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Ah, this is not a strictly Maruda-related holiday, but it is in favour of what we can consider June 9 which is also read 06/09 and if we're on the same sexy page here, then that shouldn't require much explanation.

Anyway, in celebration over at [ profile] inkroulette at This Entry

There was much enthusiastiam over celebrating via reading teh Pr0n in different languages (thereby making it international) to which where I knew that my own deplorable sense for second languages would be made known and I would read in the language that you and I always communicate in here. However, good news befell me when I remembered (upon her suggesting that I read in French) [ profile] ryogrande had a fan-tucking-fastic Maruda fic with French dialogue, which- imo- deemed it very appropriate to the given circumstances.

When I jumped in for this one, though, I had quite forgotten how epicly HOT this fic was and how idiotic I would sound trying to do the French justice especially when all I get is breathy and yes, that's quite all. 
Title: L'Amour in Snow by [ profile] ryogrande
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Cake and Fucking Dynamite LEARNING TEH FRENCH! (>.> or Maruda)
Warning: In the audio, I do stumble all Maru style a couple times but I move on like a boss because that is what some losers do and I did that because this is perhaps the eighteenth take you're getting. Also there were situations in which my seldom studied for French got a bit over the top. I wish neither to butcher the language nor this excellent fic. A fifteen minute straight flawless recording is just not within my ability. As the Guch in my head would says, "Hory Shitto. So not frawress."
Summary: Ueda helps Nakamaru study for his French test.
Link to which where you must love on this fic for being too damn sexy for my voice:  Viola~! (3rd fic down)
 On the fic itself, there are mouse-over translations of all the French dialogue. 
Link To The Levy Audio: Tune In

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 Can I just take a moment and try not to vomit with delight! (nice way to put it, huh?)

Ugh, you guys. Will I ever tire?

Much like many others around the world, thanks to the commensurate and so very generous [ profile] estherzax I just heard CHANGE UR WORLD properly for the first time, and their voices~~!! Holy shit on a stick! 

Probably three or four weeks ago, I'd heard the preview and I was marveling without much shame how incredible Taguchi sounds in the hook. He's developed his vibrato and hearing him warble the words, "Kokoro daite~" put me in a fit. What the hell happened?

I'll tell you what happened! He ingested awesome sometime through this year. I mean when you listen to a song like The Distance

As you can see (hear?) he's the lead vocalist in this song, using the fine, almost bronze-like tenor to put so much soul in his notes, but there was a degree of difference. His voice back then was a bit uncontrolled; he sang the exact same way he expressed himself in speech. No cares for the listener, reckless, loud and with stamina to put most people to shame. They had to make full use of the echo-effect to balance out the ring of his Cs and Bs.
No doubt that is the lovable side to him, but I'd always experienced a bit of disappointment at how unpracticed he sounded at times because his note transitions were so sloppy and as much as he could hold a note to high heaven, he didn't use the right tone of vibrato, but now, my friends, we have vocal chords made of syrup.

Now, however, I've been looking forward to his releases. Songs like SMILE, and the sweet salacious goodness that was LOVE MUSIC. He's proven to me that with a little tweak and practice, you too can coat everything in gold. 
This is so surreal; I'm actually doing a full-on Guchi post without bringing in the cheap lulz
Surreal, indeed. I think Guchi just gained himself an official fan who isn't just feeling sorry for him. This is rabu; serious ,sharu we effing dansu, OH YEAH love.

Speaking of those with vocal chords made of SEX! Maru! Do I even really need to say it, girls? Such richness and no stickiness. DAI MANZOKU in this case. The part where I fell into a perfect mess on my bedroom floor was at the pure tastiness of the beginning. Kame comes in, not pulling any punches with his own butter vocals, but Hana complements him so well. And the lovely tongue-in-cheek way they had Maru sing about how the sky is far too high. OMG, I'm so ashamed; I used up half an entry on Guchi, and there's no doubt that I adored his part, but I have exhausted words. Forgive me, fellow Marumaru fans, but when win is this consistent I can only bask in it, not fail.

Did anyone else hear Ueda near the end of the preview recording. Yes, we get another glitter-lusty (kirameki wo~~~) soprano in this from the great and almighty hime, and he's been given so much room to throw stars, hearts, and attitude into his voice.  Look forward to that PV, I'm telling you there's awesome in the cards next month!!

Koki's rap! Ugh! I can't! He's gone with a cool approach of keeping the rock feel in his rap, which is brilliant tribute to the incredible guitar riffs happening in the background and teh KORN-flavoured sound (holy hell, I'm so lame) has not let me down. I can't quite hear him that well under Kame's promo talk, but there's little question that he worked just as hard on these lyrics as he did in NMP, which I loved.

OK, I've talked your ear off enough over this. Translations~

English Lyrics )
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 ...things I'd like to be able to accomplish in fandom before the golden santa drops in  Christmas comes.

1. I want to sub the Sushi Oji movie. I watched it only just recently and I lolled like crazy at most of it. If you haven't watched the drama yet, then you really ought to. Maru kicks sashimi-ass, fulfills the fish-related crack quota, and picks up dem ladies. But yes, the movie is mostly in english anyway (OMFG~ THEY'RE IN NEW YORK!!) so I figured I could take on a big project like that.

Awesome agetta-

Yeah, she's almost as happy as I would be if I had Maru-arm wrapped around me and he was looking at me like that.

Although, now having written out my goal, I think it's likely I won't have that done before the golden santa comes BECAUSE...

2. I would very much like to finish the Cartoon KAT-TUN Adult Rules SP Part 3. When my laptop committed jisatsu back in April, it took the softsub file with it. I'd gotten up to the Guchi, Jin, Kuroki Hitomi eating noodles scene. MAAHTAAKU with all his awesome kanji skillz has been helping me with translation where there are moments my comprehension abilities don't quite make the cut, so you can expect a fully subbed file on that one. If I could just get back on it and redo all that work I lost, then maybe this whole waiting period won't feel as painful. This is should probably be number 1, shouldn't it? Ah well...

It's only two fandom things to do, but If I do manage to accomplish them within these fine rainy months ahead, I will no doubt feel deserving to be a KAT-TUN fan. 

Speaking of which, who else has heard the little snippet of CHANGE UR WORLD from Going! When we first heard it, my sister and I agreed that it sounded like a difficult level on DDR, but then the hook came in and I heard Guchi warbling prettily and I'm just plain ecstatic about it since the sound of it is already stuck in my head. Until it's release, doushio~~  I can't keep replaying that 30 seconds of video, can I?

*it's been previously observed that she can and will*
I'm such a weak fangirl. Flail with me purease~~
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 Before I begin on an extremely relieved and self-satisfied note. Yesterday, when I was 30 minutes into this project, I happened upon [ profile] chikara21  's post saying that she had intention to sub this episode. You see, I'm a big fan of her (wouldn't be here in this fandom without her), and you can only imagine my dismay upon discovering that someone far more experienced and skilled than I was willing to put in the work to do the same thing I was doing. Typically, a person would drop the project, but then this is what I figured I would do.

As most of you know, I'm still an embarrassing noob when it comes to Japanese and my only experience with subbing has been working with a group or just summarizing translations, but that is the main point of subbing however. Working to ensure that at the very least those who use subs or translations can understand what they're watching at best.

So here's what I did:

I subbed the episode in the end, but since I knew [ profile] chikara21   would be releasing a far better version soon. I've decided to release a "make-do-with-this-for-now" version hardsubbed, softsubbed, and streaming.

But first:
Gawd, isn't he pretty?

...and who said our Nakamarad didn't have a dark side lurking underneath all that sparklingly well-dressed yasashii-sou look.

Hardsub Mirror

File Size: compressed to 325.73MB (at a fine HD quality of 704x396)

Softsubs For anyone willing to fill in blanks or correct mistranslations... *Shinobu sulky expression "Katte ni douzo." No, seriously, feel free to re-release if you manage to improve these subs.

Further Linkage )

As I should have been pretty clear about in the beginning. I left some scenes blank since they had such little connection to the plot besides encouraging the muttering, sullen Hancho to, you know, keep being an awesome Hancho. So forgive both mistranslations and blank spots.

Enjoy! Oh, and feel free to use these however you like. I didn't appear in this video, nor did I do anything to make Maru sparkle so I haven't really any rights to tell you what to do with this video except ENJOY! Seriously, I'll be pissed if you don't just absolutely love this episode.
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I’ll apologise ahead of time if I don’t get to your comment from last entry. I enjoy trading messages with anyone willing to message, but being stretched for time (The conditions of having Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge subbed and released the same weekend it’s released requires less socializing)

Cartoon KAT-TUN Episode 134 Translations Part 2


Chin-shite chips )

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Well with this jounral currently being active with fanfic, I figured it wouldn't hurt for me to use it for other fandom ventures, if you'll allow me such an indulgence.

Toyuakede, hallo! Most of you may already recognise me as the youtuber formerly known as GRABBAGWOOT. I used to post Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes weekly with translations in the side-bar. Now that youtube is consciously following my account activities I can’t upload another video with so much as a KAT-TUN clip in it without them immediately taking action. Still I enjoyed doing the summaries and translations because it was giving me ample practice and I was learning from the kind people willing to correct and instruct me.

Okie, since this is my first translation post at this journal I figured it would be sensible to write a little disclaimer:

What I know of Japanese is the kanji and kana that I’ve learned from the little schooling that I’ve had. The rest is all that I’ve acquired from many years listening to and speaking the language to fellow learners and/or speakers. This means that I’m not guaranteeing 100% accuracy. This is editable, so if and when you find mistakes feel free to say so and I will add it in. I figure that this would be an excellent first step toward getting these episodes subbed and it would be a fandom-wide effort. Now, that sounds nice, I think…

I decided to take up with this episode since this was the most recent one that I’d uploaded and still remains unsubbed. The actual RAW (if you don’t already have it) can be found here.



Comedy Okite~! )




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