What's a Johnny Rocker?")

PART 2:( "You cut 'em or you pay 'em, but keep your receipts; this isn't yakuza")

PART 3:( "That which starts bitter ends sweet")

PART 4: ("Good bye, Nanashi Namae")
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Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nakamaru-sensei + Delinquent!Jin
Summary: Jin-kun just never learns. First part of the Submissive Equations-verse. :D
Warning: You know how the General fics have been pretty much nsfw? Take the warning you get for those and multiply it. 

A/N: Where'd it come from? The power of gtalk, a missing pet (;__; It's OK; I've found her), the sheer force of [ profile] ryogrande 's powers of enabling and prompting the raw ideal of Maru-sensei  (2000 words in three hours whut, mofo?), and talk of Nakamaru conducting frequent detention for his small class of five.

Just Learn To Be A Good Boy, Jin... )
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Title: You’d Find It Considerably More Comfortable If You Removed Your Underwear… (more commonly known as “No Pan Pain”)
Rating: Would you believe me if I said this started out rather PG-13? No? …OK… NC-17
Pairing/People Present: KAT-TUN’s Nakameda featuring Jin…
Summary: General Nakamaru has finally mastered a new skill. He has all these bad-ass epic plans for invasion, but his favourite sexy Linguist, currently in Osaka, demands his presence. Complications ensue when the General’s current piece of ass gets involved. Crack in its most powdery state, dissociative personalities, General sex fiendishness, Jin concert love, tears, chubby fetishism, and for those of you who are new to this, Nakamaru’s your General. End of conversation.
Warning: I have never been to a Jin concert—one of my life’s regrets as I’ve always wanted to see what the future of American hip hop looks like.

A/N: Let it be known that I just don’t do social commentary. Emasculated Kame still makes me laugh, though, so that’ll count for something in the long run. Dedicated to special people on my tweet-list for goading me toward this as a form of ire alleviant. (Yes, I feel much better now, thanks) I need to steer clear of you guys, though, or I’ll never get anything done besides fic. D: |: … :D :B XB

All in all, I want to pin a great deal of responsibility for the rating on [ profile] ryogrande so when you’re done and all D:-face or even if you’re completely and utterly elated just glance meaningfully at her. That’s right, glance. Also need to add, all ninja communists are to be redirected at the door to [ profile] snoozing_kitten . She has certification in dealing with your kind.

Finally, since long, Oscar-speech style author’s notes tend to be my thing now. I want to make a public declaration of love for [ profile] sekky_chan because she lets me go all creepy lovesick stalker on her every night without even batting an eyelash. I’m keeping her and her kitten, circle bunny, and Koki pictures…so back off; get your own!

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Title: Butterfly Inferno
Rating: NC-17
Pairings : Kokame, Kameda, Akame…
Warnings: Besides the language and sex, this is a heavy chapter. I know the plot is taking me there, but if you’re in need of happy thoughts afterward, I’ll take responsibility. I shall post a gorgeous world-changing PV picspam as compensation for how miserable this will undoubtedly make you. I’m so sorry.
Disclaimer: Why do we need these things anyway? If I owned the rights to publish works about them, it wouldn’t be on livejournal.
Summary: The Jimusho’s plan moves ahead: Kame is a flickering shadow of what he wants to be, Jin is moving for change, Taguchi isn’t sure he wants to know what’s going on, Koki knows what he has to do, Ueda just wants to fix what he can, and Nakamaru is the one unfortunate enough to know nearly everything. “Who am I?” he says before he can stop himself and Koki’s wandering gaze rests on him, worry crinkling his brows… Their eyes meet and Koki’s are like caramel drops under the flickering streetlight, round and shining

A/N- Wednesday night counts for early this week, doesn’t it? Hm? :L Thank you for being patient, guys; please do comment though as it serves as the perfect type of encouragement esp.  as I've spent an inordinate amount of time and thought on this, so I'd be happy where con-crit is concerned. I’m tough as nails so let me know where you think improvement is necessary.

Chapter 6 Cont'd )
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Yeah, you damn well better.

OK, PV flamhammery and my own desire to screencap the shit out of that masterpiece aside, I'm sorry for those of you waiting for my Butterfly Inferno update. I was down with bronchitis for a two weeks now and then had to work on the RL things I fell behind with while I was away, so yeah now that some of my other obligations are cleared, I'll get back on that and hopefully have Part 12 up early this week.

GIRLS <33333 excuse me while I fap to the best thing on earth. I told you it would be the best thing you've ever jived to and it is, ladies, it is.

A friend of mine sent me a rip from somewhere; sorry, it's LQ, but I had to have other people kyaaing over these three and esp the rhythm. They said it'd be reggae, but this is dancehall and that gives me everything I need in life. KAT-TUN Girl NTT song.mp3

 Maru and his English )
...Oh man, English all over my curriculum, baby Sorry, what was I saying? Ah right...  .
Oh, scandal~ as [ profile] chainsawpants said.

Meat often outdoes steamed vegetables. )

Ok, enough. Off to write. I love you, fandom; you're crazy, but I can't help it. I'm so homo for you. :D
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Title: Butterfly Inferno
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Akame, Nakanishi, Kameda, Kokame, but just so you know, even if the pairing is listed, it does not guarantee that it is a happy one.
Warnings: You’re not gonna get this much drama anywhere else, I am unashamed to admit. Also we’re going AU where Jin is still in KAT-TUN presently, there was neither a solo concert nor an Asian Tour. Also in this universe, existing entirely in my mind, the big jimusho is out for quality, not quantity thus the wicked and incomprehensible plot turn.
Disclaimer: I wonder how much anyone would pay for this trivially angst-soaked fun? Well, I wouldn’t know, would I?
Summary: In desperation, each member of KAT-TUN silently makes his effort to repair the problem they're all afraid to talk about, but too often desire will ride higher than necessity."He stopped trying by the end of 2008, puttering out into an awful quiet, the idol in him black, frayed and damaged."

Chapter 5 Cont'd )
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Title: Butterfly Inferno
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Akame, Nakanishi, Kameda, Kokame, but just so you know, even if the pairing is listed, it does not guarantee that it is a happy one.
Warnings: You’re not gonna get this much drama anywhere else, I am unashamed to admit. Also we’re going AU where Jin is still in KAT-TUN presently, there was neither a solo concert nor an Asian Tour. Also in this universe, existing entirely in my mind, the big jimusho is out for quality, not quantity thus the wicked and incomprehensible plot turn.
Disclaimer: I wonder how much anyone would pay for this trivially angst-soaked fun? Well, I wouldn’t know, would I?
Summary: In desperation, each member of KAT-TUN silently makes his effort to repair the problem they're all afraid to talk about, but too often desire will ride higher than necessity. ” He would never really be able to define it— the particular reason— as to why all Kame had to do was take in a breath to speak for Jin to glance at him. It wasn’t anything like telepathy, but rather something all the more frightened and deep. Jin had watched videos on the internet, seen pictures in magazines, but this would be the first time he’d look the other man in the eye. Within the space of time between them, Jin had grown in perspective. He’d seen how they were not compatible, that the way it ended was entirely due to the way that they were different than in the way that they were the same. Prisoners together in something they’d willingly walked into had made them… made their alarming and childish attraction so much stronger. And now, he saw Kamenashi as he’d become and not as he’d once wished he’d be.”

A/N- OK, you’re either thinking one of two things: what the effing hell are you writing?!! Or how the effing hell would it take you six months to finish this?
I don’t know if I can answer the first question because I often get mid-chapter and ask myself the very same question, but the second one is a sight easier to explain. Truth is, I did not want to finish this chapter; point in fact, I intended to abandon the story altogether. I began it in April and was a quarter of the way through when JE jimusho sucker-punched me with the “band-split” which’ll take me forever to get over.
I’d begun writing this as a little fun therapy tool to help me learn to love each member (aside from my love for any respectable man’s ability to use glitter gorgeously) for their dispositions, talents, and minds as well as provide an experimental element of psychological healing for each of them, to put it pretentiously. I suppose you can imagine what might have happened to my view of this chapter’s protagonist and all my idealism involving him. Writing this meant getting into his head figuratively (and presumptively) and, believe me, that was the last place I wanted to be. Having finished this chapter and now planning to continue it thanks to the encouragement of all of you reading this, I still don’t know how I feel besides determined to keep fandom fun. However, I will continue in the vein I’d initially intended and hope you’re willing to stick with me just as well.

Chapter 5 )
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... and instead of doing them you whore your own ability to complete sentences for the sake of drool-worthy calendar scans and mag scanning and adding captions because captions make you giggle and KAT-TUN makes you jittery.

So a huge macro post of such gleaming crack that you may have to reassess the people you communicate with on lj and/or in the fandom in general.

Featuring Akame (pfft!lol!), Divamaru, Guchi slowly coming to understand the reason for his existence or the lack thereof, fanfic, and a super cool story by our bro, Jin.

Preview above the cut:

Pls don't de-friend me over this :) )
Just wanna add that my N.M.P. arrived! Now, FILM, RIGHT NOW, and RABBIT OR WOLF? are currently raping my summer playlist. <3
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Title: Butterfly Inferno
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: A mess of a whole lot of things. It's all complicated and can get really sticky.
Warnings: This is basically AU where CKT hasn't been cancelled and there never was an Asia tour and certainly no You&Jin. It takes place in a present every day setting of KAT-TUN doing this normally. Radio shows, tv shows, dramas, and whatnot.
Disclaimer: Honestly, if a lot of this shit were 100% true, KAT-TUN wouldn't be shining with so much awesome as they are now. Drama happens, but I hope never to this extent.
Summary: In desperation, each member of KAT-TUN silently makes his effort to repair the problem they're all afraid to talk about, but too often desire rides higher than necessity. At present, he’s become a little sick of looking around him and seeing things that aren’t simple, seeing things that make it hard to work up an idol-like reaction.

I'm so so sorry this newest chapter took so freaking long. Taguchi is the one member I was incapable of reading naturally. I watch him and I just...don't get it. However, I took this seriously and read interviews, magazines, watched solos, CKT episodes until I could assemble a modicum of narrative that isn't character assassination. Hopefully, I didn't fail.


Chapter Four )

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For any thinking that perhaps I had disappeared forever; this is not so. I have both translations sitting there on priority list #1 right after work and school, then the next chapter of Butterfly Inferno.

And also several things have made me pleased recently.

Nakanishi is one of them of them:

How naturally Jin hikes him up and carries him manly style up the stage. :3

Maru consciously working to give nosebleeds. (How do you get rid of the stains??)


Working on getting this week's HQ Cartoon KAT-TUN uploaded, and hope fandom's being just as fun for you guys as well~
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Title: Butterfly Inferno
Rating: PG-13 (future R rating)
Warning: AU (one in which Jin never signed with Warner or left for LA the second time), angst like mega-angst
Pairing: Akame, Nakanishi, Kokame, Kameda, 
Disclaimer: Definitely do not own...
Summary: Every member scrambles to fix what was already long threadbare.

Chapter One )


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